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R 191509Z AUG 15 PSN 637861K31
RMKS/1.  This NAVADMIN provides guidance for eligibility, communication to 
the boards, and board membership or recorder application procedures regarding 
the FY-17 Navy Active-Duty and Reserve Enlisted Selection Boards for Master 
Chief and Senior Chief Petty Officer.  The reserve board will consider 
personnel serving on active-duty as Full Time Support (FTS) and Selected 
Reserve (SELRES), to include those serving on voluntary and involuntary 
recall and mobilization orders.  Mobilized Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) 
personnel are considered under the SELRES requirements for advancement.
2.  Timeline
    a.  23 October 2015.  Navy Personnel Command (NPC) (PERS-802) compiles 
and submits initial time-in-rate (TIR) eligibility list of candidates to 
Naval Education and Training Professional Development and Technology Center 
(NETPDTC) (N321).
    b.  13 November 2015.  Examination Status Verification Reports (ESVR) 
will be available at:  https://prod.neas.netc.navy.mil.
    c.  29 January 2016.  Reserve Component (RC) E8/E9 board candidates 
changing ratings must be in their new rating to be considered as a candidate 
in the new rating.
    d.  8 February 2016.  Letter to the board (LTB) deadline to the RC E8/9 
selection board.
    e.  28 February 2016.  Active Component (AC) E9 board candidates changing 
ratings must be in their new rating to be considered as a candidate in the 
new rating.
    f.  29 February 2016.  RC E8/E9 selection board convenes.  All 
eligibility requirements, to include any waivers, must have final approval 
prior to this date.
    g.  7 March 2016.  LTB deadline to the AC E9 selection board.
    h.  11 March 2016.  RC E8/E9 selection board scheduled to adjourn.
    i.  18 March 2016.  AC E8 board candidates changing ratings must be in 
their new rating to be considered as a candidate in the new rating.
    j.  28 March 2016.  AC E9 selection board convenes.  All eligibility 
requirements, to include any waivers, must have final approval prior to this 
    k.  28 March 2016.  LTB deadline to the AC E8 selection board.
    l.  8 April 2016.  AC E9 selection board scheduled to adjourn.
    m.  18 April 2016.  AC E8 selection board convenes.  All eligibility 
requirements, to include any waivers, must have final approval prior to this 
    n.  6 May 2016.  AC E8 selection board scheduled to adjourn.
3.  Eligibility Criteria.  Candidates must meet the eligibility requirements 
outlined in chapter 2 of reference (a) prior to the scheduled board convening 
date.  Requirements achieved after the scheduled board convening date will be 
considered late and not entitle a candidate for an enlisted special selection 
board.  The authoritative source to determine if a candidate is selection 
board eligible or not is the profile sheet.  The AC/FTS/SELRES cycle is 229.  
Because eligibility status can change without direct notification, candidates 
should verify their profile sheet on a continuous basis up to the board 
convening date.  Commands must verify their ESVR weekly.  The ESVR is updated 
as changes are processed by PERS-802.  If necessary, take the following 
actions per reference (a).
    a.  If eligible candidates are not listed, mail or send an encrypted e-
mail containing a completed Advancement in Rate or Change in Rating worksheet 
(NETPDTC 1430/3 Rev 06-14) along with a letter of transmittal to NETPDTC 
(N321) and info PERS-802.
    b.  If listed candidates are ineligible or later become ineligible, 
submit a message to NETPDTC N321 and Navy Personnel Command (NAVPERSCOM) 
PERS-802 requesting invalidation of eligibility status and provide 
explanation for invalidation.  Per reference (a) paragraph 721b, withdrawal 
of advancement recommendation must be completed and documented prior to 
message transmission.
    c.  If candidates are validated in wrong competitive category, submit a 
message notification to NETPDTC N321 and NAVPERSCOM PERS-802 detailing the 
    d.  Sailors not selected to continue from a Senior Enlisted Continuation 
Board are ineligible for advancement.
    e.  Candidates who do not have a recommendation for advancement on their 
most recent chief evaluation shall be invalidated. Evaluations that restore a 
recommendation for advancement must be made available to the selection board 
prior to the board convening date.
    f.  Terminal eligibility date used to compute the TIR is 1 October 2016.  
The minimum TIR date must be on or before 01 July 2013.
    g.   High Year Tenure (HYT) date or approved HYT waiver must be on or 
after 1 July 2016.
    h.  Members who have submitted voluntary Fleet Reserve (FLTRES)/retired 
requests to NPC are not eligible.  Voluntary FLTRES are those not mandated by 
HYT; requests due to HYT are eligible for advancement and selection board 
consideration provided their HYT date for the present paygrade is 1 July 2016 
or later per reference (a).  An approved or pending voluntary FLTRES/ 
retirement request must be successfully disapproved, canceled, or modified to 
an involuntary date prior to the board convening to render a candidate 
selection board eligible.
    i.  Commissioning Programs.  Candidates who have been selected for Seaman 
To Admiral (STA-21), Medical Enlisted Commissioning Program, and Medical 
Service Corps in-service procurement programs remain eligible for advancement 
consideration.  Selection to any other officer commissioning program renders 
candidates ineligible. Commands are required to request those candidates be 
invalidated by PERS-802.  Per reference (b), nuclear candidates will be 
assigned Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) 3359/3389 upon transfer of a 
nuclear propulsion plant operator to a non-nuclear billet at sea or ashore, 
or to duty under instruction including special college education programs.  
Therefore, nuclear candidates transferred to a STA-21 duty station will not 
be selection board eligible.
    j.  Security clearance requirements.  Candidates in a rating requiring a 
security clearance must have a favorable investigation adjudication issued by 
the Department of Defense Central Adjudication Facility.  If the candidates 
Commanding Officer (CO) grants an interim clearance, documentation must be 
received by PERS-802 prior to board convening.  Refer to reference © for 
additional guidance.  Once Sailors have a clearance they must maintain that 
clearance eligibility.  Ratings requiring a security clearance are AC, AE, 
STS, and YN, as well as all nuclear and submarine ratings.  This guidance 
supersedes reference (a).
    k.  Branch class (BRCL) and special program indicator (SPI) code.  The 
Navy accounting status for BRCL 32 Sailors must be verified via the command's 
Enlisted Distribution Verification Report.  BRCL 32 with a blank SPI code is 
an invalid Navy accounting status.  Commands must correct the error via the 
Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System or the Sailor may seek relief via 
petitioning the Board for Correction of Naval Records.  Sailors in this 
accounting status as of the board convening date will be invalidated.
    l.  Competitive group specific eligibility requirements. Candidates must 
meet special requirements (citizenship, medical, etc.) for certain ratings as 
outlined in paragraph 204 of reference (a).  Commands must verify and submit 
a message to NETPDTC N321 and NAVPERSCOM PERS-802 requesting invalidation of 
those selection board eligible Sailors who no longer meet the qualifications 
listed in reference (a) or below by the scheduled board convening date.
        (1) Air Traffic Controllers must possess a valid Federal Aviation 
Administration 7220-1 ATCS Certificate and meet requirements established in 
        (2) Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) personnel.  To be eligible for 
advancement to E8 and E9, Sailors must hold the master EOD technician NEC 
        (3) Navy Diver personnel.  To be eligible for advancement to E8, 
Sailors must hold the first class diver NEC (5342) for group 2 or the master 
diver NEC (5341) for group 1.  To be eligible for advancement to E9, Sailors 
must hold the master diver NEC (5341).
        (4) Nuclear trained personnel:
            (a) To be eligible for advancement to E8, submarine sailors in 
nuclear ratings must hold a supervisor NEC (3363, 3364, 3365, 3366).  
Personnel must also hold a nuclear qualified secondary NEC 3302 (engineering 
department master chief (EDMC)).  A NAVPERS 1221/6 requesting a secondary NEC 
of 3302 must be submitted to OPNAV N133 by 8 April 2016.  E-mail the NAVPERS 
1221/6 and copy of qualification card to bullnuke(at)navy.mil via Force EDMC.
Additional contact information is available via
            (b) To be eligible for advancement to E8, surface Sailors in 
nuclear ratings must hold a supervisor NEC (3393, 3394, 3395, 3396).
            © To be eligible for advancement to E9, submarine
Sailors in nuclear ratings must hold a supervisor NEC (3363, 3364, 3365, 
3366). Personnel must also hold a secondary NEC 3302 and have served or be 
currently serving as an EDMC of a submarine.  Acceptable documentation of 
EDMC service for review by the advancement board includes an evaluation with 
"EDMC" in Block 29/41 or a letter from the CO via the member providing dates 
of EDMC service.  Sailors without EDMC service documented in their service 
record must submit documentation with their LTB providing dates of EDMC 
            (d) To be eligible for advancement to E9, surface Sailors in 
nuclear ratings must hold a supervisor NEC (3393, 3394, 3395, 3396), and must 
have served, or be currently serving as, a division leading chief petty 
officer (DLCPO) of a nuclear division at sea (reactor mechanical, reactor 
electrical, reactor controls, reactor propulsion, or reactor laboratories), 
reactor training division officer (RT DIVO) at sea, or leading crew chief 
(LCC) of a prototype.  E8s who are billeted as Reactor Department Master 
Chief (RDMC) in lieu of DLCPO are also eligible for advancement to E9.
Acceptable documentation of DLCPO, RT DIVO, LCC, or RDMC service for review 
by the advancement board includes an evaluation with DLCPO, RT DIVO, LCC, or 
RDMC in Block 29/41 or a letter from the CO via the member to the board 
providing dates of DLCPO, RT DIVO, LCC, or RDMC service.  Sailors without 
DLCPO, RT DIVO, LCC, or RDMC service documented in their service record must 
submit documentation with their LTB providing dates of DLCPO, RT DIVO, LCC, 
or RDMC service.
    m.  E9 eligibility requirement.  Per reference (d), starting with the FY-
17 Senior Chief selection boards, all newly selected Senior Chiefs are 
required to complete the U.S. Navy Senior Enlisted Academy in Newport, Rhode 
Island or attend either the U.S. Air Force Senior Enlisted Academy, U.S. 
Marine Corps Senior Enlisted Academy, U.S. Coast Guard Senior Enlisted 
Academy, or the Joint Special Warfare Academy in order to be eligible for 
advancement to Master Chief.  This means the first boards where Senior 
Enlisted Academy completion will be required for selection board eligibility 
is the FY-20 Master Chief selection boards.  Senior Chiefs should plan 
4.  Competitive Groups.  It is the responsibility of the candidate and 
command to ensure that the candidate is listed in the correct competitive 
group and that any issue is identified and forwarded to PERS-802 prior to 
board convening.  The below listed ratings are separated into competitive 
groups as appropriate for active/FTS components:
    a.  Culinary Specialist (CS), Logistics Specialist (LS),
        Yeoman (YN)
        Group 1 - Submarine
        Group 2 - All Others
    b.  Cryptologic Technician (Interpretive)
        Group 1 - Middle East and North Africa
        Group 2 - East and Far East Asia
        Group 3 - Latin and South America
        Group 4 - Eastern Europe
    c.  Electrician's Mate
        Group 1 - Nuclear (Submarine)
        Group 2 - Nuclear (Surface)
        Group 3 - All Others
    d.  Electronics Technician
        Group 1 - Submarine (Non-Nuclear NAV)
        Group 2 - Submarine (Non-Nuclear COM)
        Group 3 - Submarine (Nuclear)
        Group 4 - Surface (Nuclear)
        Group 5 - Surface (Others)
    e.  Fire Controlman
        Group 1 - All Others
        Group 2 - AEGIS
    f.  Machinist's Mate (MM)
        Group 1 - Submarine (Non-Nuclear AUX)
        Group 2 - Submarine (Non-Nuclear WEPS)
        Group 3 - Nuclear (Submarine)
        Group 4 - Nuclear (Surface)
        Group 5 - All Others
    g.  Musician (MU)
        Group 1 - Special Band
        Group 2 - Fleet Band
    h.  Navy Career Counselor
        Group 1 - Career Recruiter Force
        Group 2  Fleet
    i.  Navy Diver
        Group 1  Master Diver (5341)
        Group 2  First Class Diver (5342)
5.  Record review and communication with the E8/9 Selection Board.
    a.  It is the responsibility of the candidate and command to ensure that 
the candidates Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) field codes 30  38 and 
Performance Summary Record (PSR) are up-to-date.  Candidates should not 
include items in their LTB that are already included in their OMPF or PSR 
unless the OMPF version is unreadable or the PSR is incorrect.  Candidates 
should check their evaluation continuity via BUPERS Online (BOL).  Any 
evaluation gaps should be resolved by either submitting the missing 
evaluations or a statement in lieu of missing report per chapter 17 of 
reference (e) in the candidates LTB.
    b.  Communication to the board must originate from the individual Sailor 
and must be accompanied under the candidates signed LTB.  Commands are not 
authorized to submit a message to NPC requesting information be presented to 
the board.  Third party correspondence is any communication to the board 
which is not accompanied by the candidates signed LTB and will not be 
permitted. This supersedes reference (a).  Information received that is not 
under a signed LTB or not received by NPC Customer Service Center (CSC) by 
the established deadline will not be presented to the board.  To verify 
receipt of your LTB, go to 
    c.  The time and date LTBs are received in the NPC CSC inbox  (central 
time zone) is the time and date used for deadline verification.  Although 
late LTBs may be accepted by the NPC CSC, they will not be presented to the 
    d.  All LTBs must contain the Sailors full name and full Social Security 
Number.  Additionally, this information must be affixed and legible on all 
enclosures submitted.  LTBs should be on plain white paper, paper clipped (no 
staples, binders, folders or tabs) and submitted under signed cover letter to 
the president of the board.  Candidates must verify that the correct board 
number is on their signed cover letter.  The board numbers are 205 for SELRES 
E8/9, 206 for FTS E8/9, 210 for AC E9, and 235 for AC E8.
    e.  The preferred method for submission of a LTB is by encrypted email to 
cscselboard(at)navy.mil.  E-mailed LTBs must be encrypted to protect 
Personally Identifiable Information.  Trouble with file encryption or 
certificate issues does not justify a late LTB.
    f.  If the candidate is unable to send an encrypted e-mail, they may 
utilize the safe access file exchange (SAFE) website at
https://safe.amrdec.army.mil/safeto transmit their LTB to 
cscselboard(at)navy.mil.  In order for the LTBs to be considered by the 
board, the NPC CSC must receive the e-mail notification of the file upload 
from SAFE before the LTB deadline.
    g.  If unable to email or use the SAFE website, candidates may use 
regular mail to the addresses below:
        (1) SELRES/Mobilized IRR E8/9 Board:
            Navy Personnel Command Customer Service Center
            FY-17 Reserve E8/9 Selection Board #205
            5720 Integrity Drive
            Millington, TN 38055
        (2) FTS E8/9 Board:
            Navy Personnel Command Customer Service Center
            FY-17 Reserve E8/9 Selection Board #206
            5720 Integrity Drive
            Millington, TN 38055
        (3) Active E9 Board:
            Navy Personnel Command Customer Service Center
            FY-17 Active E9 Selection Board #210
            5720 Integrity Drive
            Millington, TN 38055
        (4) Active E8 Board:
            Navy Personnel Command Customer Service Center
            FY-17 Active E8 Selection Board #235
            5720 Integrity Drive
            Millington, TN 38055
     h.  Certified or registered mail is not advised due to delays in 
     i.  Candidates are authorized to submit more than one LTB, vice waiting 
until the deadline to submit one all-inclusive LTB. Although multiple LTBs 
are authorized, candidates should not duplicate previously sent information.
     j.  The LTB deadline still applies to candidates who gain eligibility 
after the LTB deadline and before the convening date. If a candidate is 
working to fix an eligibility issue and expects to be selection board 
eligible prior to the board convening date, they may submit a LTB prior to 
the deadline.
6.  Selection board results.  Official results will be provided online via 
BOL to authorized command representatives prior to the release of the 
official results via NAVADMIN.  Selectee profile sheets will be published by 
NETPDTC within 30 days of both reserve and active selection board results 
being released via NAVADMIN. Educational Services Officers, who are 
registered users, may access results through the Navy Enlisted Advancement 
System (NEAS) website https://prod.neas.netc.navy.miland individual Sailors 
may access personal profile sheets on Navy Knowledge Online
7.  Additional information regarding this cycle will be posted at:
    a.  AC boards:  http://www.npc.navy.mil/bupers-
    b.  RC boards:  http://www.npc.navy.mil/bupers-
8.  Board members and recorders
    a.  AC commanders and senior lieutenant commanders are encouraged to 
contact their detailer if they are interested in serving as a member on the 
AC selection board.
    b.  FTS commanders and senior lieutenant commanders are encouraged to 
contact their detailer if they are interested in serving as a member on the 
RC selection board.  SELRES commanders and lieutenant commanders are 
encouraged to contact commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command via their 
community leaders if they are interested in serving on the RC selection 
    c.  AC and RC master chiefs are encouraged to apply to serve on the 
selection boards.  There are no restrictions preventing AC members from 
serving on RC selection boards or RC members from serving on AC selection 
    d.  Senior chief petty officers and chief petty officers (to include 
frocked) may serve as recorders if not eligible.  In addition, senior chief 
petty officers may apply to be a member on either the RC or AC E7 boards 
only.  Petty officers (E6 and below) may not serve on the boards in any 
capacity, no exceptions.
    e.  Officers shall complete the Officer Selection Board Member/Recorder 
Nomination form (NAVPERS 1400/5) found at http://www.npc.navy.mil/bupers-
    f.  Enlisted applicants shall complete the Enlisted Selection Board 
Member/Recorder Application form (NAVPERS 1400/2) found at
9.  Points of Contact
    a.  NPC Customer Service Center: 866-U-ASK-NPC/866-827-5672 or via e-mail 
    b.  Selection board eligibility (PERS-802):
        - Mr. David Lanham (Branch Head):  david.b.lanham(at)navy.mil
        - Ms. Elizabeth Vaughn (AC):  elizabeth.vaughn(at)navy.mil
        - Ms. Dorothy Harris (FTS/SELRES):  dorothy.harris(at)navy.mil
10.  This message will remain in effect until superseded or canceled
11.  Released by Vice Admiral W. F. Moran, N1.//
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      CLASSIFICATION: UNCLASSIFIED//  ROUTINE  R 031617Z FEB 23 MID200080706682U  FM CNO WASHINGTON DC  TO NAVADMIN  BT  UNCLAS    NAVADMIN 025/23    MSGID/GENADMIN/CNO WASHINGTON DC/N1/FEB//    SUBJ/ORDER TO UPDATE NAVY FAMILY ACCOUNTABILITY AND ASSESSMENT SYSTEM  PERSONAL CONTACT INFORMATION (MARCH 2023)//    REF/A/DOC/OPNAV/23OCT14//  AMPN/REF A is OPNAVINST 3006.1 CH-2, PERSONNEL ACCOUNTABILITY IN CONJUNCTION  WITH CATASTROPHIC EVENTS.//    RMKS/1.  This NAVADMIN announces the semi-annual requirement for all Navy  uniformed and civilian personnel to update/verify their personal information  in the Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System (NFAAS), per  reference (a), no later than 31 March 2023.  If a record has been updated  in the system between 1 October 2022 and 31 March 2023, that record is  considered validated for the 31 March 2023 deadline.      a.  NFAAS is the system utilized by the Navy to account for personnel and  their families during widespread natural or man-made disasters.      b.  Accurate contact information of personnel and family members is  required to facilitate a quick and accurate muster of personnel in affected  areas.    2.  Applicability.  This message applies to all Navy uniformed personnel  (Active Duty and Reserve), Navy civilians (both APF and NAF), and Outside  Continental United States (OCONUS) contractors.      a.  It is mandatory for all uniformed personnel, and all categories of  their dependents to update and verify contact information.      b.  It is mandatory for non-bargaining unit civilian employees to update  their contact information.  Providing dependent's information is voluntary  but highly encouraged.  Failure to provide dependent information may impinge  on receipt of potential benefits, if applicable.      c.  It is mandatory for all OCONUS contractors, and all categories of  their dependents to update and verify contact information.      d.  Bargaining unit civilian employees are highly encouraged to provide  their contact and dependent information on a voluntary basis, until union  notification and subsequent impact and implementation bargaining takes place  (when applicable).  Providing contact information is critical in providing  support to DON civilians and their dependents during a disaster and the  subsequent recovery period.    3.  Echelon 2 Commanders, Region Commanders and Region Personnel  Accountability Representatives will ensure widest dissemination of this  notice to all subordinate commands, tenant commands and detachments for  action, as required. All Commanding Officers (CO)/Officers-in-Charge (OIC)  will ensure 100 percent compliance for mandatory personnel.  COs/OICs shall  contact pertinent Human Resources Offices to request notification of  applicable unions and OCONUS contractors (must provide associated  Unit Identification Code (UIC)).    4.  In addition, each command shall institute policies requiring personnel to  review/update their NFAAS data as standard practice during check-in and check  -out.  A tool is available in NFAAS to allow Commanding Officer  Representatives (COR) to "pull" personnel into their UIC.  In the event of  permanent address or contact information changes:      a.  Uniformed personnel, OCONUS contractors, and/or their dependents are  required to update NFAAS.      b.  Civilian non-bargaining unit employees are required to update NFAAS,  and their dependents are highly encouraged to update NFAAS.      c.  Civilian bargaining unit employees and their dependents are highly  encouraged to update NFAAS.    5.  To update contact information, access the NFAAS website  at https://navyfamily.navy.mil/.  Login and update member  information under the "My Info" tab, "Contact Information" section, and  sponsor's work location information.  Update family member information under  the "My Info" tab, "Family Member Info" section.  Edit member and family  member information as necessary and verify as current.  Personnel are  required to input their physical address; PO/APO/FPO addresses are not  authorized.  Additionally, users must ensure a Cell Carrier is selected from  the applicable drop-down list.  All family members enrolled in the  Exceptional Family Member Program must be identified as such.    6.  NFAAS can also be accessed from any mobile device web browser.  All  personnel are encouraged to download the latest version of the NFAAS mobile  app, which provides cognizant resources, checklists, preparation guidelines,  etc.  The app also provides a link to the mobile version of the NFAAS  website.  Although the app uses the same URL address as the NFAAS website,  when accessed via a mobile device, the site will be optimized to allow easy  viewing and navigation.  To ensure NFAAS notifications are received via the  app, go to the dashboard, select "Settings" and ensure the "Receive  Notifications" option is enabled.    7.  CORs can verify personnel update status using the Reports tab in NFAAS  and selecting "Address Information Update Status Roster Report by UIC."  Column K contains the date contact information was last updated.    8.  Points of contact:      a.  NFAAS Help Desk at paas(at)navy.mil.      b.  NFAAS Program Manager, Ms. Terenda Ruffin, at (202) 207-4402  or via e-mail at terenda.b.ruffin.civ(at)us.navy.mil.    9.  This NAVADMIN will remain in effect until superseded or canceled.    10.  Released by Vice Admiral Y. B. Lindsey, Commander, Navy Installations  Command.//    BT  #0001  NNNN  CLASSIFICATION: UNCLASSIFIED//
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