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  1. RTTUZYUW RHOIAAA0001 2391533-UUUU--RHSSSUU ZNR UUUUU R 271500Z AUG 15 FM SECNAV WASHINGTON DC TO ALNAV INFO SECNAV WASHINGTON DC CNO WASHINGTON DC CMC WASHINGTON DC BT UNCLAS ALNAV 065/15 MSGID/GENADMIN/SECNAV WASHINGTON DC/-/AUG// SUBJ/ENLISTED APPLICATIONS TO THE U.S. NAVAL ACADEMY// REF/A/DOC/NAVMEDCOM/4APR14// REF/B/DOC/OPNAV/14DEC09// REF/C/DOC/MCO/29AUG94// NARR/REF A IS NAVMED P-117, MANUAL OF THE MEDICAL DEPARTMENT. REF B IS OPNAVINST 1420.1B, ENLISTED TO OFFICER COMMISSIONING PROGRAMS APPLICATION ADMINISTRATIVE MANUAL. REF C IS MARINE CORPS ORDER 1530.11G, APPLICATION FOR NOMINATION TO THE U.S. NAVAL ACADEMY AND NAVAL ACADEMY PREPARATORY SCHOOL.// RMKS/1. The U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) is seeking top performing, energetic male and female Sailors and Marines, active and reserve, who have demonstrated strong leadership for admission to the Naval Academy Class of 2020. Among each entering USNA class is a corps of prior-enlisted Sailors and Marines who infuse peer-level Fleet experience into the Brigade of Midshipmen. Twenty years from now, these young men and women, from all walks of American life, will lead our Fleet. Commanding Officers (CO) are encouraged to identify motivated enlisted personnel who meet the criteria and may be good candidates for selection to the Naval Academy. 2. Successful candidates will be top-quality Sailors and Marines who fit the following profile: a. Academics: (1) Possess a strong high school grade point average indicating the potential to succeed at USNA. Fleet applicants ranked in the top 40 percent of their high school class are typically considered competitive. (2) Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores taken within the last two years. The SAT is a three-part test consisting of reading, math, and writing. Applicants should aim to score above 500 in reading (verbal) and above 550 in math, with a combined minimum of 1050. There is no recommended score for the writing component, but it may be used for evaluation purposes. For applicants who have taken the American College Test (ACT) within the last two years, scores of 22 in English and 24 in Math are recommended. Potential candidates with SAT or ACT scores that are older than two years or below these guidelines are strongly encouraged to retake the test. Standardized tests taken prior to January 31, 2016, will be considered for this admissions cycle. (3) Completed four years of high school Mathematics (including a strong foundation in Geometry, Algebra, and Trigonometry), four years of English, and one year of Chemistry. Additionally, Physics, Calculus, History, and two years of a foreign language are strongly recommended. Continued education since high school is vital; candidates are encouraged to strengthen their admission application with college courses in higher math and sciences. b. Top performers who have demonstrated or possess strong leadership (e.g., past and present Command Junior Sailors/Bluejackets of the Quarter/Year, top 20 percent performers in "A" and "C" schools, class leaders, Honor Guard members, community volunteers). c. Good moral character and unquestionable loyalty to the United States, as determined by command interview and military recommendations. d. No record of disciplinary action under Article 15, Uniform Code of Military Justice, or conviction by civil court (except minor traffic violations) during three years preceding application for admission. e. Outstanding physical fitness, as determined by the Candidate Fitness Assessment and recent command Physical Fitness Assessments. f. Must not have passed their 23rd birthday on 1 July of the year of admission to USNA. Limited age waivers may be sought in accordance with section 553 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012. g. Must not be married, pregnant, or have incurred obligations of parenthood. 3. Candidates with superior academic performance and strong military backgrounds may receive direct appointments to USNA. Top performers who need to strengthen their academic background may be selected to attend the Naval Academy Preparatory School (NAPS) in Newport, RI for one year and receive an appointment to USNA the following year. 4. Personnel selected to attend USNA or NAPS must be medically qualified by the Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board (DoDMERB) in order to be commissioned as an Officer in the Navy or Marine Corps. Once candidates complete 50 percent of the application, their name will be sent to DoDMERB for the physical and eye exams. The candidate will be contacted by Concorde, the DoDMERB contractor, with information on where to receive the physical and eye exams. The Service Member will be contacted by the USNA Fleet Coordinator with information on how to get the physical and eye exam completed at their own Military Treatment Facility as an alternative. Reference (a) provides medical standards. 5. Up to 170 regular and reserve personnel may be appointed to USNA each year. The deadline to apply to the Class of 2020 is December 31, 2015. The deadline for all completed application documents is January 31, 2016. Packages completed before January 31, 2016, will be reviewed by the Admissions Board as soon as received. Packages will not be reviewed without the CO's endorsement. References (b) and (c) provide guidance. 6. An applicant becomes an official candidate by submitting a preliminary application on-line at www.usna.edu/admissions. After designation as a candidate, a candidate number, username, and password will be assigned and the candidate will be directed to complete the on-line application at www.usna.edu/candidateinformation. USNA operates on a rolling admissions process and Fleet applicants are encouraged to complete their applications early to improve competitiveness. 7. Direct application questions to the Fleet Liaison at (410) 293-1839 DSN 281 or regino@usna.edu, or write to: U.S. Naval Academy, Candidate Guidance Office, Halsey Field House, 52 King George St, Annapolis, MD 21402- 1318, Attn: Fleet Liaison. 8. Additional information about USNA may be obtained at http://www.usna.edu/Admissions/Steps-for-Admission/Active-Duty-Service- Applicants.php. 9. Released by Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy.// BT #0001 NNNN UNCLASSIFIED//
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