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New Pentagon policy limits what flags can be displayed by troops, effectively banning Confederate flags

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WASHINGTON – Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Friday unveiled a new military-wide policy that limits what flags can be displayed by American troops on U.S. military installations, buildings and vehicles, which effectively bars Confederate flags without actually mentioning the controversial banners.

The new policy comes after weeks of rigorous debate within the Pentagon’s highest levels about the Confederate battle flag’s place on America’s military posts as calls for its prohibition grew amid a renewed national conversation on racism after the killing of a handcuffed Black man by Minneapolis police on Memorial Day. The Marine Corps first moved to ban the flag in April and issued official guidance doing so in June. Other U.S. military entities, including top commands in South Korea and Japan, followed suit in recent weeks. https://www.stripes.com/news/us/new-pentagon-policy-limits-what-flags-can-be-displayed-by-troops-effectively-banning-confederate-flags-1.637921

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