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  1. Triads are not informed beforehand of LDO/CWO results. I literally found out I made it on this forum in 2018. I was in Investigator School performing undercover narcotics operations in burger king on Ft Leonard Wood.
  2. I was about to say the exact same thing. If your evals are saying what you did, you’re wrong. Not trying to sound mean, but it’s not about you anymore.
  3. Good luck everyone. I remember being in all your shoes 2 years ago. Even though I’m crossing over to the “dark side” I will never forget my roots. Those selected, enjoy it. Those of you who will be chosen next year, keep taking care of your Sailors. Those who ride of into the sunset, your Sailors and the future of the Navy will be better because of what you did.
  4. I don’t know the exact answer but if you look st board statistics the average select has 14 years of education so it has to be worth something.
  5. Just list your enclosures in part 3 of your personal statement. Then label your enclosures according to how you listed them on the application. No need to send LTB. Just sat an appraisal board with a CWO4 who sat the board last year and he said they look for reasons to throw out packages and not following the instructions to the letter will get yours thrown out. If you have any other questions let me know I’ll be glad to help
  6. Current 6490 select commissioning in October. If anyone needs guidance or assistance let me know. I saw there was a few 6490 applicants but I am willing to help all designators
  7. I was forunute enough to be selected this year. All others, congrats, and those who weren’t, keep pushing and keep leading. I wanted to dispel some common rumors you may have heard about what you “need” to have to be selected. Long story short, I was told I had no business applying. 1. I was NOT #1 overall for CO endorsement. Not sure where I ranked but definitely not number 1. 2. I did NOT receive all 10’s on my appraisals 3. I had a break in applications. Applied FY 16 FY 17 skipped 18 and reapplied in 19. 4. I have not gotten an EP(minus transfer) since 2012, as a first class and Chief. If anyone wants me to look at their package or ask any questions, feel free to message me. again, keep pushing and your time will come
  8. I am currently a rated MA and 649 applicant. We had a non-MA at my command who was probably equally as qualified but told by Senior SECO's not to apply because they would only select MA's.
  9. It's been awhile since I've posted but quotas went up and I'm slightly hopeful. Never got my appraisals or package back so no idea if I was a 1 or a 10. Any rumors on release? My guess, and it's only a guess is the 24th
  10. I pulled up FLTMPS. Found out how many Chiefs vs Firsts made it and their TIS. Luckily for me it's all one rate. But I did it for ordinance as well
  11. I appreciate it Chief. Being at ATG I am surrounded by Senior personnel, but I will also look here to have many different eyes view my package.
  12. I'm not sure what needs to change in my package, with the exception of TIS and my new command. I got an NOB in November, working hard for that EP come november. Hopefully I won't need it come July.
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