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Enlisted Credentialing and USMAP Completions Now Viewable in Electronic Training Jacket

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PENSACOLA, Fla. (NNS) -- Sailors can now view their earned civilian certifications, licenses, and United Services Military Apprenticeship Program (USMAP) data in their Electronic Training Jackets (ETJ), Navy Training and Management Planning System (NTMPS), and Fleet Training Management and Planning System (FLTMPS).

Previously, Sailors' credentialing data could only be viewed through their Joint Service Transcripts (JST). Navy Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL), which funds certification exams for eligible Sailors, coordinated with the NTMPS and JST program to ensure Sailors' civilian credentials were being accurately reflected in FLTMPS and the Sailors' ETJs.

The change aligns with Sailor 2025 initiatives to improve fleet manning. The availability of credentialing data in NTMPS, FLTMPS and the ETJ will allow Sailors to seek compatible billets or duties based on their earned credentials. The data will also allow leadership to readily seek well-qualified Sailors to fill billets or duties. 

"This is a big win for both our Sailors and for Sailor 2025," said COOL's director Keith Boring. "Not having the credential data available would have hampered future goals of finding Sailors with compatible credentials to fill other positions or move to other enlisted ratings. Now that the data is flowing, credentialing data can be made readily available for Sailor and leadership detailing decisions."

Boring added that promotion and officer boards will be able to utilize NTMPS, FLTMPS and ETJ credentialing data to assist in board decisions.

"This new process of automated integration is just awesome," said Senior Chief Hospital Corpsman Fernandel Bardouille, senior enlisted leader at Navy Aerospace Medical Institute. "In the past, it was very inefficient and difficult for Sailors to ensure their data was accurately reflected." 

COOL provides active duty and Reserve Sailors, whether forward deployed, underway or ashore, a way to map their Navy education, training, experience and competencies to civilian credentials and occupations. It also allows Sailors to pursue credentials throughout their military life cycle, from completion of technical training until they become eligible for transition opportunities.

Navy COOL is located with the Center for Information Warfare Training, which delivers trained information warfare professionals to the Navy and joint services, enabling optimal performance of information warfare across the full spectrum of military operations.

For more information about Navy COOL, visit www.cool.navy.mil/ or call (850) 452-6683.

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