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Navy Launches Pilot Program to Pair Senior Enlisted with Priority Billets

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MILLINGTON, Tenn. (NNS) -- A new rating modernization initiative will provide active-duty, senior enlisted Sailors looking for their next billet the opportunity to get a jump on the process thanks to a new selection board pilot program, the Navy announced June 14.

The Fiscal Year (FY)-19 Enlisted Advancement-to-Vacancy Selection Board, announced in NAVADMIN 144/18 is a pilot program where active-duty, senior enlisted Sailors apply for specific priority billets listed in the NAVADMIN and, if selected, are temporarily advanced to the billet paygrade. This pilot will be limited to critical E8 and E9 billets only. Pending the outcome of the pilot, we expect to expand this program to other enlisted paygrades.

To be permanently advanced, Sailors must be selected for advancement via the normal advancement process. 

"This program will give motivated Sailors an opportunity to take on positions of greater responsibility, while at the same time helping the Navy to better align our senior enlisted leaders to the places we need them to be," said Capt. Rick Cheeseman, director, Career Management Department, Navy Personnel Command.

The selection board is scheduled to convene Aug. 13 and applications to the board must be postmarked no later than July 9. For Sailors to be eligible, they must meet the following criteria:

* Must meet all eligibility requirements for the regularly scheduled FY-19 Active Duty SCPO or MCPO advancement selection boards.

* Applicants must receive a favorable endorsement from their commanding officer (CO) via a NAVPERS 1306/7.

* Applicants must sign, and have their CO witness, a NAVPERS 1070/613 with the following statement: "I understand that by submitting an application for consideration by the FY-19 Enlisted Advancement-to-Vacancy Pilot Selection Board I am certifying that I am assignable to any billets for which I applied and will execute orders to those billets if directed."

* Applicants must possess any required Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) codes for the billets advertised or have the experience to obtain the NEC en-route to the billet. Specific prerequisites for each billet are outlined in the NAVADMIN.

Sailors who have submitted voluntary Fleet Reserve/retirement requests are not eligible.

A full list of available billets, board application and communication procedures can be found in the NAVADMIN at www.npc.navy.mil.

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