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R 141512Z NOV 19 MID510000697631U




REF/B/SECNAVNOTE 5050/YMD: 20180516
REF/C/ALNAV 011/17
AMPN/Ref A is DoD conference guidance version 4.0.  
Ref B is delegation of conference approval authority.  
Ref C is the Updated Department of the Navy Conference Guidance.  
Ref D is the Mission, Function and Task of Naval Airspace and Air Traffic 
Control Standard and Evaluation Agency. 
Ref E is the Joint Travel Regulations.// 
POC/Jeff Dugard/CDR/OPNAV/LOC: N980A/TEL: (703) 695-8534, DSN 224//

RMKS/1.  This NAVADMIN announces the Navy and Marine Corps Air Traffic 
Control (ATC) Leadership Continuum to be held in San Diego, CA from 24-26 
March 2020.  This is an official training event designed for Navy and Marine 
Corps ATC leadership and management and complies with the guidance and intent 
of references A through D.

2.  This forum provides senior air traffic control managers a venue to 
educate and train on Federal Aviation Regulations, Naval Air Training and 
Operating Procedures Standardization, facility management, manpower 
management, technical advances, operational enhancements, unmanned flight 
operations, and policy changes occurring in the ATC profession.  Topics to be 
discussed: updates to Naval Aviation; special use airspace, to include 
scheduling, encroachment, and authority; Naval Air Systems Command Program 
Manager Air update on equipment and budgets; Navy and Marine Corps manning 
and manpower; detailer and monitor briefs; Type Command community updates 
ashore, afloat, and expeditionary; current Federal Aviation Administration 
issues; management of the National Airspace System; and United States 
Navy/United States Marine Corps ATC Roadmap.

3.  Navy and Marine Corps ATC leadership participation from expeditionary 
units, facilities ashore, and afloat is critical in order to effectively 
address Federal Aviation Administration, International Civil Aviation 
Organization, and naval ATC policy and procedures which directly affect 
safety, training, and operational readiness.

4.  Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Defense, and Department of 
the Navy managers who desire to make a presentation should contact LCDR John 
Woods, john.a.woods@navy.mil, (703) 614- 2664.

5.  This is mission essential travel, per reference A; Commanding Officers 
may issue orders for attendance at government expense.
Government expense should be minimized by limiting attendees to ATC Officers, 
Leading Chief Petty Officers, Staff Non-Commissioned Officers In Charge, 
civilian ATC leadership, and briefers.

6.  The meeting will be held at the Wyndham San Diego Bayside, 1355 North 
Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101. Reservations should be made, at the 
government rate, under reservation code, US Navy - Air Traffic Control 
Leadership Continuum by calling 800-996-3426 or by using link 
https://book.passkey.com/go/NavyATCConference.  Reservations must be made no 
later than 1 March 2020.

7.  To reduce government travel costs, commercial air travelers should use a 
ride hailing or taxi services from the airport in lieu of a rental car as 
sufficient dining options are available within walking distance of the hotel.  
TAD orders may cover expenses incident to attendance and participation 
including transportation and per diem IAW reference A.  There are no 
additional conference fees.  Travel days are 23 and 27 March.

8.  Uniforms for this event:  E7 and above:  Service Khaki; 
Marine Corps:  Service C Uniform.

9.  This is a coordinated OPNAV N98 and HQMC (APX) message.

10.  Released by VADM J. W. Kilby, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations, 
Warfighting Requirements and Capabilities (N9)//


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      CLASSIFICATION: UNCLASSIFIED//  ROUTINE  R 031617Z FEB 23 MID200080706682U  FM CNO WASHINGTON DC  TO NAVADMIN  BT  UNCLAS    NAVADMIN 025/23    MSGID/GENADMIN/CNO WASHINGTON DC/N1/FEB//    SUBJ/ORDER TO UPDATE NAVY FAMILY ACCOUNTABILITY AND ASSESSMENT SYSTEM  PERSONAL CONTACT INFORMATION (MARCH 2023)//    REF/A/DOC/OPNAV/23OCT14//  AMPN/REF A is OPNAVINST 3006.1 CH-2, PERSONNEL ACCOUNTABILITY IN CONJUNCTION  WITH CATASTROPHIC EVENTS.//    RMKS/1.  This NAVADMIN announces the semi-annual requirement for all Navy  uniformed and civilian personnel to update/verify their personal information  in the Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System (NFAAS), per  reference (a), no later than 31 March 2023.  If a record has been updated  in the system between 1 October 2022 and 31 March 2023, that record is  considered validated for the 31 March 2023 deadline.      a.  NFAAS is the system utilized by the Navy to account for personnel and  their families during widespread natural or man-made disasters.      b.  Accurate contact information of personnel and family members is  required to facilitate a quick and accurate muster of personnel in affected  areas.    2.  Applicability.  This message applies to all Navy uniformed personnel  (Active Duty and Reserve), Navy civilians (both APF and NAF), and Outside  Continental United States (OCONUS) contractors.      a.  It is mandatory for all uniformed personnel, and all categories of  their dependents to update and verify contact information.      b.  It is mandatory for non-bargaining unit civilian employees to update  their contact information.  Providing dependent's information is voluntary  but highly encouraged.  Failure to provide dependent information may impinge  on receipt of potential benefits, if applicable.      c.  It is mandatory for all OCONUS contractors, and all categories of  their dependents to update and verify contact information.      d.  Bargaining unit civilian employees are highly encouraged to provide  their contact and dependent information on a voluntary basis, until union  notification and subsequent impact and implementation bargaining takes place  (when applicable).  Providing contact information is critical in providing  support to DON civilians and their dependents during a disaster and the  subsequent recovery period.    3.  Echelon 2 Commanders, Region Commanders and Region Personnel  Accountability Representatives will ensure widest dissemination of this  notice to all subordinate commands, tenant commands and detachments for  action, as required. All Commanding Officers (CO)/Officers-in-Charge (OIC)  will ensure 100 percent compliance for mandatory personnel.  COs/OICs shall  contact pertinent Human Resources Offices to request notification of  applicable unions and OCONUS contractors (must provide associated  Unit Identification Code (UIC)).    4.  In addition, each command shall institute policies requiring personnel to  review/update their NFAAS data as standard practice during check-in and check  -out.  A tool is available in NFAAS to allow Commanding Officer  Representatives (COR) to "pull" personnel into their UIC.  In the event of  permanent address or contact information changes:      a.  Uniformed personnel, OCONUS contractors, and/or their dependents are  required to update NFAAS.      b.  Civilian non-bargaining unit employees are required to update NFAAS,  and their dependents are highly encouraged to update NFAAS.      c.  Civilian bargaining unit employees and their dependents are highly  encouraged to update NFAAS.    5.  To update contact information, access the NFAAS website  at https://navyfamily.navy.mil/.  Login and update member  information under the "My Info" tab, "Contact Information" section, and  sponsor's work location information.  Update family member information under  the "My Info" tab, "Family Member Info" section.  Edit member and family  member information as necessary and verify as current.  Personnel are  required to input their physical address; PO/APO/FPO addresses are not  authorized.  Additionally, users must ensure a Cell Carrier is selected from  the applicable drop-down list.  All family members enrolled in the  Exceptional Family Member Program must be identified as such.    6.  NFAAS can also be accessed from any mobile device web browser.  All  personnel are encouraged to download the latest version of the NFAAS mobile  app, which provides cognizant resources, checklists, preparation guidelines,  etc.  The app also provides a link to the mobile version of the NFAAS  website.  Although the app uses the same URL address as the NFAAS website,  when accessed via a mobile device, the site will be optimized to allow easy  viewing and navigation.  To ensure NFAAS notifications are received via the  app, go to the dashboard, select "Settings" and ensure the "Receive  Notifications" option is enabled.    7.  CORs can verify personnel update status using the Reports tab in NFAAS  and selecting "Address Information Update Status Roster Report by UIC."  Column K contains the date contact information was last updated.    8.  Points of contact:      a.  NFAAS Help Desk at paas(at)navy.mil.      b.  NFAAS Program Manager, Ms. Terenda Ruffin, at (202) 207-4402  or via e-mail at terenda.b.ruffin.civ(at)us.navy.mil.    9.  This NAVADMIN will remain in effect until superseded or canceled.    10.  Released by Vice Admiral Y. B. Lindsey, Commander, Navy Installations  Command.//    BT  #0001  NNNN  CLASSIFICATION: UNCLASSIFIED//
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