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Obligated Service Requirements Help Fleet Readiness

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MILLINGTON, Tenn. (NNS) -- Navy Personnel Command (NPC) recently released guidance to the fleet on obligated service (OBLISERV) requirements that helps stabilize fleet manning and minimize personnel uncertainty. 

NPC policy states Sailors must obtain the required OBLISERV -- either detailed in their orders or as defined in MILPERMAN 1306-106 Page 6 -- within 30 days of receipt of orders and prior to executing permanent change of station (PCS) orders. 

If OBLISERV has not been met 35 days after orders have been released, then a general administration (GENADMIN) note will be sent to all applicable commands. 

"OBLISERV is required before reassignment to ensure Sailors complete their tour," said NPC Force Master Chief Tuck Williams. "This GENADMIN will advise Sailors to expedite reenlistment/extension, let NPC know if there are any constraints, or if an extension waiver is required."

The new guidance provides predictability to both the Sailor and the detailers. The Sailor knows where he or she is being assigned and for how long, while the commands know the billet has been filled.

"Having the guidance helps detailers have a predictable manning environment," said Williams. "It is the transferring command's responsibility to ensure Sailors have necessary required service to execute orders."

When considering members for PCS transfer, detailers must consider time on station and retainability -- the minimum amount of active OBLISERV a member must have upon arrival at a new duty station after a PCS transfer -- requirements of Sailors. 

"In the end, it is up to the Sailor whether they reenlist or extend, but every Sailor should communicate their desires to the command career counselor and detailer," said Williams. 


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