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Navy Provides First 'Golden Tickets' Under New Targeted Reentry Program

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MILLINGTON, Tenn. (NNS) -- The first set of Golden and Silver Tickets have been issued to 16 Sailors under the new Targeted Reentry Program (TRP), Navy leaders said May 22. 

"We had 17 applicants and 16 were approved with 12 awarded a Golden Ticket and four awarded a Silver Ticket," said Capt. Dave Whitehead, director, Military Community Management.

The tickets allow for a streamlined reentry process to the Navy for active duty and Full-Time Support (FTS) Sailors who are leaving the Navy and who decide not to affiliate with the Ready Reserve. Golden Ticket holders are guaranteed a streamlined return within one year of release, should they return to active duty. Silver Ticket holders are afforded a streamlined return for up to two years, but are subject to the needs of the Navy and community management approval. Golden Tickets not used in the first year become a Silver Ticket for a second year.

"The Navy makes a significant investment in educating and training our Sailors," Whitehead said. "That, coupled with their leadership experience, makes them highly valuable to the Navy. Providing an opportunity to preserve this talent at critical career transition points increases our return on investment while giving our former Sailors an easier choice to return to Service."

The TRP was designed to assist commanders in retaining superior performers who otherwise intend to fully separate from the Navy. Prior to separation, COs can nominate Sailors for participation in the program. The community managers at the Bureau of Naval Personnel manage the nominations and make a determination on which Sailors are approved for participation and which receive Golden or Silver Tickets. Separating personnel have the final decision in whether or not they want to participate in the program.

Members who are awarded a ticket are transferred into Standby Reserve-Inactive status for the two-year life of their tickets. This Reserve status requires no drilling, members will earn no pay, and will not be eligible for promotion or advancement, health care, retirement points, Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance, and other benefits. Those who return to active duty through TRP will return in the same rank/rate/designator they held prior to separation, but date of rank and time in grade adjustments will be made. 

To be eligible for TRP Sailors must meet the following requirements:
*    Be in pay grades O-3 - O-4 or E-4 - E-6 with no more than 14 years of service;
*    Medically fit for separation and must have passed their most recent physical fitness assessment;
*    Not in a Failure of Selection status;
*    Have no adverse/criminal/civil convictions including court-martial and non-judicial punishment. 

For more information about TRP read NAVADMIN 047/18 at www.npc.navy.mil

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