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Found 1 result

  1. July is the first month of pay incrementation for E8/E9 selectees from spring selection boards, and E4/E5/E6 advancees from the recent Cycle 239 and 102 exams. There are 12 pay increments for E7-E9, and six for E4-E6. No less than 3% of the advancement group will be advanced each month, with the majority getting advanced in the final pay increment. Pay for the next-higher paygrade begins on July 16, so some Sailors will see a bump in their August 1 paycheck. Fair share incrementation looks across all ratings in a paygrade, advancing E8/E9 selectees by time in rate, and E4-E6 by Final Multiple Score standing. Sign up for profile sheet notifications using the link below, and you will get an email when your pay increment is set.
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