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    Results will be to the Triad on Thursday 03 August 2017 for Active and FTS/SELRES at 1100 with the NAVADMIN coming at 0800 on Friday the 4th. That's official.
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    Went to lunch my wife yesterday. This was my fortune. Hoping it comes true! Maybe it's an omen!
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    Oooo I love this topic. In one breathe, we are preaching that time in service isn't a determinant in being a good sailor. The next is bashing <12 year Chiefs. Highly ironic if you ask me. If you think you having nothing to learn from a person because they have less time in than you, then you are largely mistaken. This is regardless of rank. By assuming you know better than a board of MCPOs, the senior officers chairing the board, the flag that signs off on the selections, the mess that ranked and initiated them, and even the CO who signed their eval to get them there in the first place is pure arrogance. Leadership is the biggest factor for selection, if you don't have it, it doesn't matter how many MOVSMs or JPMEs you have. Most, if not all, Chiefs credit their anchors to their troops and by implying they haven't earned them, degrades every sailor who helped them get there. I was initiated with a 6 1/2 year chief and 19 year chief, both are stellar leaders who earn their anchors everyday.
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    My wife.... without skipping a beat. She is the only person throughout my 17 1/2 years that's has pushed me harder than I have pushed myself. Every time I have been up and fell, she kept whispering in my ear that it is going to be ok. She is a strong and praying woman and I know that she prays over me. Not just to finally be told "Yes", but to be thankful for the Blessings that we do have. I remember when I was on the brink of PTS in 2010, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out where to begin if I had to go home and support a wife plus two children. She is the one that said that it didn't matter and God will provided for us and already had a plan. Here it is some years later with more setbacks....for lack of better terms, of continually being passed over; she's still the same rock. If it weren't for her, I would have given up before the fight even started. Sorry about the long post. I just thought that I would say a word or two, but the more I thought about how good she has been to and for me, the more my fingers kept moving. I hope everyone has a great day. Prayerfully, I hope to see a lot of " I made it" post Thursday night when I log on and I will get chance to post the same on Friday morning....I'm in Japan. Peace
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    To change the subject a little I would like to talk about humility. Recently I purchased my gold chevron's with pride. A shipmate who saw me with them said they never want to go "gold" and that by 12 years that you should be a chief. I think it is important to remember this year whether we are selected or not that everyone has a career that is different. If you make it your first time up with less than 12 years I'm happy for you, however it does not make me a bad sailor because I haven't made it. No two careers are alike, please show others respect and dignity as results come out. Others have fought for years for this chance. To the ones that are lucky that never have to know what it's like to be not selected Im happy for you, please stay humble. Take time to celebrate with fellow selects and take time to recognize the disappointment others might be having. It's important to change the culture of thinking that if you're not selected that you're a bad sailor or that you "suck". There's always a need to improve whether are you selected or not. Stay humble stay hungry and most importantly continue doing what you're doing, not to make chief but because you have pride in your work and you want to see other sailors succeeding. Lastly, I take pride in my gold chevron's . I am seasoned and I've been through a lot. My career is unlike any others but I think it's experience that helps build a leader. I love the dynamic and diverse group of people that make up the Navy, and that will one day make up the Chiefs' mess.
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    I have official confirmation from my Chief that he's sick and tired of me pestering him every five minutes for the last month about the results.
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    Good Luck brother... you can come on the forum and share your joy with your Navy family. Best of luck!
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    It was gonna be my Wife, but shes pissing me off today, so im reconsidering..
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    Here's what I want the list to look like: ITJuan(IW/SW/AW) 009 BOATSNUGGYD Rob ET1FORLIFE ET1EXWIWSW AME1 TRON828 desalvorw Darrel Craig NNNNNN? tabw2001 navyordie123 james.matthias.cox SD619 Christyl SkyTrash DeepseaPanda NavySAR SeaDog and 149 more.
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    Working on your Core... it is on the label.
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    Looking at my phone and refreshing this page like......
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    Trump will probably tweet the results before NPC.
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    maybe they can break tradition and add to the quotas and make more spots!
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    It's for the dinner list I'm sure. Basically, who would want fillet mignon with Hasselback potatoes & finely chopped chives, or prime roast beef with with Thyme Au Jus & mashed potatoes with Butternut Squash.
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    I found a picture of literally every single one of us hopefuls!
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    Good timing! We are assembling the snoopy team and our forum SEAL team members for a few recon missions. All intel will be gathered and disseminated after @HawkISback gives it a reality check. Does the CNP have a smile, frown or smirk? Away the Snoopy team away!!!
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    I think I know what papasmurf is trying to say. It gets very frustrating to us First Classes that have been a First for a long time and we are getting close to retirement. I am tired of seeing my airman pick up Chief, Senior Chief, LDO, or Warrant. I have been an LPO consistently over my last three tours. I have my B.S. degree, PPME, all kinds of awards, all kinds of quals. All my people that worked for me, I have done my job pushing them on the quals, education, and etc... And I will continue to train my junior personnel to go further in their careers than I have in mine. Training my people and watching them grow is what makes it all worth it. But it is really, really frustrating when you get a Chief that you seem to giving more training to than receiving training from and your Senior and Master Chief come to you for answers or to get things done and not the Chief. I am sure it is made known in the mess and I don't see it happening. But when you have more "checks in the box" and more leadership listed in your evals than the person that made it you have to ask. I have been told over and over. I don't know. the same thing with why I haven't picked up. Every Master Chief and Senior Chief that has looked at my stuff all have said the same thing that they have no idea why I haven't picked up. When I have talked to those that were board members they have stated that they remember seeing my evals on final selections. But do not know why I didn't get selected. When asked what I need to work on to make me more competitive I have gotten the reply keep doing what you have been doing. It is not a matter of if just a matter of when you get picked up.
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    That's not a shipmate, that's a douche. Sadly the world is full of toxic people who try to build themselves up by tearing you down. I'm an 18-year first who's been up for Chief since 2005. And you know what? I'm awesome! I'll be awesome if I make Chief, and I'll be awesome if I don't. It sounds like you've done a great job at being awesome yourself.
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    Someone tell NAC they can't post anything else until they post the result schedule. Heart skips a beat every time I see a post from them.
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    Anybody else wish it was Thursday at 1100 yet
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    Hopefully the meeting starts with your Master Chief saying: "Well, you all saw the results Tuesday, so let's talk about what you can do to make it next year."
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    Geesh. Give the rank the respect commensurate with it. Give the person the respect they deserve. Who cares if they have an anchor or bars or chevrons or stripes? To me, it doesn't matter if you're an 8 year Chief, a 6 year LT, a 19 year PO1, or a 6 month SN. I will refer to you by your rank and by the level of responsibility expected of your position. I will look at you as a leader because I think you're a leader.
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    I know you all are chomping at the bit for results, trust me so are all the Chiefs. No words of wisdom of why or for what reason the delay may be occurring, as those would be to far and wide to cover here. Stay the course and remember that you all may want the results so you can move on, some want them just so they can get the next exam cycle material to start their preps early for the exam to sit here and wait next year. We go through the same thing every year on some point or another, "the results are never on time, or early enough". Then we turn around and the season is too long or "when will it be over?" seems to start being voiced. Over the years we have all heard the nightmare stories of Sailors being notified that they were Selected and it be false and the heartache that brings afterwards. I rather the results be delayed and get it right, than to hear of one of these stories that a Sailor had to go through false notification.
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