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The Navy Advancement Center will apply the E7 Final Multiple Score (FMS) metric to each candidate to determine the rank order in each rating. The E7 FMS is derived from only two elements, your performance (evaluation advancement recommendations average) and exam standard score (numerical representation of how well you did on the rating knowledge exam compared to peers taking the same exam). Your Performance Mark Average is 60% of the FMS formula.

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I can definitely tell you all this is a true statement.   Back in 07' I was going up for Chief and missed making board by 00.02.  I maxed out on evals so the only thing was getting enough answers right on the test.  I of course did not accomplish that on this year.  I essence I missed making board by one answer.  That is probably the hardest thing to deal with.  Knowing you are so close to making the dance and coming up just short.  I can tell you all, it made me that more focused on studying the weak areas in my knowledge base.  I was successful the following year and am proud to say I was accepted into the Mess.  The message is; continue to strive, know what it takes to make it to the next level, and if you come up short use that as fuel to strive harder for next time.  For each time you are eligible but are not selected is another year of growing and becoming a better leader once you are selected.

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