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Didn’t Make Chief? Master Chiefs Discuss How to Stand Out at Next E7 Board

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I think the key thing here is when FORCE Master Chief said something to the effect of "your record is the Sailor you are."  If it's not in your record it's a tree falling in a forest that doens't make a sound.  The other thing is that unless you know what the competition's records look like it's hard to say who should and shouldn't have made it.  You might be doing great things, but if the competition has been doing bigger and better things for longer they will get picked. 

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I am with OSC here.

People always crying they don't get the collaterals, or that they don't have time to volunteer, or listing off some litany of nko courses you have to have.

I was selected this past year, and for the last 5 years, I didn't hold a single command collateral.  I had minimal volunteer work.  What I did have was years of breakout evals, well above my peers with write-ups signing the praise of how well my divisions performed, how many of my sailors advanced and how much these things helped make the navy better.

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When someone says "Sustained Superior Performance" it is a double edged sword.  Yes, you can do well for yourself and Yes, your Sailors can be doing well and when you (I) am deployed for 275 days per year it is hard for the Command to see the impact past the service we are providing to complete the mission.  I sadly got the "N" this year and I have been going above and beyond for years now.  There was only one "S" in my command this year and even the Khaki's are wondering how that happened.  Choose your rate, Choose your fate.  I am not trying to sound like Debbie Downer but unfortunately there are a lot of Great Sailors being passed over due to small numbers where there is a need for Good Chiefs in leadership positions.  One Anchor told me a while ago that "You don't have to be wearing anchors to be a Chief".  I believe this to be true and regardless of if I ever make it (One shot left) I will leave this awesome Navy with Two Masters Degrees and my Sailors will know that I did everything I could for them and helped them to succeed on a daily basis.  Your record is who you are and although well rounded; it still might not be enough to make the cut.  Especially if the board members have no idea what the billet really is or means.  Sailors helping Sailors succeed sometimes is not enough. Every year we are retiring great Sailors who have made great sacrifices for the betterment of the Navy which is a fact of Naval life.

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