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Fleet Rating Experts Needed for Exam Development

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PENSACOLA, Fla. (NNS) -- Navy master, senior and chief petty officers are needed to serve as rating Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for upcoming fiscal year 2020 Advancement Examination Readiness Reviews (AERRs) held in Pensacola, Florida.

Released Feb. 11, Naval Administrative Message 038/20 announced the AERR schedule for April through September 2020. Based on this schedule, selected AERR members report to Pensacola to work as fleet SMEs for their respective ratings to develop E-4 to E-7 examinations for future advancement cycles.

"The exam development process requires each rating to have the right mix of skills, rating knowledge and platform experience at each AERR," said Naval Education and Training Professional Development Center (NETPDC) Command Master Chief Gregory Prichard. “Our goal during the AERR is to make sure every question in the exam bank is current, relevant, important and correct.”

AERRs are an integral part of the advancement system and are not only beneficial to the fleet SMEs who attend, but the Navy as a whole.

“Writing advancement exams is easily one of the most significant ways that a chief can contribute to the development of his rating,” said Chief Mass Communication Specialist Elliott Frabrizio, who attended the Mass Communication Specialist AERR in November. “The questions that go into these banks will determine what knowledge merits someone being moved into a leadership position within that rating for years to come.”

Navy chiefs on active duty, Full Time Support, and reservists on Active Duty for Special Work are encouraged to take part in the process by reaching out to their respective Type Commander (TYCOM) or rating sponsor point of contact (POC) for application information.

“We come to the table to write exams as subject matter experts,” said Fabrizio. “But there is no denying that we learn a lot of new material through the process of diving into our own manuals and wracking our brains to develop thoughtful, balanced questions—all while sitting in a room with some of the best chiefs, senior chiefs and master chiefs that our ratings have to offer.”

AERRs vary in length between one to two weeks and are held throughout the year, with each specific rating reviewed on average once a year. AERR participants receive temporary duty orders from their parent command, paid for by NETPDC. Normally, four to six nominees are selected for each AERR.

To view the annual AERR schedule, locate a specific rating point of contact, or view AERR eligibility requirements, log into My Navy Portal www.mnp.navy.mil and search under Professional Resources/Navy Advancement Center/AERR. Contact the TYCOM or rating sponsor POC to determine submission deadlines.

Once selected, chiefs receive a selection e-mail from the Navy Advancement Center (NAC) approximately 45 days prior to the start of the AERR. Selectees should make early contact with NAC staff to answer any questions they may have concerning the AERR process.

As part of the MyNavy HR Force Development team, NETPDC’s mission is to provide products and services that enable and enhance education, training, career development and personnel advancement throughout the Navy. Primary elements of the command include the Voluntary Education Department, the NAC, and the Resources Management Department.


For more information about the NAC and the Navy Enlisted Advancement System, visit https://www.facebook.com/Navy-Advancement-Center-213190711299/.

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