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    Everyone can now resume hitting refresh on your browsers all day. Good luck!
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    I've come to the conclusion that April the giraffe will give birth before this list comes out!
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    Please remember; the first aid station is still over by vulture's row in case anyone passes out.
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    Got my ticket!! lets get it done! Here's to the fifth time and hopefully the last! everything out of my hands now! Good Luck to everyone. IYAOYAS
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    I remember the fy14 result hysteria started like this and went on to March 5. Tomorrow is a possibility, but don't hold your breath. Since the FTS/SELRES E8/9 selection board starts on March 6, I expect results to be out by then so that the records of selectees are shoved aside. I understand selectees have ten days from release of results to decline commission, but it would be make sense to release results before the board convenes. What I can say with 100% certainty is that the results will be out by March 15th.
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    Alright you with Dallas Cowboys hat, over there! <points to the left> And you, with the beer bong ballcap over there!! <points to the right> Now, I haven't done this in a while, but today at 5PM we're all going to start a campfire, join hands, dance in a big circle and sing Tra-la-la songs in joyish contentment while drinking some dark ale (or milk with cookies), or even that NEIIPA!!
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    Just found out I got my ticket punched. Now on to the board. Congrats to everyone who gets the good news lets ensure our records are on point.
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    I'm tooting my wifes horn!!!! she made it!!! chief at 7 years and made LDO list 1st time applying at so freaking proud of her!!! 618X
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    Good luck everyone! Got selected in the 639X designator last year and I definitely remember the results anxiety!
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    There is still hope....2014 came out after 1700 eastern time....could still be tomorrow or next day or now....welcome to the madness
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    Funny story... I was talking to my dad earlier and completely forgot that his neighbors are the CNPs parents. Well, CNPs brother is there taking care of his mother. I told my dad to tell him to call his brother and release that message already for you folks!
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    Got my ticket again, let's see how this year goes. Good luck everyone!
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    My least favorite letter in the alphabet is quickly becoming the letter "N"
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    After 5 applications, it finally happened... Congrats to everyone else who was selected. For those that weren't, I know the sting. I know how it feels. I've seen countless people selected over me for both SCPO and this that I KNEW I was better than. Keep at it... Don't let this discourage you.
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    Good luck! Hopefully I get a break to check here before lunch.
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    Well, I said I'd stay off until today and I did, but I never expected to see the "A" today at this hour. Yes, the beatings shall continue!!! Hope all have a great wait! I'm in VLS "C" school currently and at least I'm not hitting F5 every hour! Good luck to all my 716X candidates, and all other hopefuls. This is my last look and I believe my best one! Hopefully tomorrow is the day!
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    Hopefully tomorrow is the day, best of luck to everyone! I applied for 733X, 2nd time for CWO and previously applied 633X a "few" times.
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    My boss is saying tomorrow as he laughed at me haha. He's a heavy hitter so we shall see.....
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    Whaaat? results not released yet? it's 14:30 where I am and just got out of a class (TAD) - been out of the loop all day - I was sure I'd see results by now!!!!!
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    I already gave up on today. I don't remember an LDO/CWO release this late in the afternoon, and I am old timer here. I bet even Tony knows that.
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    First thing I saw was "NAVADMIN" and I swear my heart skipped a beat. Lol.
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    Y'all. Literally dying of anticipation over here....
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    I want to wish everyone good luck! Waiting for the results is so nerve wracking! I applied for 641X.
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    Busy day running sick kid around (long story, but I had to make a stop at clothing store for change of clothes before getting to her doctors) and crappy weather here too. I was hoping they'd have come out while I was preoccupied. Oh well, sometime before April is good with me!
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    Hi everyone, once again I have received the golden ticket, I have made some changes this year that will hopefully help me get that nod. I have a new command collateral, I have completed my SJPME, and I got my MTS Certification. I have also have scrubbed and identified areas in my OMPF that need to be corrected. I also have other leadership roles in several committees that I am involved in as well as 365. Although I feel like I was proactive last year, I discovered a few areas where I could improve. As far as the distractors, I believe I have addressed the ones that I can correct on my end. I have completed my package and have had several looks and received feedback, next week we are having a Chief's board rodeo with all the Master Chief's to go over our packages once I get everyone's feedback I will make adjustments as needed and plan to submit my package before the 29th as I will be out of pocket on convalescence leave in April. My package is due the first of May. I only have two items that might be the deciding factor as to whether I get selected, one is a 1of 1 MP which unfortunately will not drop off until next cycle and although my eval was good it really does not reflect a breakout from lasts years eval. Regardless, I have drank the kool aide and have done all I can do so if it is meant to be it will be and if not I have no regrets because I know I have done my job well and will continue to do so.
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    A huge congratulations to all of those who made SBE! Hopefully it's our year! 7th time is the charm...right? Question...I just took over Department LPO in January so it wasn't in my previous eval. With that said, should I mention that I am now Department LPO in my LTB or should I not???
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    Well here we are again great news I got my ticket. Great news seeing how I converted to a new rate last year and I was nervous after taking this exam. Has anyone else been having trouble viewing your profile sheet? I was notified by my CoC about the results but just want to check the profile sheet to see how I did.
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    It seems like the days are dragging by to when the Board eligible results will come out but the wait after you find out you make board is even longer. good luck to you and I hope that you make board. this is my fifth time up. did some good things this past year so I am hoping that this year will be the year. Good luck to all! Especially to all my Ordie Brothers and Sisters! IYAOYAS!!!
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    If any engineers are interested, I'm willing to help. One of the biggest things I feel got me selected this year were the appraisals from 3 senior members within my community. Reach out and get those senior individuals. The stats were just released and 25/129 were selected for 613X and 21/135 were selected for 713X.
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    Finally Got the S! Thanks to everyone on this page for keeping each other together through these processes. Third time is the charm!
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    Well today there's an east wind and there are way too many clouds in the sky for results... June, yea definitely we will know by June.
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    Doubt any CWO5 can be censored, I work for a 4 and this dude says whatever he wants
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    Wondering if she got censored after making that projection
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    My skipper sat the board and hasn't said a word to any of us about anything. The skuttlebutt going around my command is tomorrow!
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    I would of just posted the results lol.. My bad though! That's how i feel everytime i see a Navadmin post in message traffic.
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    Navadmin 051/17 just hit the streets but still no results...
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    Yes you are right. This is becoming ridiculous now. Bureaucracy at its worst.
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    I hear the train a coming' It's rolling round the bend And I ain't seen the sunshine since I don't know when.
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    A buddy in P-cola said today, let's hope!
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    Another message is about to pop in NPC. "75TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE SEABEES". Just so no one gets their hopes up.
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    Good Luck to you Brother, hope that this is the year for you
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    SSP is subjective. Everyone on this forum will give you a slightly different answer. As for acting in the capacity of the Chief, I would recommend you withhold that opinion until you put on anchors. However inept you believe your Chief to be, I have no doubts that he is there in the mess making things happen. Your eyes will open to the responsibility you don't have that you think you do after you are pinned. Have you told your CoC that you feel that way? Have you pulled your Chief aside and thrown him the bone that people view him negatively? Not engaging in dragging him in the dirt isn't admirable if you're in the crowd watching others do it. I'm sure the people saying they want you as a Chief are right, you're probably a good dude and a great OS, but if you're going to be in this mess, I'd learn to help a shipmate out. I hope you make it, but the biggest thing I've learned in this mess, is that if you aren't humble, you will be humiliated. If one Chief looks bad, we all look bad.
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    I don't even know what to think anymore. Hopefully CWO5 Rivera goes back onto the other place and actually puts out a date. Part of me appreciates the hard schedule, but part of me likes the suspense. I remember a few years ago where this forum would be crashed during the last week of July and first week of August for CPO results. It's still popular, but the advance notice seems to have taken some of that fun away.
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    Like I said, this is hearsay, so I'm hoping for Monday too.
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    5/16 odds, almost as good of odds as for my designator!!!
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