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FY16 MCPO Selection Board Results

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Guest FMFman

I am looking forward to seeing some names this year that a very deserving of that second star.  On a different note it also shows me who I need to talk to for future mentoring. 

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Guest KnockoutTrish

They won't be out until sometime in May most likely.  Last year it was at the end of May when they came out.

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Guest FMFman

No one in my UIC was selected.  That is the only list I or any other CMC can see at this time.  Tomorrow it will be made public.

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Guest Aegisguy

They won't be out until sometime in May most likely.  Last year it was at the end of May when they came out.

Last year the active results came out on 01 May.

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Guest SleeperHit2

Got this message today @12:48 EST


Career Development Team,

Please pass to all Leadership,  FY16 Active Duty Master Chief Selection Board Results will be released on BOL for TRIAD Notification, tomorrow, 29 April 2015, 1100EST.  NAVADMIN and BOL for all to review will be released on Thursday, 30 April 2015, 1100EST.


Good Luck everyone!

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Guest mrhpsn

This is great news !!!  last year as previously stated 9 results came out 01 May so if they release early this year then hopefully 8 results will as well.

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Guest FMFman

Are you the ESO for your command? If so, how can you view the results?

I am the CSEL for the command so I have CMC rights for advancement results.

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Guest SleeperHit2

Had a buddy pick up today, he was one of the 2 out of 75 eligibles.  Puts it in perspective. Grateful for all who get there, enjoy your day.

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Guest tomahawker1332





R 301449Z APR 15












RMKS/1.  Congratulations to the following personnel who have been

selected for advancement to master chief petty officer by the FY-16

Active-Duty Navy E9 Selection Board.  Strong competition between

qualified professionals is one of the strengths of our Navy and your

selection speaks highly of your abilities.

2.  This NAVADMIN is not authorization for advancement.  Specific

dates of advancement will be published by Naval Education and

Training Professional Development Technology Center Pensacola, FL.

Personnel listed below may be frocked per ref (a) if qualified.

3.  Members are directed to verify their select status via BUPERS

online.  The selection list is in alphabetical order by rate within

competitive category.  Read each line from left to right, name, and

numerical order of advancement.

        ABCM  - Master Chief Aviation Boatswains Mate

      Bilyeu Benjam     010         Damato Michae     001

      Dizon Bernard     003         German Michae     005

      Gray Donavon      007         Miller Shelto     009

      Pick Jason Ma     008         Shelley Cliff     004

      Trebotich Pau     006         Villacruz Jof     002

        ACCM  - Master Chief Air Traffic Controller

      Hall Seneca E     004         Hempel Kyle J     003

      Ignacz Johnny     001         Williams Chri     002

        AFCM  - Master Chief Aircraft Maintenanceman

      Baldwin Anton     021         Bondy Michael     008

      Castellanos R     012         Couch Bryan N     020

      Crisci Michae     005         Cummins Gary      001

      Delacerda Edg     022         Disabatino Li     003

      Eggl James Wi     002         Erickson Jaco     015

      Gerbers Adam      006         Granger David     018

      Guzman Nichol     024         Jeffery Brook     013

      Martin Charle     016         Marumoto Kent     010

      Mayo Anthony      004         Medroso Romeo     009

      Pangcog Oren      007         Reagan Robert     011

      Reeder Jeffre     017         Rushing Jeffr     014

      Torres Javier     019         Vasquez Samue     023

        AGCM  - Master Chief Aerographers Mate

      Chevalier Kei     001         Santos Manuel     002

        AOCM  - Master Chief Aviation Ordnanceman

      Almodovar Vic     001         Nowlin Kevin      002

      Pluntke Hans      003

        ASCM  - Master Chief Aviation Support Equipment Technician

      Mejorada Nath     001

        AVCM  - Master Chief Avionics Maintenance Technician

      Barford Zacha     013         Barnes Carl S     002

      Borgal Brian      003         Bovee David A     014

      Brown Demetri     006         Carter John C     008

      Elkin Eric Al     005         Harrison Alic     004

      Hollinshead R     001         Hubert Eric G     007

      Karsten Andre     017         Key Lindsay D     020

      Kinnaman Eric     019         Lied Todd Jos     009

      Magee Tiffany     018         Medina Jose J     011

      Roberts Brian     015         Roberts Micha     021

      Rodriquez Den     010         Styf Jerry        016

      Swanson Brian     012

        AWCM  - Master Chief Naval Aircrewmen

      Boone Kevin A     002         Hinschberger B    001

      Ott Charles G     003

        AZCM  - Master Chief Aviation Maintenance Administrationman

      Hummel Paul A     003         Mobley Delwin     002

      Trahan Jason      001         Vega Alexis       004

        BMCM  - Master Chief Boatswains Mate

      Beekman John      005         Moser Klaus D     001

      Neal Michael      002         Rincones Alex     003

      Valladares Ra     004

        CSCM  - Master Chief Culinary Specialist

      Harrell Travi     003         Pham Khoi Van     002

      Segurson Jeff     001

        CTICM - Master Chief Cryptologic Technician Interpretive

      Crandall Russ     004         Febus Carlos      002

      Moreno Sergio     001         Schweitzer Wi     003

      Windle Jacob      005

        CTMCM - Master Chief Cryptologic Technician Maintenance

      Tipton Jonath     002         Trotter Marcu     001

        CTNCM - Master Chief Cryptologic Technician Networks

      Berka Kirk Al     002         Brooks Charle     004

      Stahl Jeremy      001

        CTRCM - Master Chief Cryptologic Technician Collection

      Corey Anthony     001         Edwards Steph     005

      Jacobsen Robe     002         Prebeg Nichol     004

      Reynolds Jose     003

        CTTCM - Master Chief Cryptologic Technician Technical

      Griego Abel J     003         Squire Joseph     002

      Stewart Rober     001

        CUCM  - Master Chief Constructionman

      Caligagan Ale     004         Gruenes Thoma     003

      Luna Charlie      002         Nolan Kevin M     006

      Walker Edgar      001         Zetino Juan C     005

        DCCM  - Master Chief Damage Controlman

      Platto Matthe     001         Rawlings Jame     004

      Robertson Pau     003         Walker Dedric     002

        EMCM  - Master Chief Electricians Mate Nuclear (Submarine)

      Bean Christop     005         Brand Scott A     008

      Ciaciura Jaso     002         Field David A     001

      Hennon Todd E     006         Murray Mark W     007

      Olmstead Shaw     003         Rolfe Ryan La     004

        EMCM  - Master Chief Electricians Mate Nuclear (Surface)

      Dixon Brian K     001         Trojnar Chris     002

        EMCM  - Master Chief Electricians Mate

      Angel Rommel      006         Li Thomas Yic     007

      Ludlam Stephe     005         Madison Steve     004

      Miranda Jonat     001         Quesenberry J     002

      Sanchez Juan      003

        ENCM  - Master Chief Engineman

      Christian Ric     008         Doleski Micha     001

      Fletcher Joel     006         Gilbert Eric      005

      Maier Jesse M     004         Ortega Jason      003

      Vazquez Arcen     007         Warsaw Ryan W     002

        EODCM - Master Chief Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician

      Fellman Steve     005         Jurgens Brian     002

      Maxwell Trace     004         Oday Sean C       001

      Vonderau Anth     003

        EQCM  - Master Chief Equipmentman

      Brock James H     004         Chun Nathan K     005

      Evans Philip      002         George Joseph     001

      Hampton Josep     003

        ETCM - Master Chief Electronics Technician Submarine

        (Non-Nuclear Nav)

      Ayers Joshua      011         Brownson Jame     002

      Cooper Jason      001         Ford Neil Rob     009

      Lehnick Jamie     004         Martell Chris     010

      Penny William     006         Perez Jorge L     008

      Rench Kevin       013         Uptegraff Mic     012

      Washburn Jerr     007         Whitlock Edwa     005

      Wilson Daniel     003

        ETCM  - Master Chief Electronics Technician Submarine

        (Non-Nuclear Comm)

      Baker Eric Ma     005         Cook Jesse Ch     004

      Herring Lafre     002         Kuchta Tracy      001

      Rollert Kevin     003         Woods Terry W     006

     ETCM  - Master Chief Electronics Technician Submarine (Nuclear)

      Deliteris Kie     002         McKinney Thom     001

       ETCM  - Master Chief Electronics Technician Surface (Nuclear)

      Belanger Andr     001         Moat Jesse De     002

        ETCM  - Master Chief Electronics Technician Surface

      Baumann Dale      004         Berry Kenneth     003

      Burghart Gary     002         Hatton Christ     005

      Rabe Erik Fre     006         Schimke Jay W     001

        FCCM  - Master Chief Fire Controlman Non-Aegis

      Barrows Heath     007         Benton Willia     008

      Christman Mar     002         Gilling Mark      004

      Kutsch Jason      006         Paschal Eric      001

      Raniszewski S     003         Rife Matthew      009

      Watts Daniel      005

        FCCM  - Master Chief Fire Controlman Aegis

      Holler Jeremi     007         Lavold Ronald     003

      Mcmahan Mark      002         Melvin Nathan     006

      Meyer Jamison     001         Stamey John B     005

      Webb Bobby Da     004

        FTCM  - Master Chief Fire Control Technician

      Jacobson Will     003         Messina Nicho     002

      Sturgill Josh     001

        GMCM  - Master Chief Gunners Mate

      Eubank Zachar     001

        GSCM  - Master Chief Gas Turbine System Technician

      Austin Christ     004         Gabrielson Ja     005

      Lowe Stephen      002         Rambarran And     001

      Starks Todd M     003

        HMCM  - Master Chief Hospital Corpsman

      Ali Andrew Sy     013         Alonzo Victor     010

      Arredondo Chr     027         Bagley Michae     005

      Bradsher Stev     023         Chenoweth Ray     012

      Delacruz Norm     019         Espinosa Joe      017

      Guzman Anthon     002         Holder Thomas     003

      Kennovin Kevi     014         Kuedituka Kin     004

      Lazarin Franc     025         Lugo Miguel A     028

      Mangaran Patr     026         Moore Dennis      011

      Murphy Joe Te     022         Paalam Lemuel     024

      Padilla Charl     030         Pryor Zachary     006

      Ritter Reese      008         Swanson Randy     029

      Tavares Sharo     009         Thomason Ashl     020

      Tomlinson Ric     016         Tubat Ronaldo     001

      Updegraff Pat     018         Walker David      015

      Wood Anna Nat     007

        HTCM  - Master Chief Hull Maintenance Technician

      Follmer James     002         Howell Shane      001

        ICCM  - Master Chief Interior Communications Electrician

      Carr Larry Du     003         Grant Alfred      001

      Gregory Jerem     002

        ISCM  - Master Chief Intelligence Specialist

      Stanton David     002         Twining Eric      001

        ITCM  - Master Chief Information Systems Technician

      Allison Halto     006         Archuleta Joh     013

      Chue Tangela      009         Coopersanders D   003

      Fulton Nicole     017         Geigley Justo     012

      Hafer Jeanett     008         Jefferies Ger     001

      McGuire David     011         Morrill Thoma     004

      Reynolds Jaso     015         Schaab Bradle     010

      Simon James M     014         Stowe Eric De     007

      Tyson Lugene      018         Waldo William     002

      White Pamela      005         Young Patrick     016

    ITSCM - Master Chief Information Systems Technician (Submarines)

      Curtin Thomas     002         Hamilton Ryan     001

       LSCM  - Master Chief Logistics Specialist Submarine Qualified

      Gibbs Kevin M     001

        LSCM  - Master Chief Logistics Specialist

      Ames Mary Ali     004         Ball Michael      002

      Bon Joel Garc     001         Dimapilis Roy     003

      Evers Tyrone      006         Jones Louis D     007

      Newsom Quenti     005

        MACM  - Master Chief Master At Arms

      Bailey Travis     002         Bell Randy Jo     005

      Cloutier Rona     001         Gainey Jamie      006

      Radvanyi Bela     004         Vermette Davi     003

        MCCM  - Master Chief Mass Communications Specialist

      Ryan Donnie W     001

       MMCM  - Master Chief Machinists Mate Submarine (Conventional)

      Aguirre Ruben     008         Gruber Justin     007

      Kloepfer Dani     004         Manzoeillo Ja     006

      McLellan Will     001         McMillan Aman     005

      Merryman Harr     002

   MMCM  - Master Chief Machinists Mate Submarine (Non-Nuclear Weps)

      Anderson Leon     007         Decker Joseph     001

      Hoots Christo     006         Messerly Chad     002

      Ramsey Charle     004         Riley Joseph      005

      Voyce Seth Aa     003

        MMCM  - Master Chief Machinists Mate Nuclear (Submarine)

      Cervone Ronal     003         Matteson Matt     002

      Schlapkohl Br     001         Teter Glenn A     004

        MMCM  - Master Chief Machinists Mate Nuclear (Surface)

      Bausch Barry      003         Dempsey Chad      004

      Foster Christ     001         Troendle Doug     002

        MMCM  - Master Chief Machinists Mate (Other)

      Briggs Robert     006         Crowley Kenne     013

      Ford David        005         Hansen Nichol     009

      Hodle Richard     007         Hopkins Monte     012

      Jack Leodias      004         Josef Leonard     014

      Kelly Damian      015         Lynch Joseph      016

      Martemendez R     017         Mattison Lamo     008

      Miller Donald     001         Ponder Willie     002

      Quinn Richard     018         Readous Lawre     010

      Rumley Brian      003         Sanchez Edwin     011

        MNCM  - Master Chief Mineman

      Hartman Grego     001

        MTCM  - Master Chief Missile Technician

      Lapinski Dyla     001         Leitzel Grego     004

      Nunez Daniel      003         Watkins Adria     002

        MUCM  - Master Chief Musician Special Band

      Jarjoura Amy      003         Johnson Paul      001

      Logan James P     002

        MUCM  - Master Chief Musician Fleet Band

      Werner Dereck     001

        NCCM  - Master Chief Navy Counselor (Recruiter)

      Bastien Ryan      006         Charara Heath     007

      McKenna Danie     002         Milo Derek Ju     001

      Shelton John      005         Smith James M     004

        NCCM  - Master Chief Navy Counselor (Counselor)

      Baker Tedra D     007         Cline Christo     006

      Fridy Nadine      009         Galiza Dianal     002

      Garrow Susan      001         Hill Paul Mic     005

      Luter Latonya     004         Morrow Kennet     003

      Romes Ryan Ro     008

        NDCM  - Master Chief Navy Diver

      Dodd Bill Ger     001         Gossett Ashle     008

      Hopkins John      002         Kenefic Micha     009

      Mabry Anthony     003         Pendino Josep     006

      Phillips Will     005         Scarbrough Ju     007

      Simon Craig J     004         Williams Trey     010

        OSCM  - Master Chief Operations Specialist

      Aiello Thomas     011         Baker Jerald      010

      Battle Robert     005         Ferris Jason      001

      Fields Jonath     013         Johnson Ricki     006

      Lamperth Jona     002         Manuwa Wendel     003

      Ortiz James M     007         Rape Hugh Jon     009

      Suders Lumari     012         Washington Be     008

      Zeigler Chris     004

        PRCM  - Master Chief Aircrew Survival Equipmentman

      Dorazio Sebas     002         Henderson Tho     001

        PSCM  - Master Chief Personnel Specialist

      Smith Paul Aa     001         Young Mark Do     002

        QMCM  - Master Chief Quartermaster

      Garrow Steven     001

        SBCM  - Master Chief Special Warfare Boat Operator

      Arevalo Jimmy     002         Snyder Daniel     001

        SHCM  - Master Chief Ships Serviceman

      Jones Jacquel     001         Milligan Vern     003

      Palis Jimmy A     002

        SOCM  - Master Chief Special Warfare Operator

      Bailey Marc D     017         Birkenbach Mi     014

      Charboneau Jo     010         Conner Warren     011

      Foreman Matth     012         Franco Anthon     006

      Gabriel Justi     004         Garcia Hans G     002

      Holland Jeffr     007         Houin Terry V     005

      Kelly Brockli     008         Krotz Bradley     013

      Lefevre Don       003         Reed Robert A     015

      Rife Aaron Jo     001         Thompson Geor     009

      Trump Jeremy      016

        STGCM - Master Chief Sonar Technician Surface

      Murphy Nathan     001         Pierson Benja     002

        UCCM  - Master Chief Utilitiesman

      Harvey Steven     002         Jeffers Raque     001

      Johnson Josep     003

        YNCM  - Master Chief Yeoman Submarine Qualified

      Wright David      001

        YNCM  - Master Chief Yeoman

      Sams Jeffrey      001

4.  Released by Vice Admiral W. F. Moran, N1.//




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Folks, an abusive group where my server is located caused my server to slow down to a crawl. If you are wondering, that was the cause of issues.  :blink:

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