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Just joined the Navy, need to know about Rates, and life at sea

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Guest Zack

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(Quick overview) I'm 19 and got a 76 on my ASVAB, went to MEPS in brooklyn last week got processed and everything. I was with the last group to go through before the new year so they were understaffed meaning I would have to come back with my recruiter this Thursday (January 5th) to pick my rate, and swear in with everyone else. Ive been doing a crap ton of research I know 3 things that I want out of my 4 years for the job i pick 

--Also excuse me if ANY of this sounds naive I know nothing about what I'm talking about everything I think I know comes from one of my classmates who was on the USS Bataan for 4 years and the internet.--

1) Travel (so hopefully a carrier because better shift changes and more activities and ** Darn it! Where's the toilet paper!?!? ** they're cool)

2) Flight Deck (flight deck pay, imminent danger pay)

3) Civilian life aplication (once i get out if i decide not to re-enlist which i know 80% of people don't I want to know how to do something that will land me a nice job so that I can go back to college with the GI Bill.

So here are the questions I've still got for anyone who knows the answer please share it with me It would help a lot, some I'm pretty sure I know there answer too others I have no idea:

How long are you usually deployed on a ship at Sea? How many ports do you go to when you are out? How long do you usually stay in port? When you're home at a base I presume can you own a motorcycle? Can you choose what base you want to be at (nice weather preferably for a motorcycle) Do people buy cars/motorcycles when they go to A school? What should I look for before signing my contract? I did one semester of college, on the navy website it says I'm eligible for a sign on bonus of i think 5,000 when I asked my recruiter about it he said he doesn't think they do it anymore, BUT ITS ON THE WEBSITE its not like 5,000 dollars is nothing thats alot of money and i would love to have it. There is probably a ton more but these are the ones nagging me for the past few days 

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