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  1. Hello, Has anyone has any experience with the VA saying that a reservist does not qualify for Post 9-11 GI Bill after DOD and DON confirm eligibility, AND permit successful TEB? My daughter just got a rejection notice on her application to use benefits, and the VA has told me that their records show my orders, but that "no ADT or AT counts for Post 9-11 if it states it is for training", and that "only orders with these codes 12301.d/a/b count; not orders that have 12301/b". This is in the face of the VA website actually says that ALL active duty orders for reservists count towards the eligibility. I'd really appreciate anyone's help, I've left a voicemail at the reserve contact (1-800-621-8853) and I've appealed to the VA sending them one set of my endorsed orders from 2010 which were 270+ days of Active Duty. Thanks in advance! Chief
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