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The seven fundamentals of pistol shooting Version 2

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The seven fundamentals of pistol shooting to successfully aim, shoot & hit intended target.

Breaking down your pistol shooting to the fundamentals may help improve aim & speed when shooting.

1. Stance

  • Isosceles stance most popular, next Weaver stance, modified isosceles stance should be looked at

  • Should try to achieve a natural point of aim with your stance

2. Grip

  • Thumbs forward grip more popular

  • Grip should help achieve best pistol control & recoil management

  • support hand applies pressure left and right of handle

  • trigger hand supports handle forward and aft

  • 60% / 40% support? Support hand does most of gun support (60%) to allow trigger hand main function of trigger manipulation (40%)

3. Sight Alignment

  • Focus on front sight, which is aligned with back sights.

  • Back sight slightly out of focus

  • Target is also slightly out of focus.

  • Concentration must be on front sight not target when shooting. Again, focus on front sight!

4. Sight Picture

  • The relationship of your sight alignment to your target equals sight picture

  • No person can hold a steady picture but should minimize it to the best extent possible

  • Upon getting sight picture ensure you are focused on front sight as you pull the trigger

5. Trigger Control

  • The goal is to bring the trigger straight back. The finger should not deviate up, down, left or right, only straight back.

  • Pad of finger should be parallel and flush to trigger face, not at angle.

  • Trigger should not be too close to joint of finger or tip of finger but in the middle.

  • trigger prep, trigger press, trigger reset

  • Pull back must be smooth. Do not over squeeze the trigger.

  • After bullet is fired bring trigger to reset position but no more.

  • For trigger control, if you do not do this step properly you will not hit your mark even if all other fundamentals are correct.

6. Breathing

  • You should pause your breathing at the top or bottom of your breathing cycle right before shooting, preferably at bottom of cycle

  • Do not hold your breath for a long time; you will lose focus/ concentration.

7. Follow Through

  • Just as a golfer continues their swing after hitting a ball you should continue your aim after you pull the trigger.

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