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FY-17 LDO/CWO Procurement Selection Board Discussion

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Still "A" - maybe "S"s change first after all?

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Got the 'N' :( Congrats to all who received the coveted 'S'!

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Guest Bucko

All ive seen so far is just on BOL advancement/selection boards.

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10 minutes ago, seabee67 said:

check your BOL................GOT THAT S 6532 :bigemo_harabe_net-76:

Congrats got the n but it's my first time. Are you on the east or west coast? In a battalion?

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Guest Bucko

All ive seen so far is just on BOL advancement/selection boards.

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I got the S for 6495. Congrats to all!

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Guest seabee67
31 minutes ago, HawaiiGM said:

How was the ceremony @seebee67 ?

Very nicely done..............good day to come back to the S.   Very humbled.

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Guest seabee67
31 minutes ago, HawaiiGM said:

How was the ceremony @seebee67 ?

Very nicely done..............good day to come back to the S.   Very humbled.

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Guest seabee67
20 minutes ago, osiris0107 said:

Congrats got the n but it's my first time. Are you on the east or west coast? In a battalion?

Thanks brother, im on the east coast.  Not in battalion....currently with EOD.

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Guest seabee67
31 minutes ago, HawaiiGM said:

How was the ceremony @seebee67 ?

Very nicely done..............good day to come back to the S.   Very humbled.

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Guest Bucko

Congrats to everyone that picked up!  This was my fourth and final shot and I cant tell you all how great it feels to finally see that "S"!  I am so humbled by this whole experience and process.  For everyone that didn't pick up keep pressing consistency and tenacity counts for something apparently!

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Guest ENC

N.  Oh well, loving shore duty and have the best job in the Navy.

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Guest LowFlyer

Have been a lurker but thought i would respond. After everyone's suggestions, checked BOL and received the "S" for 6835. Navy Reservist with 15 years of active and reserve time.

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3 minutes ago, LowFlyer said:

Have been a lurker but thought i would respond. After everyone's suggestions, checked BOL and received the "S" for 6835. Navy Reservist with 15 years of active and reserve time.

What is 6835?

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Guest Destined4Greatness

Not selected!! Well let me prepare for FY-18!!!:D:D:D:D:D

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Guest ENC



Generated by OIX GATEWAY NORFOLK VA. Only authorized users may reply.





R 251654Z FEB 16















RMKS/1.  Congratulations to selectees of the FY-17 Active-Duty Navy

Limited Duty Officer and Chief Warrant Officer In-service Procurement


2.  For LDO and CWO selectees, read name, commissioning month/year.

All appointments are effective on the first day of the commissioning

month.  Members are directed to verify their select status via BUPERS


                 Limited Duty Officer * Lieutenant (Junior Grade)

Administration - 6410

Diego Mark J               1016

Limited Duty Officer - Ensign

Deck Surface  611X

Carney Brandon E           1116   Helms Christopher      0517

Larson Steven B            0917   Pietras Andrea Larin   0317

Turner Vincent P           0517

Operations Surface - 612X

Banks Deshane Rodrecues    0317   Bobruk John Adam       0417

Casas John Paul            1216   Doctor Brandon J       0317

Edwards Lucas Lee          0517   Evans Gabriel L        0917

Mcguffin Chasity L         0217   Ortiz Shane Thomas     0417

Patnode Christopher M      0617   Ross Thomas W          1016

Shepardson Gregory M II    0617   Swales Robert M        1216

Zufelt Amber Rose          1116

Engineering/Repair Surface  613X

Angosta Samantha Jean      0417   Castanedaroblesgil E   1116

Choe Hyung Jin             0417   Geissinger Robert C    0217

Hays Joshua Allen          1216   Martin Jeffrey Adam    0317

Martinezchapel Ant         0517   Meza Jose Emmanuela    0617

Mondaya Trinol D           0217   Morgan Kristoff J      0617

Nauth Anoop Kishen         1016   Ortiz Hector           0317

Orton Michael J Jr         0817   Perkey Heath Eugene    0517

Pharisien Paris J          0917   Renoir Felix           0917

Ruch Rahsaan               0817   Schaeffer Seth Daniel  0917

Scott Adam Eugene          0817   Shepard Patrick Obrien 0917

Souriyavongsa Jame         0917   Tayag Hazel Maglaqui   0417

Ordnance Surface  616X

Alvarado Frank Anthony     0817   Blodgett Joshua M      1116

Daniels Jack Robert        0517   Hauxwell Aaron D       0917

Larson Eric Evan           1216   Mcbride Gregory D      0917

Preston Thomas Cody        0417   Tyson Jonathan Eric    0417

Electronics Surface  618X

Cross Timothy Raymond      0417   Dejan Justin Henry     0317

Donlon Ryan Adams          0517   Hays James Ryan        0417

Haywood Jasper Clint       0517   Hunley Alexander L     0517

Jewett Benjamin Pierce     1116   Martinez Bernandino    0917

Martzall Andrew Vaughan    0817   Mills Jessica Tara     0317

Mitchell Timothy Paul      1016   Ortiz Edwin Alexis     0817

Rooney John Patrick        0917   Sanpedro Leocarlo K    0617

Smith David James          0617   Smitley Loren A        0917

Soper Adam Richard         0617   Stewart Jason R        0817

Terwisscha Ross J          0817   White Christopher      0517

Williams Bobbie M III      0917

Nuclear Power  620X

Ballot David Andrew Jr     1116   Barrett Keith R        1016

Bejines Sonya Rosanna      1016   Blackstock Russell     0417

Byrne Robert Niki          0217   Cameron Ryan Lee       1116

Catsigris Thomas Gus       1016   Chicky Alexandra B     0917

Clark Eric Michael         0417   Conklin Donald E       1016

Cook Matthew James         0417   Corcoran Charles M     1216

Cotterell Christopher A    1216   Cremer Brandon H       0617

Darragh Jason Michael      1116   Davis Ivan M           1116

Galentine Ryan C           0217   Giuliano David J       1116

Guerrero Carlos Jr         0217   Heiliger Joshua T      1016

Hites Joshua Allen         1216   Holbrook Shaun M       1216

Jenning Michael Paul       0917   Lambach Christopher    0217

Martin Elliott Lawrence    0217   Martin Jereme Alan     1216

Mcgee Travis Larkin        0617   Miller Cristopher A    0217

Morgan Edward Bernard      0917   Murray Joseph E        0617

Nydam Nicholas James       0917   Perry Matthew Ruud     0417

Silvavalentin Juan D       1116   Stevenson Anthony M    1016

Strickland James Matthew   0417   Winkelman Bradford     1216

Engineering/Repair Submarine  623X

Bush Michael Jon           0817   Caroffino Ryan T       0317

Mcintosh Richard A         1016

Ordnance Submarine  626X

Alden Jonathan Michael     0817   Bowman Gregory W       1116

Edlin Matthew Scott        0817   Koch Robert John       0917

Pate William Z             1116   Pelletier Alexander    0217

Turner Kirk Edward         0917

Electronics Submarine  628X

Bugge Brian James          0917   Fountain Demetrius     0817

Gregory Jonathan Alan      0917   Moehl Nicholas D       0817

Stroman Rashann Artel      0917   Strubel Richard F      0817

Communications Submarine  629X

Glamm John David           0317   Matlock Dale Evan      0817

Villarreal Daniel R Jr     0917

Aviation Deck  631X

Costante Anthony Michael   0317   Hurdle Jerell          1216

Kuhns Christopher James    0817   Pavon Jorge Eduardo    0517

Velez Cirilo               1016

Aviation Operations  632X

Frank Joshua Edward        0317   Givens James K         0517

Gotelli Christopher F      1016   Pope Garett Tyler      1116

Rush William Allison II    0817   Umali Walterjoe C      0817

Wright David James         1216

Aviation Maintenance  633X

Barr Anthony Lawrence      0317   Boyer Philip M         0817

Cambra Ryan Christopher    0917   Cervantes Peter H      0317

Elmore Joshua Lamar        0517   Ha Kim Thinguyen       0817

Hussain Sijad              0617   Lauderdale Stephen     1116

Mccaffrey Daniel Joseph    0517   Mcmath Daniel E        0817

Mireles Christopher M      0817   Monzella Jeffery J     0217

Mount Ryan Lamar           1016   Packer Jordan M        1016

Pepper David Wesley        0817   Sewell Erick Thomas    0917

Shaw Matthew Douglas       0417   Villalobos Daniel      0917

Wallace Upton Nw           0217   Widman Brody M         0917

Williams Travis John       0417

Aviation Ordnance  636X

Beck Misty Dawn            0217   Bernat Zachery D       0317

Bracero Michael            0617   Brown Micheal Leroy    1116

Buckland Anthony J II      1116   Canady Ronald E Jr     0917

Fennell Timothy Patrick    0217   Kelly Matthew Bo       0317

Keyser Javier              0817   Madison Decarveus G    0617

Orr Jordan Douglas         0317

Air Traffic Control  639X

Alvis Jerelyn M            0517   Buchanan Kevin Lee     0917

Mantillapena Sonia L       0217   Monroe Megan Rose      0817

Sigears Fred James III     0417

Administration  641X

Almonte Jose Carlos        0317   Cruz David J           0517

Davis Adam Lee             0217   Duartesantiago Rob     1016

Fernandezcueto Gabriel     0917   Gavino Kristine L      1016

Holman Shavonne Larease    0817   Howard Markus D        0817

Ingram Zane Philip         0817   Kennedy William E      0817

Ledoux Samantha C          0517   Miller Christopher     0817

Nolen Matthew McEwen       0617   Reinhardt Lisa M       0917

Rogerson John Calloway     0917   Sexton Andrew Mikal    0517

Still Thomas C             0317   Stribling Shanelle     0917

Tejeda Jose                0817

Bandmaster  643X

Anderson Matthew Harold    1216   Thiesfeldt Joel R      0917

Explosive Ordnance Disposal  648X

Despot Barry Allen         0217   Franklin Daniel J      0917

Gutowski Christian Jan     1016   Lawson Dustin James    0917

Sarrazin Michael David     0217

Security  649X

Allen Bryon Eric           1116   Altuna Alexia Diann    1016

Caezza Stephen Joseph      1216   Cartwright Veronica    1116

Diamond Michael Joseph     1116   Eckert Lee Evan        0217

Ferguson Brian             1016   Gamboa Elizabeth C     1216

Garcia Lorenzo Fierro      1016   Greer Mark Ryan        1216

Helinski Jacqueline M      1016   Hua Trucquynh Thi      0217

Hughes Ronald Douglas      0217   Muhammad Jabril W      1116

Popo Esther Grace          1116   Powell Kenyatta D      1016

Riley Glenn Jr             1216   Sangenette Peter F     0217

Schlom Mark Edward         0217   Stinyard James E       1216

Vanwyck Mark Allen         1216   Wells Ryan M           1016

Supply Corps  651X

Camachoalvarez Hector      1016   Flores Allan Dagan     0317

Gatbonton Mariel Sabado    0617   Gordon Kameek Sidon    0617

Mata Jorge Casimiro        1216   Morgan Eugene          1016

Oliver Ricky Leon II       0317   Olshenske Steven H     1216

Reynoso Manuel             0617

Civil Engineer Corps  653X

Arana Asdru                0317   Dean William J         1016

Heisserer Brenton Werner   1016   Lamb Joshua Ray        0317

Paskevic Andrej            0317

Meteorology/Oceanography  680X

Goff Celena Amaris         0417

Information Warfare  681X

Brummel Jeffrey R          0517   French Rodney L III    1216

Hoover Justin Howard       0917   Humble William T       1016

Martz Jason John           0917   Oberholtzer Alicia     0817

Tuttle Shane Thomas        0317   Veverka Terrence A     0417

Information Systems  682X

Albarran Kiel Louis        0317   Barks Diana Elaine     0517

Chauhan Neal Pravin        0817   Comer Reshad Donte     0917

Elbert Faith Lasonya       0517   Henson James Bryan     0917

Hughes Denisha Desha       0817   Lyons Neal Gilbert     0317

Mccray Gregory E Jr        1016   Mohlman Thomas H       0917

Thompson Antonnea M        0817   Wilson Blake Leland    0817

Intelligence  683X

Brown Amanda Rachella      0417   Gregory Timothy S      1116

Hinkel Thomas Paul         0817   Ryan Patrick J Jr      1016

Chief Warrant Officer (CWO3)

Engineering Technician Surface - 7131

Fraley Lawrence Mark       1016   Rhodes Gary Lee        1016

Aviation Maintenance Technician - 7331

Brown Timothy David        1116   Hager Nicky Harline    1216

Food Service Warrant - 7521

Kelsey Cameron Ryan        0617   Tubera Felipe Urcia    1216

Chief Warrant Officer (CWO2)

Boatswain Surface - 7111

Acostaacevedo Elvis M      1016   Alexander Gerren T     0617

Amos Andre Darnell         1116   Lewis Jeffrey Wade     0217

Randle Brian Oneal         0517   Rohrer Kevin Joseph    1216

Thomason Charla Dee        0217   Williams Edward A      0317

Williams Franklin L Jr     0417   Withers John D         0317

Operations Technician Surface - 7121

Aguila Jovan Lomogda       0617   Albin Nicholas Kyle    0617

Brutcher Timothy Michael   0317   Clipp Timothy Edwin    1116

Dalton Shayla Meyown       0417   Francois Jackson J     0517

Grover Therial Charles     1116   House Jason Matthew    1016

Magtira Markronan N        0417   Pastwick Jeffrey A     0317

Taplin Tyson Cortez        0217   Taylor Denay           0617

Vaphides Eric Charles      0517   Villalobos Nelson P    0217

Engineering Technician Surface - 7131

Arroyo Gabriel Esteban     0217   Boule Mara             0617

Chambers Tony Robert       0317   Colon Jose Angel       0417

Concepcion Khrieskyyenan   0617   Dalziel Edward A       1116

Demunbrun Kevin Scott      0317   Garcia Steve Alden     0217

Gedeus Ernst               0217   Harper David Daniel    0517

Hill Chad Marcel           1016   Jimenezfigueroa J      1216

Johnson Timothy Lawrence   0417   Kellar Kraig Lee       0417

Marzan Ferdinand Deleon    1216   Minx Lawrence A Jr     0317

Obermueller Joshua D       0617   Page Lance Everton     0517

Pereira Adrian Clairmont   1116   Robertson Paul A       1116

Scott Terence Falcunitin   0617   Stagg Earl III         0517

Walters Steven Grant       1216

Special Warfare Technician - 7151

Bridges Gregory C Jr       1216   Forsberg Paul Drew     0317

Gardner Brian Matthew      0417   Heiden Eric William    0417

Holland Jeffrey Lenn       1016   Martinez Richard A     0517

Park David Adam            1016   Smith Daniel Scott     1216

Straub Kurt Randolph       0517   Walker Patrick Ryan    0317

Ordnance Technician Surface - 7161

Alcantar Isaac Ricardo     1216   Bock Manter H III      0517

Buck Jordan Wayne          1216   Craddock Thomas J      0217

Delgado Gabriel F          1016   Dresselhaus David M    1116

Eisner Paul Daniel         0417   Holmes Sean Douglas    0417

Owens Coldon Leon          0217   Propst David A Jr      1016

Roane Scott Andrew         0217   Ryall Lawrence A       1116

Wappelhorst Benjamin D     1116   Watrous Andrew Jay     1216

Special Warfare Combatant Craft Crewman - 7171

Evans Jeffrey William      0317   Munshower Corey A      1116

Riley Zachary John         1216   Weinman Joseph R       1016

Electronics Technician Surface - 7181

England Jerry Lee          0317   Kornegay Brian D       1216

Melia James Andrew         1116   Patat Joshua Dean      1016

Riley James Odell          1216   Roesner Patrick E      1116

Diving Officer - 7201

Millen Johnathan Lee       0517   Parsons Charles K      1116

Sheltmire Benjamin S       0617   Slack Joshua Daniel    0617

Ordnance Technician Submarine - 7261

Ibrahim Younis B           0217   Rasor Joshua Barron    1116

Stolpe Nathan Tanner       0517

Aviation Boatswain - 7311

Agostiniserrano Jorge Jr   0217   Dellajacono Anthony    1216

Estrada Daniel C           1216   Gonzalezgonzalez J     0217

Riley Micheal Duane        0317   Wiley Brik Darnell     0317

Aviation Operations Technician - 7321

Grullon Julio C            1016   Mcmilon Tonya N        0217

Pavich Michael Lee         0317   Pilgrim Benjamin J     0417

Schlais Eugene Robert Jr   0517   Skinner Michael T      1016

Aviation Maintenance Technician - 7331

Baguilod Therdy            1216   Baylor Justin Allen    1016

Black Michael Thomas       1116   Bolynn Scott Allen     0317

Cathey Shay Matthew        0617   Couch Bryan Noland     0217

Escoto Andres M            0617   Furstman Francis W     1216

Gamble Toranzo Elliotino   0417   Idio Jason Macadaan    0217

Joyner Tiffanie Lorraine   0317   Montgomery Nicholas    0217

Nave Darin Julious         0217   Negrini Vincent E      1216

Pacleb Joel Quinto         0617   Patel Gaurav R         1016

Pinto Dimitri Brian        0517   Polan William R III    0517

Richey Daniel Devonne      0317   Schultz Steven D Jr    0317

Simon Christopher Lee      1116   Torres Cesar G Jr      0517

Whitson Breshen Shay       0417   Zarate Juan Dario      0417

Zornes Jeremy Eugene       0417

Aviation Ordnance Technician - 7361

Comly Richard Shane        0517   Ferrette Carl D        1216

Hart Charles Eliot         0417   Hernandez Jose A       0217

James Warren Tevalas       0617   Jeno Thomas Carl       1216

Long David Eric            0217   Lucy Quindoly L        0217

Newton Robert Dewain       1216   Rodriguez Cesar        0617

Salas Jose Raul Jr         1116   Smith Ryan Matthew     1116

Toth Wayne                 0417   Tucker Stephen J       1116

Ships Clerk - 7411

Aponte Selena Lydia        0617   Biggs Ryan Michael     0417

Evans Maurice Decosio      0217   Gamboa Amalio          0617

Garcia Mayra Gonzalez      0317   Hansel James D         0517

Lee Leticia Shantel        0317   Montero Aquiella O     1116

Padjen George Damon        0217   Payne Michael Ray      0217

Rendon Miguel Angel        0517   Sherman Christopher    1116

Swain Richard Brian        0517   Thomas Jamaal P        0417

Thompson Jamal Kandia      0417   Williams Garrett       0417

Security Technician - 7491

Bednarz Glen Hans          0617   Brooks Daniel E        0417

Moreaux Danny Lynn Jr      1116   Sheek Jason John       0617

Skewes Juan Carlos         0617

Food Service Warrant - 7521

Cross Brook Omar           1216   Hall Morio L           0517

Spencer Stewart T IV       0617   Vergara Van M          0517

Information Warfare Technician - 7811

Acevez Steven Emanuel      0417   Barrera Erik Adair     0617

Bishop Thomas Wayne        0417   Coburn Jason Lee       0517

Duncan Timothy Braden      0617   Gloyd Matthew James    0417

Goodale Sarah Thecla       1216   Hewitt Dallas Kane     0617

Koger Brandon Lee          1216   Nerbonne Timothy W     0617

Stone Samuel Germaine      0517   Ulrich Tiffany Lynn    0517

Information Systems Technician - 7821

Beidleman Martin M         0317   Boyce Christopher S    0517

Britt Christopher John     1016   Brown Jeffrey B        0617

Godown Sean Philip         1216   Jackson Kelvin G Jr    1016

Joseph Xina M              0617   Labrenz Robert A       0217

Mccarty Brian Michael      0517   Nunez Cesar Jr         0217

Odom Simone Rochelle       0317   Oliva Amy Diana        0417

Porter Lakisha Edana       0617   Pringle Danny C Jr     0517

Torres Ebony Nichole       0417

Intelligence Technician - 7831

Adair Ama Marie            1016   Echevarriagonzalez     1116

Fisher Jessica Elizabeth   1216   Munsey Matthew Todd    1016

Reeves Christopher A       1016

Cyber Warrant - 7841

Chiles Stanley Randall     0317   Edmond Jessica M       1216

Johnson Travis Michael     0617

3.  Each applicant should take pride in knowing that the superior

performance documented in the evaluations and fitness reports reviewed

by the board required the members to dedicate long hours in making

hard choices to ensure only the best and fully qualified applicants

were selected.  I am confident that each selectee will justify their

selection time and again in their new career as mustang officers.

Those not selected are highly encouraged to seek out an LDO/CWO in

your area for advice on ways to grow professionally and improve

opportunity for future selection.  Bravo Zulu to all who were willing

to answer the call.

4.  This message is not authority to issue appointments.  Frocking is

prohibited.  COMNAVPERSCOM (PERS-806) will deliver appointments under

separate correspondence approximately 60 days prior to the

commissioning date.  Per reference (a), personnel selected for LDO

with greater than 10 years time in service at time of appointment will

be offered permanent appointment to ENS.

5.  Commanding Officers are directed to:

    a.  Notify selectee.

    b.  Notify PERS-802 via official correspondence not later than 10

days following release of this message of selectees who do not accept

appointment.  Selectees who decline their commission within this 10

day period will be considered by the FY-17 Active-Duty Enlisted

Selection Boards.  After the 10 day period, PERS 802 will invalidate

all FY-17 Active-Duty Navy Limited Duty Officer (LDO) and Chief

Warrant Officer (CWO) In-service Procurement Selection Board selectees

eligibility for the FY-17 active-duty enlisted selection boards.

    c.  Per reference (b) ensure LDO and CWO selectees obtain a

commissioning physical within the 90 days preceding the appointment

month.  Notify the applicable officer detailer upon completion.

    d.  Hold execution of all permanent change of station orders in

abeyance, if applicable, and immediately notify PERS-40 of member's


    e.  Administer official physical fitness assessment (PFA) within

four months of commissioning date.  Selectees must hand carry test

results to Officer Indoctrination School, Newport, RI.  If selectee

fails to achieve a satisfactory, notify your applicable officer

detailer.  Hold commissioning in abeyance until successful completion

of PFA.

    f.  Hold appointment in abeyance if it is determined that a

selectee is no longer mentally, physically, morally or professional

qualified or if they fail to meet current PFA requirements.

Immediately forward documentation citing reason to PERS-802.

6.  Nuclear Power.  Nuclear designated Limited Duty Officer selectees

who do not successfully complete a final technical interview will

maintain their enlisted status and not be commissioned as Limited Duty

Officers.  Technical interviews will be scheduled by PERS-422 and

selectees will be notified via separate correspondence.

7.  If an LDO or CWO selectee's enlistment (including any extensions)

expires after the date of appointment, they are not reenlistment

eligible unless appointment is declined.

8.  Each selectee should contact their officer detailer for submission

requirements with regard to personal information and history cards,

and inform PERS-806 of address changes to facilitate appointment


9.  PERS-802 point of contact for LDO/CWO In-service Procurement

Board, issues/questions is CWO4 Mitch Allen (901) 874-3170/DSN 882 or

via  email at mitchell.d.allen(at)navy.mil or Mr. Jay Delfoe, at (901)

874-3849/DSN 882 or email at joseph.delfoe(at)navy.mil.

10.  PERS-806 point of contact for issuance of oath and commissioning

documents issues/questions is Ms. Shelly Hayes, at (901) 874-4374/DSN

882, or email at shelly.m.hayes(at)navy.mil.

11.  Released by Vice Admiral W. F. Moran, N1.//







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