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Navy Executes Hiring Initiative for Privatized Housing


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WASHINGTON (NNS) (NNS) -- The Navy is on track to hire more than half the existing number of housing staff to provide better support for families living in privatized Navy housing.

The target goal is to hire 183 personnel by the end September, according to Navy housing officials. This will raise the total number of billets overseeing the Navy Housing Public Private Venture (PPV) program enterprise-wide from 320 to 503.

The new positions being filled by Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) and Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) include housing management specialists, housing inspectors, quality assurance specialists, and project and business managers. Most of the new personnel will supplement the existing teams at the Navy Housing Service Centers at each base and work directly with privatized housing residents to ensure quality of life and housing standards are met.

The initiative includes four milestones, two of which have already been achieved prior to their deadlines. The first quarter milestone of filling 36 positions was surpassed prior to the Dec. 31 deadline. The Navy recently met its second quarter milestone of filling an additional 66 positions by March 31.

“The increase of staffing will allow the Navy to inspect privatized housing and have better visibility into work order services,” said Jane Ferketic, CNIC Programming and Requirements branch manager for Navy Housing. “This in turn promotes better engagement on specific performance issues with the private partners, which may lead to reduced issues over time.”

The hiring initiative is part of the Navy three-pronged approach to improving privatized housing:

•  Reestablishing active and engaged leaders on this issue.

•  Reinforcing current Navy oversight.

•  Improving partnerships with privatized housing owners to help restore resident trust.

For example, housing inspectors will examine units with the privatized property manager prior to being assigned to new occupants, participate in initial walk-throughs with residents, and conduct inspections after the completion of out-of-cycle maintenance work. In addition, housing management specialists will take on a range of responsibilities to support privatized housing residents to include following up with them after the move-in process and upon completion of maintenance work, as well as serving as liaison between residents and landlords as necessary.

“Housing residents can expect increased engagement with them on a regular basis,” Ferketic said. “Commander, Navy Installations Command will work closely with the residents and public-private venture project property managers, while Naval Facilities Engineering Command will engage with the private partners to ensure residents receive quality housing and housing services.”

Hiring Goal

As part of the strategy to meet the overall hiring goal, CNIC and NAVFAC implemented a timeline with multiple milestones. The team’s next objective within the timeline is to fill 40 positions by June 30 as well as 77 additional positions by Sept. 30.

“As a result of increased oversight, residents will realize better accommodations requiring less out-of-cycle maintenance due to the proactive and collaborative relationship between the private partner and the Navy,” Ferketic said.

CNIC and NAVFAC continue to utilize special hiring authorities in order to recruit qualified candidates to meet the hiring objective.

Recruitment tactics include holding job fairs, transferring on-board civilian personnel from their current positions to vacant Navy Housing positions, Military Spouse Preference Program, Veterans Recruitment Appointment (VRA), and using the direct hiring authority, which gives CNIC and NAVFAC the ability to hire any qualified applicant.

To learn more about Navy Housing, visit the nearest Housing Service Center or go to www.cnic.navy.mil/housing. If you have issues with privatized housing, government-owned housing or community housing, contact Navy Housing headquarters at NavyHousingHQ@navy.mil

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