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News for Navy Enlisted Sailors

In this category visitors will find Navy news of interest to enlisted Sailors and information & the guidelines on how this forum works. News topics may come from other sources other than the Navy. Additional information includes Navy Policy, Guidelines and Official Statements. These are policies put out by the United States Navy and are consider official.  


  1. Help & Guidelines

    This is where you will find the latest news about this forum including tips, help, forum status and updates or changes to the guidelines. You can also use this to help fix issues or letting me know if you are have problems with the forum such as changing your profile settings or whatnot.


  2. News, Scuttlebutt Forum | Navy Policy

    This forum contains news of interest to enlisted Sailors and their family about the United States Navy in general, scuttlebutt, events and news that may not fit in other categories. News sources may come from the Navy or from the commercial media. Additionally included is a sub-forum related to official Navy policy.

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