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  1. UNCLASSIFIED// ROUTINE R 031500Z SEP 15 FM SECNAV WASHINGTON DC TO ALNAV INFO SECNAV WASHINGTON DC CNO WASHINGTON DC CMC WASHINGTON DC BT UNCLAS ALNAV 068/15 MSGID/GENADMIN/SECNAV WASHINGTON DC/-/SEP// SUBJ/FY-16 NAVY RESERVE CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER, W-5, W-4 AND W-3 SELECTIONS// RMKS/1. I am pleased to announce the following Chief Warrant Officers on the Reserve Active-Status List for permanent promotion to the grades of Chief Warrant Officer, W-5, W-4 and W-3. 2. This message is not authority to deliver appointments. Authority to effect promotion will normally be issued by future NAVADMINS requiring NAVPERS 1421/7 preparation and forwarding of document to PERS-806. 3. Frocking is not authorized for any Officer listed below until specific authorization is received per SECNAVINST 1420.2A. 4. For proper alphabetical order read from left to right on each line. The numbers following each name to the right indicate the relative seniority among selectees within each competitive category. Members are directed to verify their select status via BUPERS On-Line. Chief Warrant Officer, W-5 Budd Barry David II 0001 Chief Warrant Officer, W-4 May Kevin Alan 0003 Raile Cory Kenneth 0002 Schaper Craig Stephen 0001 Chief Warrant Officer, W-3 Avalostarira Jessenia 0009 Bartlett Daryn Patrick 0008 Benjamin William Josep 0001 Davis Kevin David 0012 Edwards Mikel Shawn 0010 Meekins Joe Alan 0005 Santini Jorge L 0004 Shea Christopher Dean 0007 Sims Eric 0014 Snyder David Brooks 0003 Townsend Richard John 0006 Vargas Steven Craig 0013 Word John David 0011 Young Gary Michael 0002 5. Released by Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy.// BT #0001 NNNN UNCLASSIFIED//
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