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R 311413Z AUG 17





RMKS/1.  This NAVADMIN announces the phased roll-out plan for the Navy 
Working Uniform Type III (NWU Type III) transition, NWU Type III uniform 
requirements and wear allowances for non-organizational clothing, working 
uniform boot requirements, termination of the unit/command request and 
approval process for organizational wear of the NWU Type III, NWU Type III 
fielding plan, and the development of an official Navy uniform electronic 
device app.  This NAVADMIN also supersedes references (a) through (e) and 
updates references (f) and (g) as it applies to the manner, occasion and 
authority to wear the NWU Type III.

2.  NWU Type III phased roll-out plan.  In line with reference (h), the NWU 
Type III will replace the Navy Working Uniform Type I (NWU Type I) as the 
daily working uniform beginning 1 October 2019.  The NWU Type III is intended 
for wear ashore, in port and in environments that do not require special 
clothing (e.g., at sea, forward deployed during combat operations and areas 
requiring flame resistant uniforms) and when authorized as the uniform of the 
day. The NWU Type III may also be worn at sea for special events at the 
discretion of the commanding officer (CO).
    a.  Phase-one of the NWU Type III transition plan is now complete.  It 
commenced 1 October 2016 with the authorization of the optional wear of the 
NWU Type III as the daily working uniform by Sailors who were issued the NWU 
Type III as organizational clothing. Beginning July 2017, Navy Exchange 
Uniform Centers at Pearl Harbor, HI, Newport, RI, and designated Navy 
installations in Europe, Africa, and Southwest Asia received NWU Type III 
components for optional purchase at individual expense.
    b.  Phase-two commences 1 October 2017 with the 24-month fleet 
implementation of the NWU Type III beginning with the outfitting of new 
accessions at Recruit Training Command (RTC), Navy Training Command Newport, 
RI, and distribution for individual purchase by Sailors assigned to commands 
located within Navy Region Southwest. Also starting 1 October 2017, enlisted 
Sailors clothing replacement allowances will increase on their enlistment 
anniversary month to facilitate procurement of required (basic and 
prescribable) NWU Type III components.  Allowance adjustments will occur 
during fiscal year (FY) 18 and FY-19 at the end of the anniversary month of 
the Sailor. Possession of required components and mandatory wear of the NWU 
Type III are required by 1 October 2019, at which point the NWU Type I is 
discontinued for optional wear.

3.  NWU Type III basic, prescribed and optional component requirements and 
wear allowances for non-organizational clothing:
    a.  Basic Components:
        (1) Shirt-3.
        (2) Trouser-3.
        (3) Eight Point Utility Cap-2.
        (4) Black Safety Boots, 8 or 9 inch-1 pair.
        (5) Boot Socks, Black-5 pair.
        (6) Coyote Brown T-shirt-4 pair.
        (7) Undershorts/Underwear-sufficient quantities.
        (8) Black Cotton or Nylon Belt with Silver Tip-2.  Silver Buckle-1 
        (9) Khaki Cotton or Nylon Belt with Gold Tip-2.  Gold Buckle-1 
(officers and chief petty officers (CPO)).
        (10) Rank Insignia (Embroidered), Chest, Slip-On Tab-1 per uniform 
        (11) Name and U.S. Navy Service Tapes (Embroidered)-2 name tapes/1 
service tape per uniform.
        (12) Blousing Straps-2 sets.
    b.  Prescribable Components:
        (1) Matching Parka with Black Fleece Liner-1 Parka/1 Fleece Liner.
        (2) Navy Blue Watch Cap1.
        (3) Black Leather Gloves-1 pair.
        (4) Black Mock Turtleneck-1.
    c.  Optional Components:
        (1) Black Rigger Belt (E1-E6), Khaki/Tan Riggers Belt (E7-O10).
        (2) 8 or 9 inch Boots, Black/Coyote Brown/Desert Tan Rough-Side-Out.
        (3) Foul Weather Trousers (matching pattern).
        (4) Black, Non-Leather Gloves.
        (5) Ball Cap (Navy or Command), Navy Blue or Coyote Brown.
        (6) Shoulder Patch, Dont Tread On Me/Reverse U.S. Flag.
        (7) Command/FORCE Logo Patch.
        (8) Black Umbrella.
        (9) Black Earmuffs (w/Parka Only).
        (10) Black Handbag (E6 and below).
        (11) Brown or Black Handbag (E7O10).  Brown worn with brown or desert 
tan boots.  Black worn with black boots.
    d.  Component sizing for NWU Type III components are identical to that of 
NWU Type I components.  Service Members are expected to be familiar with 
their proper NWU Type I component sizes.  Sailors in doubt of component sizes 
should try on components before purchasing.
    e.  Manner of Wear.  NWU Type III components shall be worn in the manner 
described as follows:
        (1) Shirt.  Wear outside the waistband of the NWU Type III trousers.  
When directed by appropriate authority, the shirt will be worn inside the 
trouser waistband (tucked in).  The mandarin collar folds down flat and the 
neck tab extension is secured under the left collar with hook and loop tape 
(velcro).  When directed for tactical or damage control application (such as 
when wearing chemical biological radiation gear, body vest armor and carrying 
weapons) the collar is worn in the up position with the Velcro tab pulled 
across the center of the neck and secured to the underside of the opposite 
collar.  Sleeves will be fully extended and fastened at the cuff. When 
directed by appropriate authority, sleeves may be rolled up (cuff right-side 
out) forming a 3 inch wide band covered by the cuff of the shirt (printed 
fabric showing).  The termination point of the roll is approximately 2 inches 
above the elbow.
        (2) Trouser.  Wear fastened fully on the waist with belt buckle 
centered over the trouser fastener.  Each trouser leg shall be bloused using 
blousing straps and cover the top three rows of the boot eyelets.  When 
authorized by the appropriate authority trousers may be worn unbloused and 
the leg length will not touch the deck.
        (3) Eight-Point Cap.  Will be worn squarely on the head so that the 
visor is straight, just above the level of the eyes and parallel with the 
deck.  Rank insignia is required for E4O10 Sailors on eight-point caps 
without the Anchor, Constitution and Eagle (ACE) logo.  When wearing the cap 
with the ACE logo embroidered center above the visor, no rank insignia shall 
be worn.
        (4) Boots.  Authorized footwear worn with the NWU Type III includes 
standard Government and organizationally-issued black leather safety boots 
and Navy-certified commercial boots (delineated in paragraph 4).  Prescribed 
wear of boots will be determined by the unit CO or regional commander.  
Government-issued or Navy-certified safety boots shall be worn in all 
hazardous and industrial environments requiring specific footwear to protect 
the Sailor from potential injury.  When worn, boots will be laced inside and 
out through all eyelets, tied and tucked in a manner to present a neat 
        (5) Boot Socks.  Socks shall be black and extend above the top of the 
footwear to ensure comfort.
        (6) Undershirt (T-shirt).  Undershirts shall be coyote brown, plain 
without lettering or designs, made of 100 percent cotton, quarter-length 
sleeve, with an elliptical (crewneck) collar. Organizationally-issued or 
personally-purchased thermal underwear is authorized to be worn underneath 
the coyote brown undershirt and NWU Type III trousers.  Thermal underwear 
will not be visible when worn underneath the undershirt.
        (7) Belts:
            (a) Standard.  Enlisted E1-E6 will wear the 1 1/4 inch black 
cotton or nylon woven web belt, with silver finished tip, and silver finished 
closed-face buckle.  Officers and CPOs will wear a 1 1/4 inch khaki cotton or 
nylon woven belt with gold tip and gold closed-face buckle.  When properly 
worn, the belt tip will not extend outward beyond the belt buckle to expose 
the (black or khaki) web belt material.  A plain or decorated buckle with 
appropriate naval insignia, designs, the present command, or if stationed 
ashore a previous sea command/squadron, or devices to which the wearer is 
entitled, may be authorized for optional wear.
            (b) Optional.  Riggers Belt.  At the unit CO discretion, enlisted 
E1-E6 may optionally wear a 1 3/4 inch wide black one piece nylon woven 
riggers belt, with subdued black finished buckle, or the 1 3/4 inch wide 
black, one-piece adjustable nylon webbing riggers belt with forged-steel 
buckle, D-ring and hook and loop fastener (Velcro).  Officers and CPOs may 
optionally wear a 1 3/4 inch wide coyote brown one-piece nylon woven riggers 
belt, with subdued, black-finished buckle, or the 1 3/4 inch wide coyote 
brown one-piece adjustable nylon-webbing riggers belt with forged-steel 
buckle, D-ring and hook and loop Velcro fastener.  The excess end of the 
fastening tip will be oriented to the left of the buckle of the body of the 
wearer.  When worn, the belt tip will not extend beyond 2 inches from the 
        (8) Female Maternity Uniform.  Matching pattern maternity uniform 
shirts and trousers are worn by pregnant Sailors when the standard NWU Type 
III uniform is uncomfortable to wear.  Name and service tapes will be worn on 
the maternity work uniform.  Name and service tapes will be embroidered on 
NWU Type III fabric without black ink pixels in the print of the fabric.  
Name tape will be sewn centered above and flush with the top of the right 
shirt pocket of the wearer.  The U.S. Navy tape will be sewn centered above 
and flush with the top of the left shirt pocket of the wearer.  Each fabric 
strip will be the length normally worn on the NWU Type III shirt.
        (9) Parka.  The matching pattern parka is the standard outerwear worn 
with the NWU Type III.  It has a detachable, black-fleece liner and fold-out 
hood located inside the velcro closure section of the collar that provides 
extra protection during inclement weather or cold conditions.  It is worn 
zipped at least 3/4 of the way up, sleeves fully extended, hood stowed unless 
required during inclement weather, name tape on the right shoulder sleeve 
pocket flap and rank displayed on the center chest rank tab for E4-O10.  To 
ensure waterproof integrity, puncturing, pinning, sewing items on the parka 
other than on pocket flaps is not authorized.
        (10) Fleece Liner.  The black fleece liner is the standard liner worn 
with the NWU Type III Parka and provides extra protection during cold weather 
conditions.  When worn with the parka, it shall be attached to the inner 
parka shell via zipper fastener and sleeves inserted in the arm openings and 
secured by button.  The black fleece liner may be optionally worn as a stand-
alone outer garment with the NWU Type III.  When wearing as an optional outer 
garment, the fleece will be worn over the NWU Type III shirt, zippered at 
least 3/4 of the way up and must have a sewn-on, center-chest, rank tab with 
slip-on rank insignia displayed for E4-O10.
        (11) Mock Turtleneck.  The black pullover mock turtleneck sweater 
will be worn fully over the undershirt and beneath the NWU Type III shirt 
with sleeves fully extended.
        (12) Navy Watch Cap.  The Navy Knit Watch Cap, when authorized by 
appropriate authority, will be worn with the NWU Type III Parka during cold 
weather conditions that may result in personal injury if not worn.  The watch 
cap will be worn diagonally from the base of the back of the head, across the 
ears and on the forehead. Rank/rate insignia is not authorized to be worn on 
the watch cap.
        (13) Ball Cap.  Ball caps are worn with working uniforms only (e.g., 
NWUs, flight suits, Physical Training Uniforms (PTU) and coveralls).  Navy 
blue ball caps may be worn with all working and PTUs.  Coyote brown ball caps 
may only be worn with the NWU Type II and III uniforms.  The manner of wear 
and authorized lettering, names, acronyms, logos and embroidery worn on the 
Navy or command ball cap shall be in line with reference (a), chapter 3, 
Article 3501.8.  Flags, detachment, department, division, or work center 
names are not authorized.  Visor ornamentation shall be the standard gold 
color for eligible officers.  Navy or command logos in good taste are 
authorized.  Ball caps without insignia and titles may be worn with civilian 
attire on or off base.
        (14) Insignia.  All rank insignias, service and name tapes, breast 
insignia, authorized corps insignia and identification badges will be 
embroidered on NWU Type III fabric strips without black ink pixels in the 
print of the fabric.
             (a) Cap Insignia.  The design of the eight-point utility cap is 
scheduled for a design change that will replace the rank device with the ACE 
logo.  Availability of the new cap will commence April 2018.  Until the 
availability of the new cap with ACE logo, rank insignia for E4-O10 will be 
worn on the eight-point utility cap centered on the front of the cap.  The 
bottom of the insignia will be approximately 1 1/4 inches from the top of the 
                 1.  Officers will wear the regular-size embroidered rank 
insignia.  When wearing the eagle insignia, the eagle faces to the right of 
the wearer.
                 2.  CPOs will wear the 1 1/4 inch embroidered cap insignia.
                 3.  Petty officers will wear the regular size embroidered 
petty officer cap insignia.  The eagle faces to the right of the wearer.
                 4.  E3 and below will not wear a cap insignia.
             (b) Rank Insignia.  The rank tab is centrally located on the 
parka, fleece, and shirt.  The tab is 3 1/2 inches tall and 1 1/2 inches 
wide.  All rank tabs are centrally located for a consistent focal point for 
identification.  On the shirt, the rank tab top edge is in alignment with the 
top seam of the chest pockets. On the parka, the rank tab edge is located 2 
inches to the left of the wearer from the primary zipper.  On the fleece, the 
rank tab edge is 1/2 inch from the zipper on left side, and extends down from 
the chest seam.  Rank insignia shall be worn by E4O10 on the parka, fleece 
(as an outer garment) and NWU shirt on the center-chest rank tab as follows:
                  1.  Officers, with the exception of vice admirals and 
admirals (O9s and O10s), will wear a regular size embroidered rank insignia.  
When wearing the eagle insignia, the eagle faces to the wearer's right.  
Admirals and vice admirals will wear a slightly smaller size insignia to 
accommodate proper fit on the tab.  The stars will be stacked vertically with 
the point up.
                  2.  CPOs will wear a 1 1/4 inch embroidered cap device on 
the tab.
                  3.  Petty Officers will wear the appropriate embroidered 
petty officer cap device on the tab.  The eagle faces to the wearer's right.
                  4.  Rating specialty insignias and staff corps devices are 
not authorized to be worn on the NWU Type III.
        (15) Name and U.S. Service Tapes.  Identification markings will be 
embroidered in approximately 3/4 inch block letters on approximately 1 1/4 
inches wide uniform fabric strips without black pixels.  Names that exceed 
the length of a name tape can be embroidered in approximately 1/2 inch 
letters.  Proper locations of fabric strips are as follows:
             (a) NWU Shirt.  The surname of the wearer will be sewn centered 
above and flush with the top of the right shirt pocket. "U.S. Navy" will be 
sewn centered above and flush with the top of the left shirt pocket.  Rating 
badges will not be worn or stenciled on the NWU Type III.
             (b) NWU Trousers.  The surname of the wearer will be sewn 
centered above and flush with the top of the right-rear trouser pocket.
        (16) Breast Insignia:
             (a) Command Insignia (Command-at-Sea, Command Ashore/Project 
Manager) are worn on the NWU Type II/III shirt above the right pocket 
centered 1/4 inch above the name tape.  Post-tour command insignia may be 
worn on the  left pocket flap of the wearer, 1/4 inch below the top of the 
pocket.  When authorized to wear two warfare insignias and the post-tour 
command insignia, the post-tour command insignia may be worn centered on the 
left pocket flap � inch below the top of the pocket.
             (b) A maximum of two warfare/qualification insignia may be worn 
on the NWU Type III.  The size of the fabric on which they are embroidered 
will be rectangular and the approximate size of the breast insignia with no 
more than 1/4 inch of fabric on either side of the embroidery.  The primary 
breast insignia will be worn centered above and flush with the U.S. Navy 
service tape on the shirt.  The secondary breast insignia may be worn below, 
flush and centered under primary warfare insignia and flush with the top of 
the service tape.  The secondary warfare insignia may also be worn centered 
on the left pocket flap 1/4 inch below the top of the pocket.  Eligible 
enlisted Sailors may wear an authorized identification badge centered on the 
left pocket flap 1/4 inch below the top of the pocket.  Precedence of primary 
and secondary warfare insignia positions will be as prescribed in reference 
        (17) Corps Insignia.  Chaplain Corps Staff Insignia is the only 
authorized corps insignia for wear on the NWU Type III.  The embroidered 
Chaplain Corps Staff Insignia shall be sewn above the shirt rank tab.  
Placement of the Chaplain Staff Insignia above the rank tab facilitates a 
single focal point for rank identification and chaplain faith affiliation.
        (18) Identification Badges.  The following identification badges are 
authorized to be worn on the NWU Type III:  Navy Fleet/Force/Command Master, 
Senior, Chief badges, Command Career Counselor, Recruit Division Commander, 
and Security/Law Enforcement.

The wearing of authorized badges is as follows:
             (a) All enlisted Sailors will wear identification badges on the 
NWU Type III shirt centered on the left pocket flap.
             (b) All officers will wear identification badges above the right 
pocket centered 1/4 inch above their name tape.
             (c) Post-tour command insignia will be embroidered on a strip of 
the applicable NWU Type III fabric and worn on the left pocket flap centered 
1/4 inch below the service tape (U.S. NAVY).
             (d) Identification badges, with exception of Command Senior 
Enlisted Advisor badges, shall be embroidered on a strip of the applicable 
matching NWU Type III fabric.  Command senior enlisted identification badges 
are an embroidered oval and shall be green for NWU Type III.
             (e) Security/Law Enforcement badge, metal, will be worn above 
the right pocket of the wearer, centered 1/4 inch above their name.  The 
embroidered badge will be worn above the right pocket of the wearer, flush 
with the name tape.
        (19) Blousing Straps.  Blousing straps shall be used to secure the 
bottom of each trouser leg to the boot being worn.
        (20) Shoulder Patch.  Navy certified subdued matching NWU Type III 
pattern Don�t Tread On Me (DTOM) and Reverse U.S. Flag (Reverse Flag) patches 
are authorized for optional wear.  In garrison, at unit commander discretion, 
a non-tactical DTOM and Reverse Flag patch is authorized for wear.  During 
tactical deployment training evolutions and tactical operations, the tactical 
DTOM and Reverse Flag patches may be worn when issued by the command and at 
the discretion of the unit CO or Task Force Commander.  Wear DTOM patches on 
the left upper arm pocket flap.  Wear Reverse Flag patches on the right upper 
arm pocket flap.
        (21) Command Logo Patch.  Authorized (current assignment) force or 
command/unit patch may be worn on the right breast pocket of the wearer.  The 
size of the patch shall not exceed 3 to 3 � inches in length/width/diameter.  
Patches worn shall be subdued in color and match the colors of the NWU Type 
III.  When worn, the patch will be sewn centered on the pocket below the 
pocket flap and above the lower stitching of the pocket to allow for easy 
removal and minimum expense.
        (22) Backpacks.  Backpacks may be worn over either the left shoulder 
or both shoulders while wearing the NWU Type III. Authorized colors of 
backpacks include black and matching NWU Type III pattern.  No personal 
ornamentation is authorized attached to or on backpacks.
        (23) Aiguillettes.  At unit commander discretion, aiguillettes are 
authorized for wear with NWU Type III shirt and parka only by personnel 
assigned to billets in which aiguillettes are a prescribed uniform item.  
Puncturing of the outer shell of the parka to attach aiguillettes or other 
devices will result in compromising the water-proof guarantee of the 
manufacturer and void the manufacturer life-time warranty.  Parkas that are 
punctured or torn to affix accoutrements will be repaired and replaced at the 
expense of the Sailor.
        (24) For environmental extremes, the following manner of wear 
modifications are authorized when approved by appropriate authority (regional 
commander or unit CO):
             (a) The NWU Type III shirt may be removed on job sites or in 
work spaces.
             (b) NWU Type III trousers may be worn unbloused on job sites or 
in immediate work spaces.
             (c) During winter or inclement weather periods, the NWU Type III 
parka hood is authorized for wear in addition to head gear and must be stowed 
when not in use.  Plain, black gloves are authorized for wear with the parka 
or prescribed foul weather gear during inclement weather conditions.
        (25) Items issued as organizational clothing will be worn operational 
OCONUS only and not as part of the daily working uniform (e.g., brown fleece, 
booney hat, flame resistant organizational gear).
    f.  Occasion for Wear:
        (1) The NWU Type III is authorized for commuting and all normal tasks 
and associated short stops (e.g., stops at child care, gas stations, off-base 
shopping, banking and dining) before, during and after the workday.  The NWU 
Type III is not a liberty uniform. Wearing while conducting official business 
when business attire is appropriate, after-normal-working-hour social events 
and during the consumption of alcoholic beverages while on or off-base is not 
permitted.  The area or regional commander has the authority to further 
restrict uniform policies within their geographical limits regarding wear of 
the NWUs.
        (2) Within the National Capital Region (NCR), the NWU Type I and III 
are authorized for wear at all locations with the exception of the Pentagon 
building, National Mall area bounded by Capitol Hill and surrounding Senate 
and House Staff offices, the White House and Executive Office building, State 
Department and all monuments and memorials.  Wear while in metro, public 
transportation and slug lines outside the Pentagon is authorized.  NWU wear 
is authorized in office environments at headquarters staffs outside these NCR 
areas. NWU is authorized for all RTC recruiters in the continental United 
States (CONUS), Hawaii and Guam (e.g., malls, schools, normal recruiting 
        (3) Conus air travel in NWU Type III is authorized only on military 
and Government contracted flights between military airfield installations 
(e.g., Naval Air Station Oceana to Naval Air Station Fallon).
        (4) Navy Security Force Sailors, to include Auxiliary Security Forces 
and Reserve Security Forces, will wear the NWU Type I or NWU Type III.
        (5) When serving on an honor detail, the NWU Type I, II or III may 
only be worn when transporting, transferring, or receiving unprepared and/or 
unidentified remains at any location between the recovery location and the 
preparing mortuary facility (e.g., collection point, theater mortuary 
evacuation point, preparation point, identification laboratory, hospital, and 
medical examiner facility).
        (6) Regional commanders shall promulgate wear policies in alignment 
with this NAVADMIN and outline additional wear restrictions applicable to 
their area of responsibility.
    g.  Uniform Care.  In order to maximize service life and maintain optimum 
uniform performance, follow the wash and care instructions indicated on each 
NWU Type III component:
        (1) Do not starch the Type II and III under any circumstances.  The 
use of starch and any process that involves dry-cleaning or a steam press 
will adversely affect the treatments and durability of the uniform and is not 
        (2) When washing and drying, turn garments inside out, close hook and 
loop velcro fasteners to prevent snagging, machine wash in cold or warm water 
(not to exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit), permanent press cycle.  At most, use 
mild detergent containing no optical brighteners or bleach.
        (3) Tumble-dry at low heat (not to exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit).  
Remove immediately from the dryer and fold flat or place on a rustproof 
hanger.  To drip dry, remove from the washer/water and place on a rustproof 
hanger.  Do not wring or twist.
        (4) Light ironing is authorized if needed.  Creating creases in the 
NWU is not authorized.  Do not commercially hot press. Alternate care 
instructions:  follow Shipboard Formula II.
        (5) Replacement of the NWU Type III shirt and trousers should occur 
in 18-month increments from day of purchase to prevent an unsightly, worn and 
faded image and appearance.  The NWU Type III will not be worn or cared for 
in such a manner as to bring discredit upon the Navy and the Sailor wearing 
        (6) Carefully review and follow care instructions for shoulder 
patches.  Do not wash laser cut shoulder patches.

4.  Working Uniform Footwear.  The minimum requirements for shipboard boots 
are:  black, made of flame resistant materials, meet Class 75 safety footwear 
requirements for impact and resistance, cost-effective, tall enough for 
blousing with NWU Type III, and Berry Amendment Compliant (made in the 
U.S.A.).  As part of an ongoing Boot study, the Navy is currently conducting 
a 3 month boot wear test encompassing daily wear by 350 Sailors assigned to 
afloat units and shore installations.  The primary objective of the study is 
to identify and select a suitable replacement for the current black Navy-
issue boot, that will meet or exceed the current boot protection requirements 
of the Navy and that will provide improved comfort, fit and durability.  The 
completion of the boot study and report with recommendation is expected by 
the end of this calendar year.  If a replacement boot is selected, a new 
safety boot will be issued in the Navy seabag no later than end of FY-19.  In 
the interim, Navy has approved a number of boots that are authorized for wear 
with the concurrence of the unit CO.  Boots that are not issued or provided 
by the Government will be procured at individual expense.  Uniform allowances 
provided by the Government shall be used to maintain seabag required 
footwear.  Approved Government- issued and Navy certified boots for wear with 
Type III or shipboard uniforms include:
    a.  Black Leather Safety Boots (male/female sizing).  Bates Shoe Company, 
Style 1621 (Men) (Certificate Number 15B30-002034-101). Belleville Shoe 
Company, Style 360ST (Men) (Certificate Number 15B30-001999-101).  Bates Shoe 
Company, Style 1788 (Women) (Certificate Number 15B30-002035-100).  
Belleville Shoe Company, Style F360ST (Women) (Certificate Number 15B30-
    b.  Black Leather Safety Boots (approved for flight deck and general 
shipboard use)(unisex sizing).  Bates Shoe Company, Style E01200A 
(Certificate Number 15B27-002427-224).  Belleville Shoe Company Style 800ST 
(Certificate Number 15B27-002409-224).  Original Footwear, Style Altama 
425101 (Certificate Number 15B27-002393-224) and Rocky Brands, Inc., Style 
795B (Certificate Number 15B27-002383-224).
    c.  Black Leather Boots (optional when safety toe boots not 
required)(unisex sizing).  Rocky Brands, Inc., Style S2V 102.
    d.  Black Rough-Side-Out Safety Boots (male/female sizing). Bates Shoe 
Company, Style EO1421 (Men) (Certificate Number 25B30- 001984-101-81) Type II 
High Boot (Suede) with General Shoe Steel Toe/Speed Loops.  Bates Shoe 
Company, Style EO1778 (Women) (Certificate Number 25B30-001985-100) Type II 
High Boot (Suede) with General Shoe Steel Toe/Speed Loops.
    e.  Coyote Brown Rough-Side-Out Boots (When safety toe boots not 
required, requires CO approval)(unisex sizing).  Belleville Shoe Company, 
Style 533 (Certificate Number 25CY27-002371-225-01).  Rocky Brands, Inc., 
Style S2V 104 (Certificate Number 25CY27-002372-225- 01)[Superfabric instep 
version].  Rocky Brands, Inc., Style S2V 104-1 (Certificate Number 25CY27-
002374-225-02) [Gore-Tex Lining, Superfabric instep version].  Rocky Brands, 
Inc., Style RKCO50 (Certificate Number 25CY27-002424-225-01) [Leather instep 
version]. Rocky Brands, Inc., Style RKCO55 (Certificate Number 25CY27-002426- 
225-02) [Gore-Tex Lining, Leather instep version].
    f.  Coyote Brown Safety Boots (Optional when safety toe boots required, 
requires CO approval)(unisex sizing).  Belleville Shoe Company, Style 533ST 
(Certificate Number 25CY27-002375-225-88) [SAFETY TOE].  Rocky Brands, Inc., 
Style S2V 6104 (Certificate Number 25CY27-002373-225-88) [SAFETY TOE, 
Superfabric instep version].  Rocky Brands, Inc., Style RKCO53 (Certificate 
Number 25CY27-002425-225-88) [SAFETY TOE, Leather instep version].

5.  Cancellation of Requirement to Request NWU Type III Wear for 
Organizational Clothing.  Effective 1 October 2017, the requirement to 
request wear and procure the NWU Type III as an organizational clothing 
requirement, is cancelled.  Organizational wear of the NWU Type III shall be 
limited to expeditionary commands that are required to provide replacement 
uniforms due to mission requirements that result in excessive and premature 
wear and damage.  Sailors assigned to non-expeditionary commands who may 
perform duties that would result in premature wear of the NWU Type III shall 
be provided coveralls or protective outer garments by the task directing 
command.  Sailors with NWU Type III components destroyed due to assigned 
tasks and lack of adequate protective garments shall be provided replacement 
components by the tasking command.

6.  NWU Type III Fielding Plan:
    a.  The 24-month fielding of the NWU Type III begins 1 October 2017 and 
ends 30 September 2019.  The fielding plan coincides with the approved 
enlisted annual clothing replacement allowances and officer candidate initial 
uniform allowances for FY-18 and FY-19. Manufacturing production rates could 
accelerate or delay uniform availability and would mean some adjustment to 
implementation schedule.
    b.  NWU Type III fleet distribution and availability will be in line with 
the schedule outlined below.  This schedule takes into account the advance 
availability of uniform components in Hawaii, Newport, RI, Europe, Africa and 
Southwest Asia.  The schedule during the 24-month implementation period is as 
        (1) RTC Great Lakes/Officer Candidate School/Southwest Region October 
        (2) Southeast Region January 2018.
        (3) Mid-Atlantic Region/Naval District Washington Region July 2018.
        (4) Navy Region Japan/Guam-January 2019.
        (5) Northwest Region March 2019.
        (6) NEXCOM uniform website and call center-June 2019.
        (7) Other Service Exchange stores (i.e., AAFES stores)-July 2019.

7.  Official Navy Uniform Application.  In conjunction with the Navy Uniform 
Matters Office efforts to improve the quality of Navy Uniform Regulations and 
delivery methods, a new uniform app is being developed for use and available 
through portable electronic devices. Beta testing of the new official Navy 
app will coincide with the phase-two implementation of the NWU Type III in 
October 2017 and will support the Sailor by providing the need-to-know 
information regarding the proper wear of the NWU Type III without requiring 
an internet connection after downloading.  Upon completion of beta testing 
and evaluation of findings, the app content will eventually be expanded to 
include all uniform components.  Current plans provide for the app to be both 
IOS and Android compatible.  Sailor feedback is welcome throughout the 
development process.  More information will be made available in future 

8.  Navy uniform policy updates are a result of feedback received from the 
fleet and direction of senior Navy leadership.  The official method of the 
Navy for corresponding uniform policies to the fleet promulgated by Navy 
leadership is via NAVADMIN.  Feedback and recommendations are welcomed.  
Please direct inquiries and feedback on uniform policies to Ask The Master 
Chief via http://www.public.navy.mil/bupers-npc/support/uniforms/ or

9.  Direct questions regarding the contents of this NAVADMIN to the Navy 
Uniform Matters Office via e-mail to Mr. Robert B. Carroll, Head of Navy 
Uniform Matters, at robert.b.carroll(at)navy.mil, LSCM(AW/EXW/SW) Judith P. 
Nelson-Williams, Deputy Head, at judith.nelson(at)navy.mil, and PSC(SW/AW) 
Manuel A. Guiracocha at manuel.guiracocha(at)navy.mil.

10.  This NAVADMIN will remain in effect until superseded or cancelled.  File 
this NAVADMIN until reference (h) has been updated to reflect the new policy 

11.  Released by Vice Admiral R. P. Burke, N1.//


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