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CPO Selection Board Eligible List Available In Early March

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The Navy Advancement Center is currently receiving substitute exams for the Active Duty and Full Time Support E7 advancement Cycle 230. We are on schedule to post the Selection Board Eligible (SBE) list in early March. After the rank order is established in each rating, only the top 60% will be SBE. Reserve E7 candidate answer sheets are also being received. The Reserve E7 SBE list is normally processed in early April.

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26 minutes ago, Ssmonte06 said:

Last year they came out on March 7 I think 

March 6th to be exact.

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44 minutes ago, Blondie said:

Am I crazy, or was there no SBE list released last year?  I remember thinking it was weird...

No SBE was released last year. The profile sheet was released on 6 Mar 15. Hopefully it will be release next week. Crossed finger!!!

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Guest Art Vandelay

I checked my profile sheet for last year, and it was dated for March 5th. I don't know if it means anything because of the date on the profile sheet, but FWIW I did get my SBE status prior to ever seeing my profile sheet.

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