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E-7 FMS - Your Performance Mark Average for advancement

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Candidates competing for Chief Petty Officer vacancies in advancement Cycle 238 will be rank ordered by their Final Multiple Score (FMS) for determining E7 selection board eligibility. A key FMS factor is your advancement recommendations from evaluations. 

All evaluations that fall in the inclusive of period 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2017 must be used. For additional guidance on computing PMA, refer to chapter 3 of BUPERSINST 1430.16F. Calculate your PMA before you sign your worksheet!



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Guest ITJuan(IW/SW/AW) 009

I know it's 60% of your pma for the final. I'm just just curious how it works. I'm going in with a 3.90, how good are my chances if our final multiple is around 157?

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Guest GoNavy88


for ur case Ull have a starting score of 115.  

Out of 175 u need to at least score 62 to be FMS 150

100/175 - .57 per correct question if we assume this is the baseline than ur FMS is 150.33  However if ur whole community does well on the exam ur FMS can be higher as well as lower if they all did poorly.



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