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Cycle 246 (E7 - Jan 2020) Advancement Worksheets

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Active Duty E6 Sailors eligible to advance to Chief Petty Officer can now review their advancement worksheet for Cycle 246 (January 2020) in the Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) Enlisted Advancement Worksheet (EAW) module. Candidates can use their NSIPS self-service account to access EAW.

Data in EAW is a snapshot in time and will not include the November 2019 evaluations or Reporting Senior Cumulative Average. All other data should be up to date. Command ESOs must manually enter any data in EAW that changes after worksheets are created.
No action can be taken by the Sailor until their ESO routes the worksheet.

System enhancements are being programmed that will provide ESOs with a data refresh capability and other EAW improvements based on user feedback. Those enhancements should be available after May 2020.

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