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R 211900Z SEP 17

ALNAV 064/17



NARR/REF A is the Executive Order establishing the Inherent Resolve Campaign 
Medal (IRCM).  REF B is the Secretary of Defense memorandum providing 
Department of Defense level guidance for IRCM implementation.  REF C is ALNAV 
029/16, which provided Department of the Navy (DON) implementation 
instructions for IRCM.  REF D is the Under Secretary of Defense (Personnel 
and Readiness) memorandum announcing modification of IRCM eligibility.  REF E 
is SECNAVINST 1650.1H, Navy and Marine Corps Awards Manual.  REF F is ALNAV 
068/12, Changes to Combat Action Ribbon (CAR) Eligibility Criteria.//

RMKS/1.  Reference (c) is hereby cancelled and superseded by this All Navy 
(ALNAV) message.  Reference (d) changed the criteria for the IRCM from 30 
consecutive or 60 non-consecutive days within the Area of Eligibility (AOE) 
to 30 days, either consecutive or non-consecutive.  The new criteria are 
retroactive to 15 June 2014.  This ALNAV recapitulates the IRCM criteria 
incorporating the changes.

2.  The following policy is effective immediately and shall be added to 
reference (e) upon its revision:
Inherent Resolve Campaign Medal (IRCM)
    a.  Authorization.  E.O. of 30 March 2016.
    b.  Eligibility Requirements
        (1) Service by military personnel in direct support of Operation 
INHERENT RESOLVE, in the designated AOE, which encompasses all land area of 
the countries of Iraq and Syria, the contiguous waters out to 12 nautical 
miles, and all air space above these waters and land area.
        (2) The period of eligibility is from 15 June 2014 to a date to be 
determined.  Service Members who previously qualified for the Global War on 
Terrorism Expeditionary Medal (GWOTEM) between 15 June 2014 and 30 March 2016 
for service within the IRCM AOE remain qualified for the GWOTEM.  However, 
such Service Members may now elect the IRCM in lieu of the GWOTEM, provided 
they meet all IRCM eligibility criteria.  For service in the IRCM AOE on or 
after 31 March 2016, the IRCM is the only campaign or expeditionary medal 
        (3) The Service Member must have been permanently assigned, attached, 
or detailed to a unit operating in the AOE for 30 days, (consecutive or non-
consecutive), or must have met one of the following criteria, regardless of 
time spent in the AOE:
            (a) Was engaged in combat during an armed engagement.  To qualify 
under this exception, participation in a ground or surface engagement must 
satisfy the criteria for the Combat Action Ribbon contained in reference (f).  
Participation in an aerial engagement must satisfy the definition of a Strike 
given in reference (e).
            (b) While participating in an operation or performing official 
duties within the AOE, either was killed or sustained wounds that required 
medical evacuation from the AOE.  Medical evacuation for non-combat related 
injuries does not qualify.
            (c) Participated as a regularly assigned aircrew member flying 
sorties into, out of, within, or over the AOE in direct support of military 
operations.  Each day that one or more sorties are flown into, out of, 
within, or over the AOE shall count as one day toward the 30-day requirement.
        (4) Although a Service Member might perform duties within the AOEs of 
different campaign and expeditionary medals during the same deployment, each 
day of qualifying service may only be credited toward one of these medals.  
For example, if during the same day a Service Member participated in missions 
within the AOEs for both the IRCM and the Afghanistan Campaign Medal (ACM), 
that day may be credited toward either the IRCM or the ACM, but not toward 
        (5) Officers of the U.S. Public Health Service are eligible for the 
IRCM on the same basis as are members of the Armed Forces.
        (6) Civilian and foreign personnel are not eligible for the IRCM.
    c.  Order of Precedence.  The IRCM is worn after the Iraq Campaign Medal 
and before the GWOTEM.
    d.  Subsequent Awards
        (1) A Service Member is presented the IRCM medal set only upon the 
initial award.
        (2) Bronze 3/16 inch campaign stars are worn to denote participation 
in IRCM campaign phases.  One bronze campaign star is authorized with the 
initial award.  Additional campaign stars are authorized for each subsequent 
distinct campaign phase in which the Service Member participates.  However, 
multiple deployments during the same campaign phase do not qualify for 
additional campaign stars.
        (3) Currently approved IRCM campaign phases:
            (a) Abeyance:  15 Jun 2014 - 24 Nov 2015
            (b) Intensification:  25 Nov 2015 - TBD
    e.  Authorized Devices
        (1) Campaign Star.  A bronze 3/16 inch five-pointed star.  Worn in 
accordance with subparagraph 2d(2) above.
        (2) Fleet Marine Force Combat Operations Insignia.  A miniature 
bronze Marine Corps emblem is authorized by the Secretary of the Navy for 
U.S. Navy Service Members assigned to Marine Corps units that participate in 
combat during the assignment.  Worn in accordance with article 123 of 
reference (e).
    f.  Awarding Authority
        (1) Navy Personnel.  Commanding Officers exercising Navy and Marine 
Corps Achievement Medal awarding authority are authorized to award the IRCM 
and bronze campaign stars.  Commands shall make the appropriate service 
record entries and issue the medals and bronze campaign stars.  The service 
record entry made at the time of the initial award of the IRCM will also 
serve to authorize the first campaign star.  Additional campaign stars 
require a subsequent service record entry documenting the first day of 
qualifying service in that designated phase for the IRCM.  Commanding 
Officers whose entire unit meets the criteria for the IRCM must submit the 
unit name and unit identification code with start and end dates in the AOE to 
the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) (DNS-35). Navy personnel 
assigned or attached to Joint activities or other commands outside the DON, 
and who believe they meet the IRCM eligibility criteria, should have their 
command confirm eligibility and submit the appropriate service record 
documentation.  Questions regarding eligibility should be addressed to CNO 
(DNS-35), 2000 Navy Pentagon, Washington, D.C. 20350-2000.
        (2) Marine Corps Personnel.  Commanding Officers exercising Navy and 
Marine Corps Achievement Medal awarding authority are authorized to award the 
IRCM and bronze campaign stars.  Commands shall make appropriate entries in 
the Marine Corps Total Force System (MCTFS) and service record, and issue the 
medals and bronze campaign stars.  The service record entry made at the time 
of the initial award will also serve to authorize the first campaign star.  
Additional campaign stars require a subsequent service record entry 
documenting the first day of qualifying service in that designated phase for 
the IRCM.  Marines attached to Joint activities or other non-Marine Corps 
commands, and who believe they meet the eligibility criteria, should have 
their command confirm eligibility and submit the appropriate MCTFS and 
service record documentation.  Questions regarding eligibility should be 
addressed to Commandant of the Marine Corps (MMMA), 2008 Elliot Rd, Quantico, 
VA 22134-5030.

3.  Released by the Honorable Richard V. Spencer, Secretary of the Navy.//


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