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    Looks like it's typically the next day based off of last years... remember though CMC results were 10 days early this year... good luck everyone.
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    Alright you with Dallas Cowboys hat, over there! <points to the left> And you, with the beer bong ballcap over there!! <points to the right> Now, I haven't done this in a while, but today at 5PM we're all going to start a campfire, join hands, dance in a big circle and sing Tra-la-la songs in joyish contentment while drinking some dark ale (or milk with cookies), or even that NEIIPA!!
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    Soon Ladies and Gentlemen, soon! Message authorized personnel please put us all out of our misery so we can get on with our work week and drink a celebratory toast to those selected. Again, good luck, but please post if you are able! Hooyah!!!
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    Here's to hoping today is the day! Good Luck!!
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    the site which shall not be named is blowing up... WO Rivera apparently said something that makes some guy believe that results will be out today, but the context of what he read leaves me uncertain that LDO/CWO results are what she was talking about...
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    So, my bet is that tomorrow is the day for sure. I've been on that "after captain results" thing, so hopefully my predictions come true!
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    Active duty and Reserve CAPT NAVADMINS released within last 10 minutes. Getting closer...
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    Check BOL, check here, check NPC, repeat. I'm not sure how much longer I can keep this up. Someone on Facebook posted the days the results came out since 2000. Only 3 times did it come out in March, with the great majority being in February. I'm hoping it's this month, but we shall see. My new guess is Tuesday before 1600Z.
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    Busy day running sick kid around (long story, but I had to make a stop at clothing store for change of clothes before getting to her doctors) and crappy weather here too. I was hoping they'd have come out while I was preoccupied. Oh well, sometime before April is good with me!
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    I'll be honest, I don't think that was uncertain. She clearly meant the accession message would be released. Maybe the CWO OCM is throwing hopefuls a bone?
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    Def not just you. Where's the sneaky ninjas dudes with the intel on the release? Anytime now will be ok....
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    The last two years, there have been a couple of Chiefs in Millington with some inside info on NAVADMIN releases. A day or two prior, they'd post the exact date and time of the release. I found out on this forum before anywhere else.
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    Alright... looks like 1/2 of your intel was correct... let's see if the other half pans out!
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    I wanted my package to focus on the discrete requirements so I submitted things that made me stand out as GMC applying for surface ordnance to highlight my Aegis and ordnance experience . I did submit a few designation letters( CSOOW,CSC,AAWC ATTWO). I was #1 of 5 LDO/CWO candidates. I had no input on my board members. It was chaired by a very well respected and known board members a O5, two CWO5's and a CWO4. I received all 10's from all four of them. My board members were throughly impresses to see a GM standing CSC let alone AAWC on a whiskey ship . Quals I attained as 1st class. Evals are EP's MP and new guy P. All above CO's RSCA . Like the discrete requirements states I ensured my evals highlighted Explosive Safety Programs experience with a enmphasis on Qual/Cert and my ammo onload experience. I also tried to bridge the gap to ensure the board can see I am well rounded as a technician and tactician. Let my Evals and Quals show I am ready to be a STO , Ships Gunner or FCO . I have awards, AA degree and completed both JPME and PPME. Hard work and prayer hopefully my name will be on the list !!
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    If you look historically there were a couple of years that MECP and MSC IPP results posted on the same day but more often they are totally unrelated and about a month apart so I wouldn't let the MECP results increase your anxiety if you are crushing your refresh buttons right now.
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    Another message is about to pop in NPC. "75TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE SEABEES". Just so no one gets their hopes up.
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    Judging by the lack of activity it would appear that nobody believes today is the day! (it is Monday right?) I know everyone is saying Weds, but I'm holding out a bit of hope for today and tomorrow until told otherwise.
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    I don't even know what to think anymore. Hopefully CWO5 Rivera goes back onto the other place and actually puts out a date. Part of me appreciates the hard schedule, but part of me likes the suspense. I remember a few years ago where this forum would be crashed during the last week of July and first week of August for CPO results. It's still popular, but the advance notice seems to have taken some of that fun away.
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    Like I said, this is hearsay, so I'm hoping for Monday too.
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    NEIIPA is a North Eastern Double India Pale Ale. Known to be hazy/juicy. I stand by my comments. Continuing to hound a CWO5 for more info about results release after they gave you some information makes you look desperate and over eager.
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    LDOs/CWOs acting real funny right now around my command?
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    I'd venture a guess that you're the only one within that community on here. Have there been rumblings about it in the recent past?
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    5/16 odds, almost as good of odds as for my designator!!!
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    I feel you, but I think knowing takes some stress off. Then, it's time to stress about something else. haha
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    Thanks! Just means I'll be at my computer for another 2 hours.
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    I don't think there is a requirement for them to come in an order either, but past history is often the best indicator of future performance. I'd love to be wrong and the results to come out tomm though!
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    Hello, Per my wife, she asked if I help in trolling for updates lol. Her ship is going into dry docked and LAN lines down so she's kind of cut off during the day. Here's to hopefully ending the agony this week. good luck to all
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    in the throes of agony from defeat apparently. I feel like your mascot should be that guy from the waterboy who is like "OH NO! WE SUCK AGAIN!" j/k
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    So Ive been hearing the 24th that the results will drop from the other LDOs and CWOs here at my command, has anybody else heard that too?
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    Last year they posted to bol and then within a couple minutes were out on NPC
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    I thought I was ready for these sleepless nights. We are overseas, and I can't sleep. I was sure the results were going to come out next week, but with the CMC/CSC results coming out so early I'm not so sure anymore. Lol. Good luck you all!!!
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    Not THAT recently, but results HAVE come out as early as the last week of January before...
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    @smiggs I really hope you pick up this time. 4th app wow that takes time and dedication, most would have given up. What did your DA recruiter say your chances were being picked up from the alternate side? I'm in the same boat. Alternate Select.
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    Almost in the same situation myself. Completed my MHA from a CAHME accredited school in 2013 and on my 4th application for MSC-IPP. Finally did the DA route with the recruiter this year and got alternate status. Pretty much am all in to this program and hoping for my turn to come soon. If not, time to study up for the GRE for the 5th go around.
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    Hate to be the bearer of bad gouge... but heard that their was a formatting error due to the rating title change gaggle... Hearing end of Feb now.
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    I'm thinking tomorrow. Last day in Feb, holds true to CWO5 statement, and it is s a Tuesday.
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    This is definitely the place to be when waiting on results to pop.......could they just post already AND have my husband's name on the list...hahahaha
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    That does not seem like an appealing watch rotation.
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    Is it just me or does this week seem extremely long???
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    lol one thing I can give you is that Cowboy fans are optimistic. I'm a Panthers/Gamecocks fan and we've only had a couple of good seasons, so I don't know how it feels to be optimistic lol. Board activity is starting to pick up. Getting close to that time!
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    OMG...That feeling you get when you open up NPC and see 3 new messages... Then you click on it, and there are 6 new ones total...and you have to slowly read all the titles... 042/17 ENLISTED ASSIGNMENTS AS RECRUIT DIVISION COMMANDERS 2/21/2017 041/17 AUGUST 2017 CYCLE 101 NAVY-WIDE EXAMINATIONS FOR ADVANCEMENT OF SELECTED RESERVE PERSONNEL TO E4 THROUGH 36 2/21/2017 040/17 NOTICE OF CONVENING FY-18 ACTIVE-DUTY REAR ADMIRAL (LOWER HALF) SPECIAL DUTY OFFICER (PUBLIC AFFAIRS) SELECTION BOARD 2/21/2017 039/17 NOT AVAILABLE - PERSONAL FOR MESSAGE 2/17/2017 038/17 FY-19 OLMSTED SCHOLAR PROGRAM 2/17/2017 037/17 MY NAVY PORTAL BETA LAUNCH
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    Well....if I don't make it this year I still can apply for LDO three more times I just hope second times a charm, I really don't want to wait till the fifth time.
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    They are both heavy hitters for sure. Everyone knows their names. Hopefully it pays off. I actually looked up captain craycraft and he's at Romania right now. Did he relieve Captain Garren? He's one of the senior ops LDOs and he actually chaired my board too.
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    " stars or bars " makes your wonder what are they exactly looking for . Is it quals , evals , apprisals , education, CO ranking etc? I'm leaning towards Sustained Superior Performance. What's y'all thoughts ?
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    My CO endorsement wasn't strong. I wasn't in the good ol' boy club. Had a P CPO eval with an EP write up. New Reporting Senior this year, #3 EP, strong endorsement, and I honestly didn't do anything differently. Since I made Chief a few years back, I've really only got ASUWC qual'd and recently took over CS Dept LCPO and Acting CSMM (I don't have the NEC). The DLCPO and CSMM did not make it in my package. I was pretty tapped out as a PO1. Qualified 3MA, DFPO, ATTWO, AAWC, FAAWC, and CSC, My consolation if I don't get selected is that I still can submit for Senior Chief and I have orders to AAMDS DET Romania, so that helps soften the blow.
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    I just tried to look at the discrete requirements and match up to them. I'm a GM and I run all explosive safety programs. I performed as CSMMA even got a NAM out of it . I am CSOOW, CSC , AAWC QUALED. I am a VLS tech by nature . I have ATTWO and I am AMMO ADMIN guy. I don't really know my chances , just a Gunner hoping to get selected for 716X
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    New info I got from one of the Chiefs here in my command (if anyone can verify or heard of this... again, this is just from the "grapevine") I was told that usually, the alternates are guaranteed a slot already. They are just waiting on funding. That's what happened to one of the HM1s here in the command. Nobody backed out. He just got a call end of February. Not sure how true this is.
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