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Navy offers 10 tips to ease household goods moves

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From NAVSUP Public Affairs
MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (NNS) -- About half of all Navy household goods (HHG) moves occur between May 15 and August 15, with late June/early July being the busiest. To make this year’s moving season easier, the Navy is offering 10 tips members can use to ensure a smooth move.

“Anyone in the Navy planning a move this summer can greatly reduce the chances for encountering frustration before or during an upcoming move by planning ahead.” said Naval Supply Systems Command Navy HHG Manager John Hilaman. “Sailors and their families can use these 10 tips as a simple checklist to making sure all goes well.”

1. Bookmark key websites
a. https://www.navsup.navy.mil/household
The Navy HHG customer website contains information on basic entitlements, Defense Personal Property System (DPS) how-to guides, movement of boats, weight allowances, overseas country instructions, and more.
b. www.move.mil This is where you will start your move application. New users  can create a user I.D. and password. Make sure your contact information in DPS includes current email address, phone number, mailing address, and delivery address. You may want to consider using your personal email and phone number so you can always be reached. Find a user guide for this site at: https://www.navsup.navy.mil/public/navsup/hhg/dps_guides/
c. www.facebook.com/navyhhg  You can also use FB Messenger
d. www.youtube.com/navyhhg
e. www.pinterest.com/navyhhg

2. Start early and be flexible
The high volume of moves during peak season drives a 4-6-week lead time for scheduling moves. Schedule your move as soon as you get orders. Delay can cause difficulties in getting your shipment booked. Finally, be prepared to accept alternate dates and discuss options with your local counseling office.

3. Use online training to help you prepare
If you have never moved or it’s been a while, you may want to attend one of the Navy HHG webinars. During a live webinar, you will have the opportunity to ask questions specific to your move. Webinar schedule and links to webinars can be found on www.navsup.navy.mil/household. Another option is to watch a pre-recorded webinar online at your convenience, https://www.navsup.navy.mil/public/navsup/hhg/quick_links/hhg_webinar_videos/   

4. Gather supporting documents
All supporting documents are uploaded to DPS. Failure to upload required documents can delay your move. Be sure to include:

a. Orders

b. SIGNED DD Forms 1299 and 1797 (both required for all move requests except PPMs)

c. Power of Attorney, if required.

d. Dependent entry approval – required for certain overseas locations

5. Remember that your entitlement comes first
Before the government either moves your items or you move yourself, there must first be an entitlement. A funded, valid order establishes entitlements.  If there are no orders, there is no entitlement.

6. Ensure maximum reimbursement for your Personally Procured Move (PPM)
To ensure maximum reimbursement for your PPM, you should create an application  in DPS and receive signed documentation (DD 2278) from your local Personal Property Office.  Without the DD-2278, your reimbursement could be limited.

7. Know about pick-up and delivery
After an application has been awarded, you will receive an email with the name and contact information for the Transportation Service Provider (TSP). The TSP will conduct a pre-move survey no later than three business days before your requested move date. The survey allows the TSP to establish a more realistic weight estimate, determine crew size needed for the job, plan on materials needed for packing, and plan on special equipment, if needed. While on site for packing, the TSP may re-pack items packed in a plastic tote or original boxes. This is to allow the TSP to properly inventory items and ensure they are not damaged. Delivery is arranged between the member and/or member agent and the assigned TSP. Understand that a service member or their designated agent must be at residence at all time during delivery.

8. Plan for your Professional Books, Paper and Equipment (PBP&E or pro gear)
Every Sailor is authorized pro gear each time they move. Active duty members are limited to 2,000 pounds and spouses have a 500-pound limit. Key points:  MUST separate pro gear from other household items; MUST identify on inventory sheet by M-PRO for military member and S-PRO for spouse; spouse pro gear MUST be pre-approved PRIOR to pack-out date and pro gear is weighed separately. The weight of pro gear does not count against overall weight shipped. If pro gear is not claimed during counseling, it cannot be claimed after the fact to reduce the weight of the shipment when a Sailor exceeds his or her maximum entitlement.  List of what is and is not pro gear can be found at: https://www.navsup.navy.mil/public/navsup/hhg/pov/professional_gear/

9. Understand ahead of time the process for submitting a claim for loss or damages
It’s important to know the process for submitting a claim in the unlikely event it is necessary. Submitting a claim is a two-part process, which includes (1) notification of loss/damage report; and (2) the claim itself. The claim is settled directly with the assigned TSP. If the member is unable to settle with the TSP, the member can transfer all or part of the claim to the Military Claims Office.

10. Tell us about your experience
The customer satisfaction survey is a vital part of the move process and ensures that only quality carriers are contracted to ship service members’ household goods. Your input is an essential part of helping your shipmates.

” Members should also note the Navy HHG email address householdgoods@navy.mil and the NAVY HHG Customer Contact Center (HHG-CCC) at 855-HHG-MOVE (855-444-6683),” Hilaman said.

“I sincerely wish all of our members a smooth move and encourage them to use all resources available to ensure their next move goes well,” Hilaman added.

Headquartered in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, and employing a diverse, worldwide workforce of more than 22,500 military and civilian personnel, NAVSUP's mission is to provide supplies, services, and quality-of-life support to the Navy and joint warfighter.

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