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Web Based Field Testing for Swahili Now Offered

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WASHINGTON (NNS) -- Sailors who speak Swahili now have an opportunity to take the Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) using Web Based Field Testing (WBFT).

WBFT will accelerate the process of DLPT development and provide a data collection interface that is designed and delivered through a secure web-delivery environment, similar to the operational DLPT.

Some languages might be eligible for Foreign Language Proficiency Pay, depending on the language and the Sailor's proficiency level. Some current language tests that are available include: French, Spanish, Persian-Farsi, Arabic, Chinese Mandarin, Burmese, German, Tagalog, and many others. Sailors can obtain college credits for certain languages based on their proficiency as well as a Navy Enlisted Classification Code. Proficiency in a foreign language can also provide opportunities for unique billets worldwide.

Examinees will be given up to three hours to complete each test form, plus additional time to provide feedback. Upon completion, Sailors will be provided their score and encouraged to make additional appointments to complete the other available test forms, if applicable to the language they are being tested in.

Currently, WBFT is available for Swahili only. More WBFT will be available later in the year and the Navy Foreign Language Office will keep the Fleet informed on upcoming languages. 

If you have any WBFT questions, please contact Navy Foreign Language Office at wbft@dliflc.edu. Details are available via your local Navy College Office.
For more information on the Navy's Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture programs please visit My Navy Portal at https://www.mnp.navy.mil/group/information-warfare-training/language-regional-expertise-and-culture-directorate.


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