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Tricare, Transition GPS, Navy Veterans & Retirees

This category discusses issues of health, veterans & retirees and also transitioning out of the Navy. Please note that the name Transition Assistance Program has changed to Transition GPS. There is much information here to help you with your search for knowledge. Simply choose the forum of your choice and view the different topics.


  1. Navy Veteran & Retirees Forum | Military

    A forum for military veterans and retirees who have served in the United States Navy. This area can include veteran's home loans, medical benefits, Montgomery G.I. Bill, and state and Government VA benefits. This area will also cover stories of interested related to vets. Veterans have proudly served in many wars and conflicts supporting and defending our inalienable rights to freedom of speech as United States citizens. Sailors have given their life defending our rights as a free nation. In the process, the United States has grown to become one of the strongest nations on earth, not only based on our military but also our ability to freely conduct business and innovate unhindered by those who do not value freedom.

    For additional information, enlisted Sailors can also go to the following NavyAdvancement.com web pages: Navy Enlisted Veterans & Retirees


  2. Transition Assistance Program (TAP), Separations | GPS Forum

    * The Transition Assistance Program (TAP) has had a name change and is now called Transition GPS. Transitioning out of the Navy can appear daunting but there is help from many sources. In fact, the Department of Defense (DoD), the United States Navy, the Department of Labor and the Department of Veterans Affairs have your back! Getting things in order, the first you want to do is attend a TAP class. From there you will learn about benefits if any from the military and from your state of residence. You will also want to connect with family and friends if applicable to have a support line available to you. 

    Perhaps the most important item on the plate is to get a job when you separate. The process starts while you are still in the Navy, ensuring your qualifications are in order and that you take any course related to what you expect to be doing. You will also want to make sure your DD Form 214, (DD 214) Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty has zero mistakes. Another item is to make sure your medical records are properly turned in for proper care. This is important because this ensures the VA has access to your medical records in case you file a claim.

    For additional information, enlisted Sailors can also go to the following NavyAdvancement.com web page: Medical Benefits, Tricare, Limited Duty & Disability CompensationNavy Pay, Benefits and Allowance | Navy Enlisted Military and Electronic Service RecordsCollege Benefits, Tuition Assistance & Enlisted Navy TrainingNavy Enlisted Veterans & Retirees 

  3. Tricare, Medical Benefits & Disability Forum | Navy

    Health insurance can be an expensive proposition but military medical benefits in the form of Tricare, Veterans benefits and disability benefits can help cushion the cost even after you get out of the Navy if you are eligible. For veterans, you want to ensure you keep you medical records straight and in order in case you have to seek medical benefits in the future even if you are not under Tricare.

    Spouses, active duty, reserves, veterans and retired may make use of the information in this forum. Important topics such as the laws governing medical care and Tricare plus the Affordable Care Act as it applies to the Military can be covered here. Also, health issues such as weight management, mental health, childhood health and other medical topics are covered here.

    For additional information, enlisted Sailors can also go to the following NavyAdvancement.com web page: Medical Benefits, Tricare, Limited Duty & Disability Compensation 


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