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R 071809Z AUG 19





RMKS/1.  This NAVADMIN announces changes to the Enlisted Leader Development 
(ELD) continuum which is described in references (a) through (c).  This 
update officially replaces the Petty Officer Selectee Leadership courses and 
creates a more efficient and deliberate process to train our enlisted 
leaders.  It also establishes a process to ensure high quality instruction is 
achievable throughout the Fleet.

2.  To help our Navy develop Sailors with strong character and professional 
expertise, the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy launched several 
working groups with the goal of improving our enlisted leaders development 
process.  After more than a year of study, extensive fleet input and feedback 
from professional education centers such as the Naval Leadership and Ethics 
(NLEC) and the Senior Enlisted Academy, these working groups have developed a 
comprehensive plan for Enlisted Leader Development that is integrated with 
existing frameworks such as the Leader Development Framework and a Design for 
Maintaining Maritime Superiority.

3.  The Enlisted Leader Development Framework described in Laying the Keel 
consists of three lines of effort:
    a.  Petty Officer Selectee Leadership Courses will be replaced by updated 
Leader Development Courses (LDCs) that are roughly the same duration as the 
legacy courses, but will be taught off-site near the waterfront or flight 
line by a cadre of instructors trained and certified by NLEC.
    b.  Key concepts introduced during classroom instruction will be 
reinforced via Sailor 360  a command defined, command developed and command 
delivered training program.
    c.  We will continue deliberate Sailor development by using active 
mentoring, coaching and experiential learning to focus on meaningful and 
relevant character issues.

4.  The new LDCs focus on character, ethics, self-awareness, decision-making 
and feedback.  They are designed to help us achieve best-ever performance 
from our Sailors and our teams.  These courses signify an investment in our 
leaders and will align them to our signature behaviors.  This investment will 
start the growth engine which commands will use to drive continuous learning 
and feedback.
As we continue to focus on building toughness, resilience and a culture of 
excellence, these courses will serve as one of the principle delivery 
vehicles for critical skills and key concepts.

5.  The student courses comprising the new ELD continuum include:
    a.  The Foundational Leader Development Course (FLDC) for E-3 and E-4, 
which replaces the Petty Officer Third Class Selectee Leadership Course.
    b.  The Intermediate Leader Development Course (ILDC) for E-5, which 
replaces the Petty Officer Second Class Selectee Leadership Course.
    c.  The Advanced Leader Development Course (ALDC) for E-6, which replaces 
the Petty Officer First Class Selectee Leadership Course.
    d.  The Chief Petty Officer (CPO) Leader Development Course for E-7, 
which will be delivered in addition to the CPO Selectee Indoctrination Course 
and is still under development.  The information for this course will be 
promulgated once approved.

6.  These new courses are applicable for both Active and Reserve Component 
Sailors.  Reserve Force Leaders were involved in the development of the 
courses, and to account for complexity when delivering to Reserve Sailors the 
courses can be segmented into appropriate modules to fit a variety of 
delivery methods.

7.  The ELD continuum shifts from a just-in-time training model of command-
delivered petty officer indoctrination courses to an ongoing, iterative 
training model.  Instead of training immediately before promotion, E-3 
through E-7 will have the opportunity to undergo training within each pay 
grade that serves as an investment in their development.  Select senior 
enlisted leaders (E-7 and
above) will attend training and be certified to facilitate the Leader 
Development Courses by Navy Leadership and Ethics Command.

8.  The instructor courses comprising the new ELD continuum include:
    a.  Command Navy Leader Development Facilitator (C-NLDF) course, which 
trains E-7 and above to teach the FLDC, ILDC and ALDC courses.
    b.  The Master Navy Leader Development Facilitator course, which trains 
select senior enlisted to teach the C-NLDF course.

9.  Master Mobile Training Teams are currently hosting facilitator 
certification courses in various locations for E-7 and above.  Over the next 
3 years, NLEC detachments will be permanently established in fleet 
concentration areas to certify facilitators and provide instruction to 
supported commands that are unable to obtain training through the coalition 

10.  The new ELD continuum leverages the networking capability of our CPO 
community, crossing organizational and functional boundaries to coordinate 
the necessary instructors and training classes.
Example:  When instructors schedule classes at Command A, nearby Commands B, 
C and D will be able to take advantage of unused classroom seats through a 
centralized scheduling system.

11.  This concept of commands supporting each other by making excess capacity 
available is called the ELD Coalition Construct.  In the example above, 
Command A is the supporting command and Commands B, C and D are the supported 
commands.  Supporting commands will be designated based on the number of 
enlisted personnel assigned and will be required to certify a specified 
number of senior enlisted trainers.  This construct ensures an adequate 
number of facilitators are available to provide training throughout the 

12.  Commanding officers are responsible for tracking their Sailors and 
affording them every opportunity to receive the appropriate Leader 
Development Training.  The coalition construct will allow larger commands to 
provide support to smaller commands that otherwise might have difficulty 
maintaining enough qualified facilitators.  While smaller commands are 
classified as supported, this does not prevent them from sending their senior 
enlisted to become certified facilitators.  This must be a team effort and it 
starts with the triad.  I am counting on your support.  To help us build both 
individual excellence and team excellence.

13.  Resources, implementation guidelines, course listings and a scheduling 
tool for the ELD continuum are available on the ELD webpage via MyNavy Portal 
(MNP) at https://www.mnp.navy.mil/group/training-education-
qualifications/enlisted-leader-development.  The ELD webpage provides 
definitions of supporting and supported commands, course information and a 
link to the scheduling tool to search for nearby Leader Development Course 

14.  Effective upon release of this NAVADMIN, the Petty Officer Selectee 
Leadership Course, the Petty Officer Second Class Selectee Leadership Course 
and the Petty Officer First Class Selectee Leadership Course are cancelled. 
The FLDC, ILDC and ALDC Courses are effective, and commands should review 
additional information on the MNP ELD page to schedule C-NLDF classes, 
register Sailors for Leader Development courses or to host a course.

15.  The requirement to complete these courses prior to frocking has been 
removed, but commands must provide an opportunity for Sailors to attend the 
appropriate course for their current pay grade.  The intent of this change is 
to provide commands maximum flexibility to find the right time for Sailors to 
attend these courses.  These courses will become an advancement eligibility 
requirement once ELD continuum execution has reached steady state.

16.  Point of contact is CMDCM Jeffrey Owejan at (401)-841-3347 or via e-mail 
at jeffrey.owejan(at)nlec.usnwc.edu.

17.  This NAVADMIN will remain in effect until superseded or cancelled, 
whichever occurs first.

18.  Released by Vice Admiral John B. Nowell, Jr, N1.//


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