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    that is a great story, it tells of how leaders are forged everyday through the deckplates of the Navy and what a true leader is supposed to be like. I am thankful to all the leaders that I have worked for in the past that have made me the leader that I am today. the good and the bad leaders make you a leader, it is how you take those lessons from them and make it your own. a leader is also defined at how they take care of their junior personnel, for without them no one will succeed. People speak everyday of the leaders that run a company or whatever it maybe, but it truly the workers and junior personnel that make everything run, the leaders are there to inspire and teach them to make them better.
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    Alright....Question in the room to those that can kindly answer. I was selected for OCS and left for a month. However, I withdrew from the program due to personal hardship/reasons and had to return home. I was at OCS for month. I returned to my previous command without decrease in performance. I received a ranked eval for the first 8 months and received a MP with a summary group average of 4.04 and my individual trait average at 4.00. The first line in my writeup was "Returned to command after PCS due to personal hardship with no decrease in performance while awaiting new PCS orders. Makes positive impact in department and command". I still held the LPO role. The next 6 months I received a XFER eval EP of 4.43 1of 1. Before My transfer to OCS, I exceeded all group summary averages for past evals and had EP's across the board. My xfer eval before I left to OCS clearly explains that I was selected. Does it hurt me having that NOB eval even it is just for a month? Would I have to explain in the LTB that the NOB I received or does the verbage that I explained above is sufficient enough to the board to make sense of the situation of that NOB I received? Does the Group summary average of 4.04 hurt me when I received a 4.00 as a individual trait average?
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    I had the same issue last year except it was completely missing altogether. I would recommend reviewing your OMPF to ensure that all NAM (or other service equivalent) and above citations are included in there and in your PSR/NDAWS. If there is something missing, include that citation as an enclosure on your LTB and minimize the redundancies of including the 880 also. That's what I did and it worked out for me.
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