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To be or Not to be (Warfare Qualifications)


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Just because it is in the Navy Times doesn't mean it is gospel but it can provide a foreboding outlook on what may be....


So, I had three warfare qualifications and one breast insignia, how did I get them? 

Warfare Qualifications were earned for advancement points, not everyone had them. At that point in time some were mocked for having them. The year was 97, I was awarded with reduction in rate (frocked RM3 to RMSA) and my DIVO recommend removal of access to RADIO. After mast, COMMO made a deal with me, "Get both you quals (SW/AW) and fully qualified to CWO in RADIO and I will pull you back into RADIO.

It was a grueling 6 months working in DECK while spending hours after working on in rate qualifications and warfare but I did it. I came back into RADIO as a RMSA dual qualified and standing watch as TST Supervisor (working with fellow PO2s in the same position) on a carrier (CV-62).  I was selected as Sailor of the quarter and year, was an EP next cycle and promoted back to RM3 in no time. 

It was used as motivational tool to get a jacked up Sailor back on track. 

IDW was earned while establishing the IDW program as an initial qualifier as a Chief almost 12 years after the first warfares we're earned.

As for the breast insignia, I was told to go get it, it would help me break out (as a Chief 2 months before I transferred from the cmd I earned IDW). I was selected for SCPO the following cycle.

I agree with putting the job first, warfare is that extra icing on top ....

That's great you know what a pit sword is, but do you know you standard message format lines? You would be amazed at some of the answers I got to that question from some junior Sailors that were tri-qualified.

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