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ALNAV 073/17



RMKS/1.  The Navy League of the United States (NLUS) is a national 
organization of more than 53,000 members and over 220 councils throughout the 
United States and overseas.  Each year, NLUS presents awards in recognition 
of outstanding individual achievements in leadership, maritime affairs, 
scientific progress, engineering excellence, logistics competence, excellence 
in intelligence, and service to community and country.  All active and 
reserve Navy and Marine Corps members are eligible.  Coast Guard members 
andcivilians may also be eligible for some awards.

2.  The NLUS awards follow:
    a.  The John Paul Jones Award for Inspirational Leadership recognizes a 
Navy Officer who has made an outstanding contribution to the high standards 
of leadership in the Naval service.
    b.  The Admiral Claude V. Ricketts Award for Inspirational Leadership 
recognizes two Navy enlisted (one E-7 or above and one E-6 or below) that 
have demonstrated leadership and professional competence.
    c.  The Captain Winifred Quick Collins Award for Inspirational Leadership 
recognizes two Navy or Marine Corps females (one Officer and one Enlisted)who 
have demonstrated exceptional leadership and performance in their military 
duties and have reflected credit on women in the Naval service.
    d.  The Lieutenant General John A. Lejeune Award for Inspirational 
Leadership recognizes a Marine Corps Officer who has made an outstanding 
contribution to the highest standards of leadership in the Marine Corps.
    e.  The General Gerald C. Thomas Award for Inspirational Leadership 
recognizes an Enlisted Marine who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and 
professional competence.
    f.  The Stephen Decatur Award for Operational Competence recognizes a 
Navy Officer or Sailor who has made an outstanding personal contribution in 
the course of actual Naval operations that have advanced the readiness and 
competence of the Naval service.
    g.  The General Holland M. Smith Award for Operational Competence 
recognizes a Marine Corps Officer or Enlisted Marine who has made an 
outstanding personal contribution that has advanced the readiness and 
competence of the Naval service in the course of actual operations.
    h.  The Robert M. Thompson Award for Outstanding Civilian Leadership 
recognizes a civilian who has furthered the cause of seapower.
    i.  The Rear Admiral William S. Parsons Award for Scientific and 
Technical Progress recognizes a Navy or Marine Corps Service Member or 
civilian who has made an outstanding contribution in any field of science 
that has furthered the development and progress of the Navy or Marine Corps.
    j.  The Alfred Thayer Mahan Award for Literary Achievement recognizes a 
Navy or Marine Corps Service Member or civilian for a notable literary 
contribution that has advanced the importance and cause of seapower in the 
United States.
    k.  The Honorable J. William Middendorf II Award for Engineering 
Excellence recognizes a Navy Petty Officer who has demonstrated outstanding 
leadership and professional competence required while assigned to a deployed 
    l.  The Admiral Ben Moreell Award for Logistics Competence recognizes an 
Officer (Navy or Marine Corps) and an Enlisted Service Member (Navy or Marine 
Corps) who has made an outstanding personal contribution that has advanced 
the logistics readiness and competence of the Naval service.
    m.  The Vice Admiral Robert F. Batchelder Awards recognizes five Navy 
Officers in the Supply Corps levels O-1 through O-4 who have made the most 
significant personal contributions to the supply readiness of the operating 

3.  Sea Service Awards for Excellence of Naval Professionals in Intelligence, 
the Merchant Marines, and Coast Guard sponsored by NLUS follow:
    a.  Civilian Mariners Awards for the Naval Fleet Auxiliary Force and 
special mission ships are the Captain Arthur L. Johnson Award for 
Inspirational Leadership and the Able Seaman Oscar Chappell Award for 
Outstanding Maritime Stewardship.
    b.  Coast Guard Awards are the Captain David H. Jarvis Award for 
Inspirational Leadership by a Coast Guard Officer and the Douglas A.
Munro Award for Inspirational Leadership by an Enlisted Coast Guardsman.
    c.  The Naval Intelligence Professionals Award for Exceptional Leadership 
in Intelligence Support to the Fleet is awarded to that Officer of the Sea 
Services, in the pay grades of O-4, O-5, or O-6, and selected among those 
nominated by afloat and shore-based commands.
    d.  The Project Handclasp Humanitarian Service Award recognizes a Navy, 
Marine Corps, or Coast Guard Service Member for exceptional personal effort 
and accomplishments in humanitarian assistance.

4.  Nominations:
    a.  Nomination criteria.  Nominations must be fully substantiated and 
reflect a careful and conscientious evaluation of the nominee for 
accomplishment December 1, 2016 through November 30, 2017.  Each nomination 
package shall include:
        (1) A cover page with nominee's full name, rank/rate, current duty 
station and address, home address, work and home phone numbers, e -mail 
address, home of record, length of service (for military nominees), name of 
award being nominated for, point of contact name, rank/rate, address, 
commercial phone number (this cannot be a DSN number), fax number, e -mail 
address, and signature of commanding officer.
        (2) A nomination achievement/justification section in paragraph or 
bulletized format.  It should explain in a manner easily understood by the 
general public and should avoid acronyms, generalities, or excessive use of 
        (3) A proposed citation in standard paragraph form.
        (4) The total submission packet, excluding the proposed citation, 
must not exceed four pages.
        (5) A template for the required format is available.  Please contact 
Mr. Gerald Saunders at gsaunders@navyleague.org to receive a copy.
    b.  Submission.  The requested method of submission is via e-mail to 
awards@navyleague.org with all attachments in Microsoft Word format or Adobe 
Acrobat.  Nominations must be received no later than December 31, 2017.

5.  Additional information regarding the awards and nomination process may be 
found on the Navy League website, www.navyleague.org, under 
programs/awards/sea service awards.

6.  Awards will be presented at the annual Navy League Convention held in 
Portland, Oregon on June 8, 2018 or another appropriate event.  The Navy 
League will cover expenses for lodging and meals of award participants, plus 
one guest.  Travel costs will not be covered by the League.  Using this 
message as a reference, commands are encouraged to issue temporary additional 
duty orders so award recipients may attend the Navy League's Annual 
Convention.  For additional logistics information about this program, point 
of contact is Mr. Gerald Saunders of the Navy League at Tel:  703-312-1573 or
email:  gsaunders@navyleague.org.

7.  Released by the Honorable Richard V. Spencer, Secretary of the Navy.//


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