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Get Your Records Ready for Upcoming CPO Selection Boards

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MILLINGTON, Tennessee (NNS) -- With Chief Petty Officer selection board season underway, Navy board specialists advise that now is the time to ensure your records are up-to-date and ready for your upcoming Chief, Senior Chief or Master Chief Petty Officer board.

“Selection board season runs January through October and affects Sailors throughout the Navy. After Sailors find out they are board eligible, it’s vital to scrub their military records for accuracy,” said MyNavy HR Fleet Master Chief Wes Koshoffer. “Make sure to take a look at recent awards, evaluations, qualifications and education to make sure that everything is being correctly documented. If there are items missing, take immediate action to get those items updated.”

Having an incomplete or incorrect record can mean a missed opportunity to be selected. If a Sailor’s military record is up to date, there is no need to submit a package to the board.  

“Sailors shouldn’t wait until board results come out to start scrubbing their military records for accuracy. Board season is here so start preparing now,” said Koshoffer. “The best package a Sailor can have is an up-to-date record.”

The MyNavy HR team has made it easier than ever for Sailors to review their records. Sailors can access their records via MyNavy Portal or on their personal cell phones through the MyRecord mobile application.

There is no need to submit duplicate correspondence. If a Sailor has correct documentation in their military records online or listed in their evals, do not send it in the package. Sending documents that are already in the record does not make a Sailor look like a stronger candidate and could even lead to confusion.

“Sailors should read the FY20 Active-Duty Navy and Navy Reserve Senior Enlisted Advancement Selection Boards Precept to understand what board members will be looking for,” said Koshoffer.

To find the precept, go to the NPC Website, click on the boards tab and navigate to CPO Selection Boards. To find out if a Sailor is “board eligible,” visit BUPERS Online and click the Advancement Selection Boards status tab.

“You also need to make sure there are no gaps in your evaluation history,” Koshoffer added.

On the BUPERS Online website, click on CCA/FITREP/EVAL Reports. Under Reports click the highlighted Performance Evaluation Continuity Report. Scroll to the bottom under Missing Periods and check for any evaluation gaps. Even if there doesn’t appear to be any gaps, go line by line through the report, just to verify.  If gaps do exist or other assistance is needed, contact the MyNavy Career Center Contact Center at 1-833-330-MNCC.

To ensure that education, awards and other professional information are correct, go to BUPERS Online to the ODC, OSR, PSR, ESR link on the main menu and look for the enlisted personnel summary report.

For Sailors who intend to submit a Letter to the Board (LTB) the process has never been easier.  In January 2020, MyNavy HR launched a new online capability allowing board-eligible Sailors to submit letters to the board electronically. Announced in NAVADMIN 220/19, the Electronic Submission of Selection Board Documents (ESSBD), is a MyNavy HR transformation and Sailor 2025 initiative designed to improve personnel programs and give Sailors more control and ownership over their careers. Using the ESSBD feature to submit a LTB improves the speed, transparency and confidence of receipt over previous submission methods. The application allows board candidates the ability to submit pre-formatted LTB, with or without attachments. To use ESSBD, candidates must access document services through BUPERS Online website and click on the Navy Personnel Command Document Services menu link. 

For a step-by-step ESSBD user’s guide visit the Advancement and Promotion section in MyNavy Portal. For questions on selection board correspondence, contact MyNavy Career Center at 1-833-330-MNCC (1-833-330-6622).

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