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Navy Reserve Extends Drill Postponement Until May 31, Consolidates COVID-19 Guidance

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NORFOLK (NNS) -- On April 16, Commander, Navy Reserve Force (CNRF) issued ALNAVRESFOR 011/20, which announces several new policies for Navy Reserve Sailors, consolidates temporary COVID-19 guidance for ease of reference, and postpones all drill weekends until the end of May.

“We are extending our current drill weekend-postponement until May 31 in order to protect our force and provide predictability for our Sailors,” said Rear Adm. John Schommer, deputy commander, Navy Reserve Force. “Reservists should continue to use the liberal telework policy we implemented last month to complete their Inactive Duty Training (IDT) requirements in order to ensure a ‘good year’ and maintain mission readiness.”

Reservists are encouraged to read the entire official message, located at the Navy Reserve Message Library site, https://www.public.navy.mil/nrh/Pages/library_messages.aspx, for complete details.

In addition to postponing drill weekends, 13 other topics are addressed, including annual participation waivers, funeral honors, and military school impacts. The telework policy implemented by CNRF March 19 will also be extended until May 31.

“Over the past month, we have implement several policies to ensure maximum flexibility for our Reservists,” said Schommer. “It’s important for the Navy Reserve team to know we have their backs, and we want to ensure their success.”

Here are some highlights from the message:

FY20 Annual Participation

Although the annual participation waiver process remains unchanged, Navy Reserve leadership recognizes the undue effect the COVID-19 crisis poses on an individual Reservist’s ability to meet their participation requirement. Therefore, when a waiver request is submitted, unit leaders’ endorsements and Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC) commanding officers’ and wing commanders’ adjudication shall strongly consider COVID-19 response effects on a Sailor’s ability to participate. It is directed that each waiver request be individually reviewed with a favorable bias toward approval, as appropriate.

For added flexibility, the deadline for the waiver submission has been adjusted from May 1 to June 30.

Annual participation and a qualifying year for retirement have different requirements. For retirement, Selected Reserve (SELRES) Sailors must achieve 50 points in their anniversary year. Points include drills (paid/non-paid), funeral honors, correspondence courses, AT/ADT, active duty, and 15 membership points. The anniversary year is different for everyone. Visit the Points Frequently Asked Questions page to determine your anniversary year at https://www.public.navy.mil/bupers-npc/career/reservepersonnelmgmt/pages/pointsfaq.aspx.


Deployment of the Commercial Virtual Remote (CVR) is underway. CVR is a temporary solution and data stored within the CVR environment will be destroyed at the conclusion of the COVID-19 emergency. A best practice includes using the Navy Reserve Homeport (NRH) for file sharing and storage, and using CVR for voice, video, and chat collaboration. CNRFC N6 strongly advises members to use non-NMCI devices to register and employ the CVR. The CNRFC N6 has a comprehensive library of CVR information available on the CNRFC SharePoint site.

AT/ADT Telework

Reserve members asked to conduct AT or Active-Duty Training (ADT) via telework by their gaining command require first flag officer approval from the command and should follow telework procedures and directives of the applicable supported command. There are no legal restrictions that prevent telework for AT/ADT provided the command authorizes it.

Active component commands should ensure that sufficient controls are in place to ensure satisfactory completion of all required work by the SELRES Reservist. Orders shall not authorize travel or lodging funds as duties will be performed at home.

Members with approval for telework during the COVID-19 period from the gaining command will have orders written to their local NOSC and members will coordinate with the local NOSC for muster and pay while on approved telework orders.

Operational Support Officers should coordinate first flag approval in the same manner in which mission essential travel is approved. Approvals will be placed in the CNRC N3 tracker at the CNRFC SharePoint site.

E-AT Extension

29 days of Exceptional-AT (AT) is available for both officers and enlisted until further notice.

Distributed Mobilization for COVID-19 Response

All Reservists mobilizing in support of COVID-19 response missions are being pre-screened, activated, and processed by their Navy Reserve Activity (NRA) or NOSC, and then proceeding directly to their supported command with minimal intermediate stops.

Common Access Card Issuance Policy Update

All Navy Real-time Automated Personnel Identification Systems (RAPIDS) sites will only accept customers who have made CAC online appointments. Priority support will be provided to those with time sensitive situations.

Funeral Honors

The requirement to provide military funeral honors at any funeral or memorial function (to include interments) for veterans and service members is waived until further notice. Families requesting military funeral honors will be informed at a lateral date when the DoD travel restrictions have been lifted and the request can be accommodated. The exception approval authority for funeral honors support is Commander, Navy Installations Command.

Civilian Leave Clarification

The Family First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) provides civilian employees up to 80 hours of additional paid sick leave for COVID-19 related purposes. Civilian supervisors should contact Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command (CNRFC) Human Resources if they have further questions.

Personal Protective Equipment Wear/Use and Personal Sanitization Procedures

All individuals on DoD property, installations, and facilities are required to wear cloth face coverings when they cannot maintain six feet of social distance. Please continue to follow guidance contained on www.cdc.gov and published Navy guidance concerning force health protection policies and procedures. Contact your local NRA medical staff with any questions or concerns.

“A” and “C” Schools Impact and Mitigations

CNRFC N7 is funding “A” and “C” school attendance for schools that are still teaching that meet one of three categories below. In all cases, students or supporting NRAs working Active-Duty Training (ADT) schools requests should contact the N7 ADT-schools points of contact on the CNRFC SharePoint site or call the N7 ADT schools hotline (757-322-6586).

• ADT-schools orders to schools were attendance involves local travel only (do not need a mission-essential designation.
• Accession-level schools governed by NAVADMIN 075/20. Students attending these schools should expect a 14-day order extensions in order to incorporate ROM requirements specific to each schoolhouse.
• Any other school designated as mission-essential by the first flag in the chain of command. This decision is made by the Type, System, and Fleet commanders.

ROM Hardship Duty Pay

Service members who have been ordered to a Restriction of Movement (ROM) status may be eligible to receive hardship duty pay for any days in such an ordered status on or after March 13. Reservists who may qualify according to the message should speak with their NRA or NOSC leadership.

Urinalysis Procedures

Commands will continue random urinalysis specimen collections from Sailors during the COVID-19 pandemic to the greatest extent possible, although commanders may adjust their collection schedule and percentages in order to support flexibility and COVID-19 mitigation efforts.

Servicemember’s Group Life Insurance (SGLI)

Reserve Sailors with SGLI, Traumatic SGLI, and/or Family SFLI coverage do not lose coverage due to non-payment of premiums when RC members do not receive active or inactive duty pay, from which premiums were normally deducted, as a result of previously scheduled IDT, AT, or ADT being cancelled, suspended, deferred, or excused. Reserve Sailors should expect that any missed premiums will be subsequently deducted in a lump sum once IDT, AT, or ADT resumes and they are once again in a pay status.

For more information regarding the Navy Reserve and its policies for COVID-19, please go to https://www.mynrh.navy.mil

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