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R 171433Z APR 14
ALNAV 025/14
POC/CDR C. MCKEE/N0951C1/LOC: WASH DC/TEL:  (703)614-2366//
RMKS/1.  Effective 1 January 2014, Navy Reserve members are eligible for the 
Navy Good Conduct Medal (NGCM) as set forth in the amended award criteria in 
paragraph (2) below.  Additionally, the Naval Reserve Meritorious Service 
Medal will no longer be awarded.  Reserve service prior to 1 January 2014 
earned towards the Naval Reserve Meritorious Service Medal may be applied 
towards award of the Navy Good Conduct Medal.  These changes will be 
incorporated in the next revision of Ref (a).
2.  Article 420.2 of Ref (a) shall now read as follows: 
"2.  Navy Good Conduct Medal
    a.  Authorization.  The NGCM was established by SECNAV on 26 April 1869 
to recognize the "all-around" good Navy enlisted person, well qualified in 
all phases of conduct and performance.  Effective 
1 February 1971, commanding officers were delegated authority to award the 
NGCM.  Effective 1 January 2014, Navy Reserve personnel who meet the Reserve 
eligibility requirements are authorized the NGCM.  The CNO has review 
authority over the NGCM and designates specific criteria for the award.
    b.  Eligibility Requirements
        (1) Period of Service.  In accordance with NAVADMIN 305/95, 
subsequent to 1 January 1996, any three years of continuous active or Reserve 
service as an enlisted person in the Navy or Navy Reserve.  For the period 1 
November 1963 through 31 December 1995, inclusive, the qualifying eligibility 
period is four years.  This requirement may be fulfilled by:
            (a) Continuous active service during a minority (see note) 
enlistment, provided the member served on active duty to the day preceding 
his/her 21st birthday, even though he/she extended the enlistment and 
remained on active duty.  Note:  The term "minority" as used in this 
paragraph and paragraph (b) below refers to being under the age of 18 and not 
to any particular racial or ethnic background.
            (b) Continuous active service during a minority enlistment, 
provided the member served on active duty within three months of the day 
preceding his/her 21st birthday.
            © Continuous active service during a three-year first 
enlistment.  For first-term personnel who meet all eligibility requirements 
except length of service, the NGCM may be awarded up to three months prior to 
the eligibility date, if the member is discharged or released to inactive 
duty; i.e., the last three months of service may be waived.  This does not 
apply to members who are discharged for the purpose of immediate 
            (d) A member not eligible for the NGCM who reenlists or reports 
for active or active Reserve duty within three months after discharge or 
release to inactive duty, is considered to be serving under "continuous 
active service" conditions.  While the time between the date of separation 
and date of return to active duty is not counted as an interruption of active 
service, it may not be included in computing time served.  A member who 
reenlists or reports for active duty or to a drilling Reserve status, after 
more than three months after separating, must begin a new three-year 
qualification period.
            (e) An enlisted member appointed a temporary warrant or 
commissioned officer may include such temporary service, upon reverting to an 
enlisted status, regardless of the purpose (including discharge to accept 
appointment as a permanent officer).  Naval Academy midshipmen who are not 
commissioned, but are retained in the service in an enlisted status, may 
include such midshipman service for the purpose of earning the NGCM.  Except 
as provided above, service in warrant, commissioned, or Naval Academy 
midshipman status may not be included in computing time served.
            (f) Drilling Reserve members must maintain eligibility for a 
satisfactory year towards retirement, as outlined in BUPERSINST 
1001.39(series), for three consecutive years.
            (g) Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) members assigned to Voluntary 
Training Units who meet the above criteria are authorized the NGCM.
        (2) Conduct.  Within the required period of active service, the 
individual must have a clear record (no convictions by court-martial, no Non-
Judicial Punishment (NJP), no lost time by reason of sickness-misconduct, no 
civil convictions for offenses involving moral turpitude).
            (a) If confinement as a result of conviction by any court-martial 
(general, special, or summary) is involved, a new qualifying period shall 
begin with the date of restoration to duty on a probationary basis.  If 
confinement is not included in the approved sentence of the court-martial, a 
new qualifying period shall begin with the date of convening authority 
            (b) If the service record contains record of NJP, a new 
qualifying period shall begin with the date following the date of the 
offense.  If the date of the offense cannot be determined, the new qualifying 
period shall begin with the date following the NJP.
            © If convicted by civil authorities for an offense involving 
moral turpitude, a new qualifying period shall begin with the date of return 
to active duty status.
            (d) If the record contains a disqualifying mark that is not the 
result of NJP, the new qualifying period shall begin with the date following 
the date of the mark.
        (3) Performance marks required during period of eligibility.
            (a) Subsequent to 1 January 1996, no mark below
2.0 in any trait.
            (b) Between 31 August 1983 and 31 December 1995, no mark below 
3.0 in Military Knowledge/Performance, Rating Knowledge/Performance, 
Reliability, Military Bearing, Personal Behavior, and Directing.
            © Prior to 31 August 1983:
                 1 E-4 and below.  No mark below 3.0 in any trait.
                 2 E-5 and E-6.  No mark below EEL (Typically Effective-
Lower) in Directing, Individual Productivity, Reliability or Conduct.
                 3 E-7 to E-9.  No mark below the bottom 50 percent in 
Performance, Reliability, Conduct, or Directing.  If an individual receives a 
disqualifying trait mark, a new period of eligibility shall begin on the day 
following the ending date of the performance evaluation report that contains 
the disqualifying trait mark.
    c.  Waivers.  Subsequent to 17 May 1974, for the first award only, the 
NGCM may be awarded in the following cases, provided conduct and performance 
requirements are met:
        (1) For individuals who are killed in combat against an opposing 
armed force, or die as a direct result of wounds received in combat against 
an opposing armed force, the award may be presented posthumously to the next 
of kin.
        (2) For individuals who are separated from the Naval Service for 
physical disability as a result of wounds incurred in combat against an 
opposing armed force, or in the line of duty where such wounds were directly 
related to action against the enemy.
        (3) For individuals who die while in a POW status, the NGCM may be 
presented posthumously to the next of kin, provided it has been determined 
the member's conduct while a POW was acceptable.
    d.  Limitations  
        (1) When the requirements have been met, but it is evident the 
individual is not deserving of the NGCM due to a repeated record of valid 
letters of indebtedness, or other acts which are not in keeping with the high 
moral standards required of all Navy personnel, the commanding officer will 
make an appropriate recommendation to CNO (DNS-35) stating the reasons.
        (2) Although the period of qualifying service was revised to three 
years effective 1 January 1996, in accordance with Navy Uniform Regulations, 
this change does not affect the four-year requirement for service stripes.
        (3) Effective 1 January 2014, Navy Reserve service earned towards the 
Naval Reserve Meritorious Service Medal will be applied to the NGCM.  
            (a) Qualifying active duty year may be combined with qualifying 
Reserve duty years to earn the NGCM as long as the member is under continuous 
service throughout the three-year period.
            (b) Example:  Member affiliated with Navy Reserve immediately 
after leaving active duty.  Member had two years of qualifying active-duty 
service towards NGCM.  If member completes one satisfactory year towards 
retirement in their first year in the Navy Reserve, member would be eligible 
for the NGCM. 
    e.  Certificates.  A certificate shall be prepared for each award.  The 
member's rate, name, branch of Service, and number of the award shall be 
centered in the appropriate spaces.  The ending date of the period of service 
for which the award was earned shall be centered after "Awarded for service 
completed on."  The commanding officer's name, grade, and branch of Service 
shall be typed above "Commanding Officer" and his/her signature affixed."
3.  Released by Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy.//
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Guest george

I retired in 2004 from the naval reserve. would I be eligible for the NGCM instead of the NRMSM for years 1996 -2004.

can anyone give some clarification to the 2 questions I have? I was told by PERS-312 you have to be in the reserves in 2014.

#1) Reserve service prior to 1 January 2014 earned towards the Naval Reserve Meritorious Service Medal may be applied 

towards award of the Navy Good Conduct Medal.
on question #1 the way I interpret it is any reserve service prior to 1 January 2014 makes you eligible and you do NOT have to be in the reserves in 2014.

#2)  (1) Period of Service.  In accordance with NAVADMIN 305/95, subsequent to 1 January 1996, any three years of continuous active or Reserve 

service as an enlisted person in the Navy or Navy Reserve.

on question #2 the way I read this is that after 1 January 1996 if you were in the reserves and had 3 Qualifying years for the NRMSM you would be eligible for the NGCM.

please advise.


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