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Question regarding limited duty status

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Guest Txstar6585

Good afternoon, 

I am trying to figure out if I need to clarify to the selection board that I was in limited duty status because it is not reflected anywhere in my service record. I believe on my psr it shows last 3 assignments and one of them was limdu orders to a shore unit although it's listed as acc 100 and not 105 (limdu)  This happened right in the middle of my sea duty period. Basically I was at a sea command, for a year and a half then I got hurt and went on limdu orders. I then returned to a sea command afterwards. Like I said before my limdu assignment is listed as acc 100.

The only place I have seen anything that references limdu is on my actual orders where it says acc 105. My question is do I need to address this to the board or not and if so what would be the best way. If they were to look at my record as it is now they would never know I was on limdu. Only that I left sea duty early and then returned to it again later. 

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