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What The U.S. Navy's Supercarriers Give America That No Other Nation Has


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Imagine a warfighting machine so vast that it stands as tall as an Egyptian pyramid, so powerful that it has unlimited range without refueling for decades, and so lethal that it can destroy hundreds of targets in a hostile country every day for a month.

Now imagine not one such machine, but 11 of them -- because that's how many the U.S. Navy has. They are called supercarriers -- large-deck, nuclear-powered aircraft carriers unlike the warships of any other nation. They are, in fact, the largest warships ever built. The 2018 defense appropriations bill signed Friday by the president contains money for constructing a third such vessel in the Gerald R. Ford class -- the first new class of supercarriers developed in half a century. https://www.forbes.com/sites/lorenthompson/2018/03/23/what-the-u-s-navys-supercarriers-give-america-that-no-other-nation-has/#2d3442b41e66

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