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Navy Postpones Selection Boards

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WASHINGTON (NNS) -- Efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus has led the Navy’s top personnel officer to suspend all selection boards until further notice.

The decision was announced in NAVADMIN 072/20 on March 18 as a further precaution “to protect the health and safety of our force,” Vice Adm. John B. Nowell, the Navy’s chief of personnel, said in the message.

The suspension affects all officer and enlisted selection boards that were set to convene at Navy Personnel Command on or after March 24. This includes promotion, advancement, milestone and any other selection boards.

The suspension of boards was done to reduce the unnecessary risk of official travel to Millington, Tenn. where boards convene as well as limit large groups of Sailors working in close proximity to one another.

Once boards are again greenlighted “we anticipate it will generally follow the original selection board sequence,” Nowell wrote.

“As the COVID-19 situation evolves, NPC will refine the board schedule and will promulgate additional guidance that ensures no eligible Sailor is disadvantaged by this action.”

All originally published requirements for enlisted advancement eligibility or officer promotion zones will apply to the rescheduled boards. This means only those eligible for the original board based on original board convening schedule will be considered.  No additional candidates will be added.

Letters to any officer or enlisted board are still due by the originally scheduled date. These will be maintained at NPC until that member’s board meets.

Any enlisted Sailor with a high-year tenure date falling between July 1 and Nov. 30 can request a high-tenure waiver through Dec. 31 to remain selection board eligible.  This applies to the Active Duty E-7, 8 and 9 as well as the Selected Reserve and Full-Time Support E-7 boards.  

Once board season resumes, policy is being developed to ensure retroactive dates of rank can be set and allowances for back pay made, if necessary, after board results are eventually approved or confirmed by the Senate, ensuring no Sailor is disadvantaged by the delay.  

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