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First use of Command Leadership Notification for E-7 Selection Board Eligibility

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PENSACOLA, Fla. — In March, command leadership will receive advanced notification of chief petty officer selection board eligibility through the triad notification functionality in BUPERS OnLine (BOL).

Starting with exam cycle 246 for active duty and Full-Time Support (FTS) Sailors, command notification will occur one day prior to the results being posted to profile sheets on the Navy Enlisted Advancement System (NEAS) Web.

“This new notification process allows command leadership to take a more proactive role in their Sailor’s development,” said Naval Education and Training Command Force Master Chief Karim Cole. “Leadership must engage early and often with their Sailors to ensure their continued personal and professional growth.”

Commands can now immediately assist Sailors in board preparation no matter the result.

“In the past, I had to rely on each individual first class to download their profile sheet and tell me if they made board,” said Naval Education and Training Professional Development Center (NETPDC) Command Master Chief Gregory Prichard. “I can now say, ‘Okay, let’s work on your letter to the board’, or in the case they didn’t make it, ‘let’s look back and see what we need to do for the future.’”

The change also helps those who might not have access to a dot-mil domain.

“If you are a Reservist, deployed or on leave, you can’t see your profile sheet on NEAS Web,” said Prichard. “Now the command can reach out to you so you don’t have to wait.”

Command triads will not receive the notification of E-7 selection board eligibility until mid-March for active duty and mid-April for the Reserve component.

“The reason we don’t know the [specific] date is because we have to get in all the answer sheets and clear all the discrepancies as best we can before we process the cycle to determine selection board eligibility,” said Thomas Updike, Navy Advancement Center deputy director. “We do this so no one is disadvantaged.”

E-7 Selection board eligibility is determined through two factors—the Reporting Senior Cumulative Average (RSCA) Performance Mark Average (PMA) which counts for 60% of the Final Multiple Score (FMS), and the exam score which makes up the other 40% of the FMS formula.

“Once every Sailor’s FMS is calculated, we go down to the 60% mark in each rating and draw a line,” said Updike. “Everyone above the line makes board, and Sailors below the line will not have their record reviewed by the selection board.”

Ultimately, 60% of all eligible first-class petty officers in each rating go to the selection board for consideration for advancement to chief petty officer. The eligibility list, however, can change as discrepancies are resolved.

“If the very next day after we publish the eligibility list a late answer sheet comes in or if the record of a Sailor who is in a discrepancy status is updated,” said Updike, “the Advancement Center will continue to update the E-7 eligibility list all the way until the selection board adjourns.”

The Navy will release a NAVADMIN to announce requirements for the E-7 selection board in February.

As part of the MyNavy HR Force Development team, NETPDC provides products and services that enable and enhance education, training, career development, and personnel advancement throughout the Navy. Primary elements of the command include the Voluntary Education Department, the Navy Advancement Center and the Resources Management Department.

Additional information about NETPDC can be found at http://www.netc.navy.mil/netc/netpdc/Default.htm

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