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How The Experimental USS Narwhal Ended Up Being The Navy's Stealthiest Nuclear Submarine

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The USS Narwhal, also known by its hull number SSN-671, was a totally unique and experimental nuclear-powered attack submarine and one of the most successful boats of her era. Her unique design made her the quietest attack submarine in the U.S. fleet in the 1970s and she was routinely deployed far and wide to watch Soviet submarines in the Atlantic and around Soviet-supported satellite states in the Mediterranean Sea. In this piece, we will dive deeply into what made her quieter than any other operational nuclear submarine of her era and how the game-changing technology she pioneered was implemented in future United States submarine projects.  https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/33244/how-the-experimental-uss-narwhal-ended-up-being-the-navys-stealthiest-nuclear-submarine

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