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The Navy Advancement Center recently provided enlisted planners with test passer numbers for the Active Duty, Full Time Support and Canvasser Recruiter enlisted components. The test passer report enables Enlisted Community Mangers to develop quotas for each rating. Quotas are based on vacancies and are filled by the most qualified Sailors through rank-ordered Final Multiple Score (FMS) listings. To date, these are total number of candidates who passed the Cycle 231 (March) rating advancement exam:
* Active Duty
E6 = 25,618
E5 = 36,492
E4 = 25, 511
* Full Time Support
E6 = 1,007
E5 = 661
E4 = 310
* Canvasser Recruiter
E6 = 119
E5 = 12
Although Navy exams are not pass/fail like a typical A school or high school test, it is possible to fail a Navy-wide advancement exam. To eliminate the guess potential and to support the statistical analysis of individual questions, the Navy established the following "fail" standards for a 175-question advancement exam:
E6/E7: 61
E5: 55
E4: 49
So, an E3 taking an E4 test who answers only 48 questions correctly on a rating advancement exam will NOT be able to compete for advancement that cycle. Typically, only 3% of Active Duty advancement candidates fail the advancement exam.
Cycle 231 E4-E6 advancement results are scheduled to be released around Memorial Day. Good luck to all candidates!

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Would rather board for my advancement like other rates.  At least I would be tested on actual knowledge on my rate.  Just horrible to see those who pass that don't know a thing about their rate and advance.

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