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  2. Had a couple buddies get picked as alternates before. 1 didn't submit a package the next year and right before results released got the call that he was selected for warrant. The other got the call a month before results. Selects wait until the last minute to get their physicals complete as well. advice...don't wait until the last minute.
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  4. If I'm not mistaken, they're alternates until all primaries are pinned. If someone falls out due to clearance/medical issues, an alternate moves into their place.
  5. The PACFLT FORCM confirmed that he was an alternate. Even he realized, after the fact, that he caused a frenzy by not specifying.
  6. I am. No one was told he was an alternate selectee. What are the odds of timing?
  7. I wonder why it took so long to pick an alternate.
  8. The sound of dreams being crushed is deafening...
  9. PACFLT FLTCM confirmed it is an alternate from FY21. So much for the hopeful news.
  10. I'm starting to think this was an alternate. You're not at PACFLT are you?
  11. Dang, probably a false alarm. People are saying the LDO selectee referenced in PACFLT FLTCM's post is an alternate for FY21.
  12. 113 guests...wonder what's up?
  13. I saw the same thing. Maybe we're finally getting somewhere!
  14. US Pacific Fleet Master Chief posted a congratulatory message for a YNSC making LDO on Facebook last night. Seems legit.
  15. Okay so we have good reason to suspect results coming out on a Wednesday/Thursday/Friday. Any guesses as to what time they will drop?
  16. Actually, no need to do that if it doesn't pan out. It's happened before
  17. If the notification isn’t done tomorrow. I will be the first to man up and apologize.
  18. Agree, usually I immediately remove the person, just as I was about to do here, but this time I left it up.
  19. I understand. I’m definitely not trying to stir things up. I will say this he is in the Sub community and last year I had another guy who said he was told he made it and he did.
  20. ^^Truth^^. Those who post "in the know" information are guilty until proven innocent in this forum.
  21. I mean, you have to understand and expect doubt. Year after year, people pop into this forum and try to get everyone riled up by saying results are out or they got the 'S', purely just to be a troll. You also have a newbie account. Not saying you're full of it, but doubt is well-warranted around here.
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