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    Third time applying for 649X. Meeting all the discreet requirements and LADR for MAC+. To be completely honest, not being selected last year was a huge blow. My RSO and ISO each spoke to me and explained that it's okay to be pissed, but to look at the bigger picture. By potentially delaying a year, I have had the opportunity to win SOY and network with CMDCM's throughout my region. I've gone through more assessments and have even had the privilege of being acting ITO, allowing me to interact with Region N36 and N37 personnel on a much more in-depth level. Hell, if I am selected in the next few weeks, I will have the opportunity to right-hand a senior SECO selected for LCDR in addition to a CWO3 who is concluding an echelon-III tour. So the moral of the story is that if you aren't selected, that it's not the end of the world. The extra year will only produce more opportunities to learn and better your preparation/potential to be an LDO.
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    This is why this forum is so important. the amount of knowledge and support is incredible
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    Bro! If you don't make it call me and we will get Donnie T on the phone to fix this atrocity!
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    As a LS I've been on a carrier and recruting duty... I am now at a special duty joint shore command. Point is I know people for 651X in recent years who didnt meet all requirements. Whether I get picked up or not I'm going to keep applying and keep being the best at what I do. As long your endorsements are solid and your doing your job to the best of your ability and its reflected you have a shot.... or so I've been told.
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    Lets keep it going. Almost in pg 8. 😂🤣😎
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    @mslteck99 , Great job on getting the number one EP in your rankings! Alot of great awards, volunteering and community involvement. The only key thing I believe you are missing is documentation on your Job. I would suggest taking a look at the last CNO and MCPON PODcast in regards to what boards are looking for in order to promote better leaders in the warfighting effort. The number one thing is Job performance and how well you did in your rating. This aspect is identified to the board by the documented performance on your EVAL. The Navy is getting away from what it has been doing for the past decade and are searching for rating experts again. I wish this information was documented on your most recent EVAL. Hopefully your previous evaluations provide a more prominent outlook in regards to your rating. Good Luck!
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