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R 031145Z JUL 18





RMKS/1.  This NAVADMIN announces convening of the FY-19 Senior Enlisted 
Continuation Board (SECB) on 3 December 2018.  The SECB will carefully 
consider, without prejudice or partiality, the record of every eligible 
candidate and identify Sailors whose service is no longer in the best 
interest of the Navy.  Among many factors reviewed, documented misconduct 
and/or substandard performance within the past three years will be considered 
to determine whether to continue a board-eligible Sailor.  Examples include, 
but are not limited to, receipt of an evaluation with an individual trait 
grade of 2.0 or below or any documented circumstance related to performance 
that resulted in a Sailors inability to perform in the rating or required 
duties (e.g., loss of a security clearance in a rating that requires a member 
to maintain continuous eligibility).

2.  Eligibility
    a.  Time in service
         (1) Active Component (AC) and Full-Time Support (FTS) E7-E9 Sailors 
with at least 19 years of active service computed from their active duty 
service date to 31 August 2018 and 3 years time-in-rate
(TIR) as of 31 August 2018 will be considered by the SECB.
         (2) Selected Reserve (SELRES) and Voluntary Training Unit
(VTU) E7-E9 Sailors with at least 20 years of qualifying service as of 31 
August 2018 and three years TIR as of 31 August 2018 will be considered by 
the SECB.
    b.  Fleet Reserve retirement approval
        (1) All Sailors who, as of 16 November 2018, have either a Navy 
Personnel Command (NPC) final authorization to transfer to the Fleet Reserve 
or an approved request to retire on or before 1 September 2019 will be exempt 
from the SECB.  Approved requests will not be modified after 16 November 
        (2)  Sailors meeting all other eligibility requirements who have an 
NPC approved transfer to the Fleet Reserve/retirement/ Retired Reserve (with 
or without pay) after 1 September 2019 will be considered by the SECB.
    c.  Sailors selected for Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) by the Limited Duty 
Officer/CWO In-service Procurement Board held in January 2018 or selected by 
the FY-19 advancement boards will be exempt from the SECB.  CWO selectees who 
decline appointment or are removed from the selection list prior to 15 
November 2018 and meet all other SECB eligibility criteria will be considered 
by the SECB.

3.  Critical Skills Retention Bonus (CSRB)/Selective Retention Bonus (SRB).
    a.  AC/FTS Sailors not selected for continuation shall have the unearned 
portion of any CSRB recouped based on date of transfer to the Fleet Reserve 
or retirement, whichever occurs first.  For questions regarding recoupment 
contact OPNAV N130D at nxag_n130d(at)navy.mil.
    b.  SELRES Sailors not selected for continuation shall have the unearned 
portion of any SRB recouped based on the date of transfer to the Retired 
Reserve.  For questions regarding recoupment, contact LCDR Robert Brown 
(CNRFC N11) at (757) 322-2262, or e-mail at robert.l.brown16(at)navy.mil.

4.  Timeline of events and deadlines.
    a.  1 October 2018.  The Selection Board Eligibility Branch
(PERS-802) will forward the SECB eligibility list to Naval Education and 
Training Professional Development Center (NETPDC (N321)).
    b.  8 October 2018.  NETPDC (N321) will publish the names of the eligible 
Sailors to the Navy Enlisted Advancement System website, accessible by 
command designated personnel at https://prod.neas.netc.navy.mil.  Individual 
Sailors may view their SECB eligibility at https://prod.neas.netc.navy.mil/
    c.  8 October - 15 November 2018
        (1) Sailors and commands must verify the eligibility list and ensure 
any Sailor not eligible is identified and removed from the list by 15 
November 2018.  Absent action, these Sailors will remain eligible for the 
board and will forfeit any waiver or appeal process.
        (2) Commands shall verify the eligibility list weekly until
15 November 2018 as the list will be updated while NPC reviews eligibility 
        (3) Sailors who are on the eligibility list as of 16 November 2018 
will be considered by the SECB.  Requests for subsequent removal from the 
list will not be approved.
    d.  24 October 2018
        (1) By this date, if an eligible Sailor is not listed, commands must 
submit the Sailors name to PERS-802 requesting the member be added to the 
SECB eligibility list.  Requests for subsequent additions to the list of 
eligible will not be approved.
        (2) Submit eligibility changes via e-mail to PERS-802 to 
    e.  16 November 2018.  Letters to the board (LTB) deadline.
LTBs must be received by the NPC Customer Service Center (CSC) by
2359 Central Standard Time (CST), 16 November 2018.  See paragraph 5 for LTB 
    f.  3 December 2018.  FY-19 SECB convenes.
    g.  TBD (Once results are released).  Commanding officers (COs) will be 
notified via PERSONAL FOR NAVADMIN that the results have been posted on 
BUPERS Online (BOL) for command access only.  COs have 7 calendar days to 
notify and counsel those members not selected for continuation.  See 
paragraph 6 for counseling and other command responsibility guidance.
    h.  16 March 2019
        (1) Last day for Sailors not selected to continue to submit a Fleet 
Reserve/retirement/Retired Reserve (with or without pay) request to PERS-836 
for AC and FTS, or PERS-912 for SELRES and VTU.
Sailors who are not selected to continue who have requested a Fleet Reserve 
date after 31 August 2019 or retirement date after 1 September 2019 must 
submit a new request to PERS-836 or PERS-912 for a Fleet Reserve transfer 
date of 31 August 2019 or earlier, or retirement date of 1 September 2019 or 
        (2) Last day for commands to submit operational waiver or readiness 
appeal requests for their Sailors who were not selected to continue.  See 
paragraph 7 for guidance on waivers and readiness appeals.
    i.  1 September 2019.  If not approved for an operational waiver, this is 
the last authorized effective date for Sailors not selected to continue to 
transition to the Fleet Reserve/retirement/ Retired Reserve (with or without 
    j.  1 December 2019.  If approved for an operational waiver, this is the 
last authorized effective date for Sailors not selected to continue to 
transition to the Fleet Reserve/retirement/Retired Reserve (with or without 

5.  LTB Guidance.  A Sailors entire record is available for review in 
determining whether a Sailor should be continued.  Incomplete or incorrect 
records may have an impact on a Sailors selection for continuation.  Commands 
should take proactive steps to ensure eligible Sailors records are properly 
updated and that Sailors review their Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) 
and Performance Summary Record (PSR) and submit a LTB as appropriate.  Each 
Sailor should review his or her OMPF and PSR and then exercise reasonable 
diligence to ensure his or her record is complete and accurate prior to 
convening of SECB in time.  If the OMPF or PSR does not get updated in time, 
Sailors should provide the missing or corrective documentation via his or her 
LTB.  Sailors should not submit a LTB to notify the board that everything is 
complete and accurate in their record.
    a.  Sailors should check their OMPF and PSR for evaluation continuity.  
Any evaluation gaps should be resolved by either submitting the missing 
evaluations in an LTB or a statement in lieu of missing report per chapter 17 
of reference (a).
    b.  Communication to the board must originate from the individual Sailor.
        (1) The LTB may address any information that the Sailor considers 
important.  Sailors should not include items in their LTB that are already 
included in their OMPF or PSR unless the OMPF version is unreadable or the 
PSR is incorrect.
        (2) The LTB must be either digitally signed using the Sailors 
military identity certificate or signed with a hand-written signature.  
Unsigned LTBs will not be presented to the board.
        (3) Third party correspondence is any communication to the board 
which is not accompanied by the Sailors signed LTB as a cover letter.  Third 
party correspondence will not be presented to the board.  Commands are not 
authorized to submit a message to NPC requesting information be presented to 
the board.
        (4) Information received that is not under a signed LTB or not 
received by NPC CSC by the established deadline will not be presented to the 
board.  To verify receipt of an LTB, go to 
https://npccontactcenter.ahf.nmci.navy.mil/oa_html/npc.html or call the NPC 
CSC.  Late or unsigned LTBs may be accepted by NPC Selection Board Support 
Division, but will not be presented to the board and no feedback will be 
provided to the submitter.
        (5) All LTBs and each enclosure must contain the Sailors full name 
and full social security number.  Sailors must verify that the correct board 
number is on their signed cover letter.  The board number is 19478.
    c.  The preferred method to submit a LTB is by encrypted e-mail to 
cscselboard(at)navy.mil.  E-mailed LTBs must be encrypted to protect 
personally identifiable information.  Trouble with file encryption does not 
justify a late LTB.
        (1) If unable to e-mail, Sailors may use regular mail to the 
addresses below.  Mailed LTBs shall be on plain white paper and paper clipped 
(no staples, binders, folders or tabs).

            Navy Personnel Command Customer Service Center
            FY-19 SECB 19478
            5720 Integrity Drive
            Millington, TN 38055

        (2) Certified or registered mail is not advised due to delays in 
        (3) Sailors are authorized to submit more than one LTB vice waiting 
until the deadline to submit one all-inclusive LTB.
Although multiple LTBs are authorized, Sailors should not duplicate 
previously sent information.

6.  Counseling and command responsibility
    a.  Counseling shall be documented on NAVPERS 1070/613 Administrative 
Remarks (Page 13) created through Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System 
(NSIPS) Electronic Service Record (ESR) and witnessed by the CO (by direction 
is not authorized).  After counseling and signatures are obtained, using this 
NAVADMIN as authority, forward the counseling Page 13 to PERS-313 to be 
included in the members OMPF.  Page 13 format is available at 
    b.  Commands shall immediately contact PERS-833 at 
enlistedpostboard(at)navy.mil if a Sailor not selected to continue has 
transferred or is serving on an Individual Augmentation Manpower Management 
(IAMM), Global Support Assignment (GSA), Overseas Contingency Operations 
Support Assignment (OSA), or mobilization.
    c.  Sailors with orders to or currently on an IAMM/GSA/OSA/mobilization 
who are not selected to continue will be allowed to complete their 
IAMM/GSA/OSA/mobilization tour and transfer to the Fleet 
Reserve/retirement/Retired Reserve (with or without pay) following a maximum 
period of 6 months after return from IAMM/GSA/OSA/mobilization tour to 
complete the mandatory post- deployment health reassessment (PDHRA).  Sailors 
not selected to continue who desire to transfer to the Fleet 
Reserve/retirement/ Retired Reserve (with or without pay) less than 6 months 
after return from IAMM/GSA/OSA/mobilization are encouraged to submit the date 
of their choice.  Seven days after the release to command triad, a complete 
list of those selected to continue and those not selected to continue will be 
available on BOL for individual access.
        (1) All Sailors with orders to or currently on an 
IAMM/GSA/OSA/mobilization who are not selected to continue must complete a 
statement of understanding and forward to PERS-833 at ENLISTED-
POSTBOARD(at)navy.mil.  IAMM/GSA/OSA/mobilization statement of understanding 
format is available at http://www.public.navy.mil/ bupers-
        (2) SELRES/VTU Sailors shall be assigned a Manpower Availability 
Status Code of "ACB" by the Naval Reserve Activity and are ineligible to be 
identified for new mobilization orders.
        (3) In line with reference (b), SELRES Sailors who reach their high 
year tenure (HYT) date while mobilized will be transferred to the VTU by the 
end of the month in which the HYT date occurs and may continue on 
mobilization orders.  SELRES Sailors who are not selected to continue will be 
authorized to remain in the VTU for a maximum period of 6 months beyond their 
demobilization date to complete the mandatory PDHRA.
        (4) SELRES Sailors not reaching HYT and VTU Sailors shall remain in 
the status held prior to mobilization tour.
    d.  Sailors awaiting final medical board or physical evaluation 
proceedings who are not selected to continue shall be held in their current 
status until disposition of their case.  Within 30 days of disposition, 
Sailors shall request to transfer to the Fleet Reserve/retirement/Retired 
Reserve (with or without pay).  The effective date of retirement shall be 
within 3 months of return to full duty status.

7.  Waivers and readiness appeals.  Waivers or readiness appeals shall be 
requested only to mitigate a severe operational impact that could result in 
potential mission failure, not for convenience of the Sailor or to allow for 
transition leave/temporary duty period.
    a.  Operational waivers
        (1) Operational waivers are limited to a maximum of 3 months.
        (2) AC and FTS operational waivers are routed via the first flag 
officer in the chain of command and approved by the Deputy Chief of Naval 
        (3) SELRES and VTU operational waivers are routed via the Echelon IV 
Commander and approved by Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command 
        (4) Operational waiver format is available at http:// 
    b.  Readiness appeals.  Readiness appeals shall be requested only to 
mitigate a severe readiness impact that cannot be resolved via an operational 
waiver, not for convenience of the Sailor.  An approved readiness appeal will 
remove the Sailors non-selection for continuation.  A command may submit a 
readiness appeal with concurrence of the Sailor via their respective chain of 
command as stipulated below.  Readiness appeals are approved by the Chief of 
Naval Personnel (CNP).  Readiness appeal format is available at 
        (1) Readiness appeals may only be initiated by the CO of a Sailor not 
selected for continuation.  Sailors who have been detached for cause, were 
awarded non-judicial punishment/courts- martial, or have other adjudicated 
misconduct between 2 December
2015 and 3 December 2018 are not eligible to be considered for a readiness 
        (2) A readiness appeal shall focus on the negative impact to unit or 
force readiness if the Sailor is separated, not for the convenience of the 
        (3) Route AC and FTS appeal requests via the administrative chain of 
command to the Type Commander (TYCOM).  If the TYCOM recommends approval, the 
request is forwarded to PERS-833 for further routing to CNP for final 
        (4) Route SELRES appeal requests through the administrative chain of 
command via COMNAVRESFORCOM (N1) to the TYCOM.  If the TYCOM recommends 
approval, the request is forwarded to PERS-833 for further routing to CNP for 
final disposition.
        (5) Route VTU appeal requests via the administrative chain of command 
to COMNAVRESFORCOM (N1).  If COMNAVRESFORCOM (N1) recommends approval, the 
request is forwarded to PERS-833 for further routing to CNP for final 
(VTU) does not recommend approval, the request is disapproved and is returned 
to the requesting command.  The TYCOM or COMNAVRESFORCOM
(N1) will forward an electronic copy of disapprovals to PERS-833 for record 
        (7) CNP decision is final and not subject to waiver/appeal to higher 
        (8) All Sailors who successfully appeal the non-selection for 
continuation remain eligible for a later SECB as well as standard Navy 
administrative separation processes.

8.  Release of SECB results.  Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active 
Duty (DD 214).  For AC/FTS Sailors, prepare DD 214 using the following 
Blk 23:  Transfer to the Fleet Reserve or Retired (as applicable).
Blk 24:  Characterization of service as warranted by service record.
Blk 25:  MILPERSMAN 1810-010 and current NAVADMIN directing
         Continuation Board.
Blk 26:  NBD.
Blk 27:  RE-2.
Blk 28:  Sufficient Service for Retirement.

9.  Advancement and future continuation board consideration.
Sailors not selected to continue are ineligible for further advancement 
consideration by enlisted selection or in-service procurement boards.  Unless 
approved for a readiness appeal, Sailors not selected for continuation by 
this board are ineligible for consideration by a future continuation board 
and shall be separated per the guidelines in this NAVADMIN.

10.  Board membership.  Command Master Chiefs are encouraged to apply to 
become SECB members, and non-eligible senior chief petty officers and chief 
petty officers are encouraged to apply to become SECB recorders.  
Applications must be received not later than 21 September 2018.  Point of 
contact is PERS-805 at (901) 874-3223, or e-mail at 
donald.p.marshall(at)navy.mil.  The application can be found at 

11.  General information regarding this board can be found at 

12.  This NAVADMIN will remain in effect until superseded or cancelled, 
whichever occurs first.

13.  Released by Vice Admiral R. P. Burke, N1.//


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