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    Hello everyone! A bunch of Master Chiefs were nice enough to put together a Chief's package board review in our area. I thought I would briefly cover some of the items they spoke on to the group before they broke off and met with us individually. A lot of you probably already have this information, but I thought it wouldn't hurt: -If you are sending anything you are generating yourself, like a Career Summary Letter, it is smart to have your CMC sign it. All the Master Chiefs in the room agreed that it gives greater credibility to said item. "Not that they don't trust you, but they probably trust a fellow Master Chief a little bit more." -If you have an NJP or PFA failure, you aren't necessarily disqualified. What do the eval write-ups actually say? Is it still a good write-up, are you still an awesome sailor? Does the CO characterize you as an awesome sailor and acknowledge that you made a mistake and were held accountable, but you are still doing great things? -Pay attention to the LADR or Career Paths on NPC. You may have a sailor that has nothing but EPs across the board for years on end, but doesn't have a single check mark on the LADR section for E-6 to E-7 - that won't look good. You need to have met your career path qualifications and requirements. They also said that it is a myth you need an EP to make Chief. If you are meeting the LADR and Career Path requirements and have good write-ups, you have a chance. -I asked a question on what the general feeling is among the Master Chiefs about career summary letters. They all pretty much answered that some of the Master Chiefs love them and some of them hate them. Either way, they will still have to verify everything you put on the career summary letter in your record and if you put something on your career summary letter that isn't in your record - it doesn't look good. -They touched on items to send in your LTB. One Master Chief said when he was going up for Chief, he would be told to send none of the stuff he had prepared for his board - then someone else told him to send select items, then another person said "You don't want to be sitting at home the day after you made it and think 'If I just sent that additional item, would I have made it?'" The point is - he doesn't drive to your house and send your mail for you. it's your mail and you decide what goes. Also crushed the myth of "don't send too much stuff, you'll make the Master Chiefs mad then you definitely won't get selected." That's not true. They have to be there for a set timeframe regardless, just keep in mind the amount of time they are allowed to devote to your record and they also have to read every line item you sent to the tank out loud. -The last point they made is that Yes every record gets graded and every record gets briefed, but they are held to a timeline of about three records per hour minimum. A lot of the Master Chiefs go much faster, especially as the board progresses. The point being that if your record isn't straight and they have to dig and look for things that you should have in your record, they are wasting time searching for things and there is a lot of opportunity for things to be missed. Once your record is graded and submitted to "the tank" your record is put on a screen and briefed for about 30 seconds to a minute. So you basically get 20-21 minutes at the board. So make sure your record is good to go. After that the Master Chiefs broke off and met with people one-on-one to go over their records and LTBs. A lot of you probably already know all of this, but I felt it was important to share. Have a great day!
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    If you still need help PM me I'm not a 6495 but I am a Reserve LDO. I can find someone to help you.
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