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R 241658Z JUL 18



REF/A/DOC/OPNAVINST 4770.5H/20140424//
REF/B/DOC/OPNAVINST 5400.44A/20111013//
NARR/Ref (a) is OPNAV policy and guidance for the inactivation,
retirement, and disposition of U.S. naval vessels.  Ref (b) is Navy
Organization Change Manual (NOCM) for submitting organizational
change requests (OCR) to include ship decommissionings or
POC/I. INFANTE/LCDR/N9IS/LOC: Washington DC/TEL: 703-693-9363/DSN
224-9363/EMAIL: isaiabenette.infante(at)navy.mil//
RMKS/1.  This message shall be read in its entirety to ensure all
stakeholders in the ship inactivation process are aware of the
projected retirement schedule for the upcoming fiscal year 2019,
respective responsibilities and necessary follow-up actions.  Ship
retirement decisions reflected in para 2 below align with the
Presidents Budget for 2019 or subsequent execution year decisions
made by leadership.
2.  To facilitate fleet planning efforts to conduct decommissioning
continuous maintenance availability (CMAV) or inactivation
availability (INAC), the projected schedule for inactivating U.S.
battle force and non-battle force naval vessels in FY19 is
promulgated as follows:
Ship Name             Proj Inactive Date Post Inactive Status
USNS LAWRENCE H GIANELLA 31 May 2019        Interagency Transfer
(T-AOT 1125)                                (Maritime Administration)
USS PITTSBURGH (SSN 720) 02 Jun 2019        Dismantlement
3.  For the purposes of this NAVADMIN, inactivation dates projected
in para 2 refer to the start of an INAC for nuclear vessels, when
the vessels are no longer counted as part of the Navys battle force.
Decommissioning will occur at a later date and be reported to CNO per
ref (a).
4.  Per ref (b), Fleet Commanders shall submit an Organizational
Change Request for commissioned USS ships and per ref (a), MSC shall
submit a naval message for USNS ships, to formally notify the Office
of the Chief of Naval Operations (OPNAV) of a ships decommissioning,
INAC, or end of service.  Submit revisions due to operational
schedule changes per refs (a) and (b).  It is the responsibility of
Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command and Commander, U.S. Pacific
Fleet in coordination with their respective TYCOM to ensure the
appropriate lower echelon commands are notified of any changes in the
ship inactivation schedules, as well as Integrated Warfare (N9I) and
OPNAV resource sponsor.
5.  Adjustments to para 2 ship inactivations that cross the current
fiscal year must be coordinated with OPNAV N9I due to reporting
requirements that Navy must inform Congress on execution year force
structure changes that differ from what Congress
authorized/appropriated and signed into law by the President.  OPNAV
shall promulgate changes to the inactivation fiscal year as required.
6.  The ships commanding officer, masters, or Immediate Superior In
Command, shall submit a final naval message (normally transmitted in
conjunction with the decommissioning ceremony) announcing the ships
official retirement date and include a brief history of the
significant events in the life of the ship per ref (a).  The Naval
History and Heritage Command (NAVHISTHERITAGE WASHINGTON DC) and
Naval Vessel Register Custodian (NVR NORFOLK VA), shall be included
as INFO addees.
7.  Released by VADM W. R. Merz, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations,
Warfare Systems (N9).//

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