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  2. Hope everyone here makes it! I've passed the test every time with no joy it begins to wear on ya!
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  4. U.S. Pacific Fleet commander Adm. Scott Swift will lead a 30-day review on “the facts, circumstances and processes surrounding the recent physiological episodes involving T-45 and F/A-18 aircrew,” the Navy announced today.
  5. A Navy SEAL stationed in San Diego filmed himself molesting a sleeping girl, raped a woman in Virginia and kept a stash of child porn on his cellphone that included footage involving an infant having sex with a dog, according to allegations unsealed in federal court in Virginia Beach, Va.
  6. By Jennifer McDermott / The Associated Press Every submarine in the U.S. fleet was designed with the height, reach and strength of men in mind, from the way valves are placed to how display screens are angled. That’s going to change.
  7. A pilot from the U.S. aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson ejected safely at sea conducting routine flight operations south of the Philippines, the U.S. Navy said in a statement on Friday.
  8. The officer in charge of 10 U.S. Navy sailors captured by Iranian forces in the Persian Gulf last year will be allowed to stay in the service, his attorney said. On Tuesday, a three-sailor board of inquiry voted to let Lt. David Nartker stay in the Navy after he received a punitive letter of reprimand for his role in the capture of himself and nine other riverine sailors by members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy (IRGCN), after two boats he commanded drifted into Iranian waters during a transit in the Persian Gulf.
  9. The U.S. Navy announced on Wednesday new regulations that make it a punishable offense for sailors and Marines to post nude pictures of service members online without consent. The new regulations are a direct result of the recent scandal involving male Marines and sailors who posted nude photos of female Marines online. Engaging in such activity now carries the potential for criminal charges.
  10. TIS limitations for LDO is 14YRS, hence making you ineligible for LDO but eligible for CWO.
  11. Good Morning Folks, I had a question about how the selection board results are posted. I have received conflicting responses regarding the numbers located next to an individuals name on selection results. I have heard two things: The individuals are ordered by time in rate...with #1 having the most TIR. The number is where the member fell in the rack/stack on the board. Ex: Smith John 004 Halsey Bull 005 Jones John 002 King Earnest 003 Nimitz Chest 006 Leahy William 001 Are there any previous board members out there who can help clarify this? V/r CTNCS
  12. From Center for Service Support Public Affairs MERIDIAN, Miss. (NNS) -- Naval Technical Training Center (NTTC) Meridian's Logistics Specialist (LS) Course convened the first delivery under the new block learning construct, April 17, marking a major milestone in the transformation to Ready Relevant Learning (RRL). The first group of Sailors to participate in the new block learning construct are new accession logistics specialists who just completed recruit training. The new course, referred to as Block 0, focuses on the basics of afloat and aviation logistics, to include procurement and inventory management, as well as the documents and directives required to perform these tasks. The new curriculum removed the postal clerk portion of the training and shortened LS "A" school by seven training days, which ultimately gets Sailors to the fleet faster. LS Sailors on first operational tours who actually perform postal clerk duties will receive the postal clerk training, referred to as Block 1, no later than 24 months (in most cases) after arrival at their operational unit to align this specific training to the point of need - one of the major goals of RRL. Block learning is the first step in the RRL transformation to a lifelong learning continuum for these Sailors. Training will only be delivered to students who require it for the billet that they are going to fill, thereby minimizing the amount of time required to train to only that which is mission relevant and enhances fleet readiness. "Sailors receiving instruction in this new manner will be delivered to the fleet armed with the most current knowledge available to perform their jobs at a high level," said Capt. Derric Turner, commanding officer, Center for Service Support (CSS). "I'm very proud of our civilians, Sailors and contractors that contributed to this process and know that CSS will continue to provide the fleet with the best training in the Navy." "This course is the culmination of years of work and countless man-hours from training managers and instructional support specialists here at CSS, instructors at the schoolhouse, and input from the fleet to tailor the individual learning objectives to meet the needs of new Sailors assigned to the LS rating," said Chief Logistics Specialist Bonita Myers, LS training manager. CSS is comprised of active-duty, civilian and contractor personnel who direct the training efforts of administration, logistics and media schools for active-duty and commissioned officers. The CSS team ensures curriculum and professional development tools are current.
  13. UNCLASSIFIED ROUTINE R 181436Z APR 17 FM SECNAV WASHINGTON DC TO ALNAV INFO SECNAV WASHINGTON DC CNO WASHINGTON DC CMC WASHINGTON DC BT UNCLAS ALNAV 021/17 MSGID/GENADMIN/SECNAV WASHINGTON DC/-/APR// SUBJ/U.S. NAVY REGULATIONS, 1990 INTERIM CHANGE// REF/A/DOC/SECNAV/16SEP90// NARR/REF A IS THE U.S. NAVY REGULATIONS.// POC/W. RECORD/CAPT/JAGC/USN/OJAG (CODE 20)/-/LOC: 1254 CHARLES MORRIS STREET, SE, WASHINGTON NAVY YARD, DC/-/EMAIL: WARREN.RECORD @NAVY.MIL/-/TEL: (202) 685-7057, DSN 325-7057// W. PIGOTT/COL/USMC/JAD/-/LOC: 3000 MARINE CORPS PENTAGON, RM 4D557, WASHINGTON DC/-/EMAIL: WILLIAM.N.PIGOTT@USMC.MIL/-/TEL: (703) 693-9304, DSN 223-9304// RMKS/1. Pending formal amendment to reference (a), this interim change adds a new article, Article 1168 to reference (a). This interim change is effective upon the release of this ALNAV. 2. Article 1168 of reference (a) is added to read as follows: a. 1168. Nonconsensual distribution or broadcasting of an image (1) The wrongful distribution or broadcasting of an intimate image is prohibited. (2) The distribution or broadcasting is wrongful if the person making the distribution or broadcast does so without legal justification or excuse, knows or reasonably should know that the depicted person did not consent to the disclosure, and the intimate image is distributed or broadcast: (a) With the intent to realize personal gain; (b) With the intent to humiliate, harm, harass, intimidate, threaten, or coerce the depicted person; or (c) With reckless disregard as to whether the depicted person would be humiliated, harmed, intimidated, threatened, or coerced. 3. Distribution means the act of delivering to the actual or constructive possession of another, including transmission by electronic means. 4. "Broadcasting" means the act of electronically transmitting a visual image with the intent that it be viewed by a person or persons. 5. An intimate image is any visual depiction, including by electronic means, that: a. Includes another person who is identifiable from the depiction itself or from information conveyed in connection with the depiction; b. Depicts that person engaging in sexually explicit conduct or depicts the private area of that person; and c. Taken under circumstances in which the person depicted had a reasonable expectation of privacy. 6. "Sexually explicit conduct" is defined in Part IV, paragraph 68b, Manual for Courts-Martial (2016 Edition). 7. "Private area" is defined in Part IV, paragraph 45c, Manual for Courts- Martial (2016 Edition). 8. In lieu of entering this interim change in reference (a), make a bold letter notation after Article 1167 of reference (a), SEE ALNAV 021/17 and file this ALNAV in front of reference (a). 9. This interim change will be incorporated into the next printed revision of reference (a). 10. Released by Sean J. Stackley, Acting Secretary of the Navy.// BT #0001 NNNN UNCLASSIFIED//
  14. UNCLASSIFIED ROUTINE R 181441Z APR 17 FM CNO WASHINGTON DC TO NAVADMIN INFO CNO WASHINGTON DC BT UNCLAS PASS TO OFFICE CODES: FM CNO WASHINGTON DC//N1// INFO CNO WASHINGTON DC//N1// NAVADMIN 094/17 MSGID/GENADMIN/CNO WASHINGTON DC/N1/APR// SUBJ/FY-18 SEAMAN TO ADMIRAL-21 PROGRAM ANNOUNCEMENT// REF/A/DOC/OPNAV/14DEC09// REF/B/MSG/CNO WASHINGTON DC/221403ZMAR13// NARR/REF A IS OPNAVINST 1420.1B, ENLISTED TO OFFICER COMMISSIONING PROGRAMS APPLICATION ADMINISTRATIVE MANUAL. REF B IS NAVADMIN 070/13, NUCLEAR TRAINED SAILOR APPLICATIONS TO OFFICER COMMISSIONING PROGRAMS.// RMKS/1. This NAVADMIN solicits applications and provides guidance for the FY-18 Seaman to Admiral-21 (STA-21) Commissioning Program. 2. STA-21 is a full-time undergraduate education and commissioning program open to enlisted personnel of all paygrades and ratings who meet the eligibility requirements specified in reference (a). 3. Deadline for submission of applications for the FY-18 STA-21 Program is 1 July 2017. Application packages must be postmarked on or before the deadline date. It is recommended that applications be mailed prior to the deadline as early submission allows timely feedback to the Sailor for submission of missing or illegible documents. Deadline for submission of additional documentation to a package is 1 August 2017. No additional documents can be added after this date. The selection board is scheduled to convene in September 2017, and the selectees will be announced via NAVADMIN. 4. The following target options and core are open for application for the FY-18 Selection Board: Surface Warfare, Nuclear (Surface/Submarine), Special Warfare, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Naval Flight Officer, Pilot, Civil Engineer Corps, Nurse Corps, and Information Professional. 5. The following target options have zero select opportunity for FY-18: Human Resources, Intelligence, Information Warfare, Surface Warfare Officer (SWO)/Engineering Option, SWO/Information Professional Option, SWO/Oceanography Option, Medical Corps, Supply Corps, and Oceanography. 6. The Nuclear (Surface/Submarine) target option is open to Sailors who hold an active nuclear Navy enlisted classification (335X, 336X, 338X, or 339X) or Sailors who are students in the Navy nuclear power training pipeline. Applicants must be able to begin their coursework prior to commencing their eighth year of service. See the Nuclear Program Authorization dated December 2015 for more specific information and all other requirements to apply for the program. Additionally, all nuclear trained Sailors wishing to apply to any STA-21 program must receive a conditional release, pursuant to reference (b), from the Nuclear Enlisted Community Manager (OPNAV N133D). 7. The following information addresses lessons learned from the FY-17 STA-21 selection process and board. This information is provided to preclude common errors: a. Of the 342 applications received for FY-17, only 302 were board eligible. A total of 50 were selected to participate in the FY-17 STA-21 Program. b. Each year, packages are not considered due to non-qualifying scholastic aptitude test (SAT) or American college test (ACT) test scores, missing commanding officer (CO) endorsement/recommendation, recent non- judicial punishment, missing physical fitness assessment (PFA) cycles, missing or illegible submission of documents, and not meeting program age or PFA requirements. c. Minimum eligibility requirements must be met before submitting an application. Applications should be mailed only when fully completed. Officer interview boards shall consist of three officers. The applicants CO may not be a board member and should not submit an interview appraisal sheet. The COs personal interview should be conducted only after the application is complete and the officer interview board has submitted their appraisals. The full picture of academic and officer potential of the applicant can only be determined by reviewing the SAT/ACT scores, high school/college transcripts, and a completed application package. d. The CO endorsement is extremely important, especially the ranking of the individual among his/her peers. The endorsement should contain specifics about academic potential, commitment, leadership, service above self, and potential as a naval officer of the individual. CO comments should specify the primary option to which the individual is applying and address how the individual meets qualifications for that option. For junior Sailors with only schoolhouse evaluations, the CO must address this issue in his or her endorsement. e. An interview board and nomination review board shall be conducted in line with reference (a). It is recommended that officers of the applicants designator of choice, if available, be asked to participate in the interview/nomination review board to assess the applicant for their community. Officer appraisals provide important insight on the applicant. The appraisal from the board should be a frank and honest assessment of the applicants leadership and academic potential. Appraisal forms should be typed in 10 or 12 point font. f. The applicants personal statement should address why the Sailor wants to become an officer, how the Sailors selection would improve the Navy, and why the Sailor is applying for a specific option. Sailors must also address any hardships or unique experiences that shaped their character. Junior Sailors should provide information on high school experiences as high school transcripts rarely provide in-depth information on involvement in sports, clubs, volunteer hours, work, etc. Additionally, applicants should address any anomalies in the package (e.g., poor high school, college, or service school grades or poor evaluation performance). The explanation should include details of the situation, how the applicant has overcome these issues, and why the applicant will be successful in the future. g. The application is a reflection of the applicant. Applicants must review their packages in their entirety before submitting. Check for misspelled words and improper grammar. Ensure all transcripts (high school and all colleges) are enclosed. Within the last year, applicants must have passed the PFA, to include body composition assessment and the physical readiness test with performance in the good category. For applicants who received a waiver on the most recent PFA, points will be awarded from the most recent observed score from the latest full test taken within a year of application (i.e. Fall 2016 and Spring 2017). A grade of satisfactory or failure on either of the above two required PFAs will make the applicant ineligible. h. Qualifying SAT/ACT scores are required. Include any additional recommendations, qualifications, or other accomplishments as a part of the package. i. It is recommended that the command retain a copy of the entire application package. The command copy should not be given to the applicant. 8. Mail completed applications to: Commander Naval Service Training Command (OD2/STA 21) 250 Dallas Street Ste A Pensacola, FL 32508-5268 9. For questions, specific details, eligibility criteria, application requirements, and selection procedures, refer to reference (a), contact your command career counselor, or visit the STA-21 website at for the most up-to-date information. 10. Point of contact is Naval Service Training Command, STA-21 Program Officer, at (850) 452-9433/DSN 459 or via e-mail at pnsc_sta21(at) Point of contact for nuclear trained Sailors is the Nuclear Enlisted Community Manager, OPNAV N133D at (703) 604-5491/DSN 664 or via e-mail at bullnuke(at) 11. Released by Vice Admiral R. P. Burke, N1.// BT #0001 NNNN UNCLASSIFIED//
  15. UNCLASSIFIED ROUTINE R 141503Z APR 17 FM CNO WASHINGTON DC TO NAVADMIN INFO CNO WASHINGTON DC BT UNCLAS PASS TO OFFICE CODES: FM CNO WASHINGTON DC//N1// INFO CNO WASHINGTON DC//N1// NAVADMIN 092/17 MSGID/GENADMIN/CNO WASHINGTON DC/N1/APR// SUBJ/FY-18 NAVY RESERVE E8 AND E9 ADVANCEMENT SELECTION BOARDS RESULTS// REF/A/DOC/BUPERS/2NOV07// AMPN/REF A IS BUPERSINST 1430.16F, ADVANCEMENT MANUAL FOR ENLISTED PERSONNEL OF THE U.S. NAVY AND U.S. NAVY RESERVE. RMKS/1. Congratulations to the following personnel who have been selected for advancement to senior and master chief petty officer by the FY-18 Navy Reserve E8 and E9 Selection Boards. Strong competition between qualified professionals is one of the strengths of our Navy and your selection speaks highly of your abilities. 2. This NAVADMIN is not authorization for advancement. Specific dates of advancement will be published by Commanding Officer, Naval Education and Training Professional Development Technology Center Pensacola, FL. Personnel listed below may be frocked IAW ref (a) if qualified. 3. Members are directed to verify their select status via BUPERS On-Line. The selection list is in alphabetical order by rate within competitive category. Read each line from left to right, name, and numerical order of advancement. Categories of advancement are selected reservist and full time support. Selected Reservist Master Chief AFCM - Master Chief Aircraft Maintenanceman Bonvillain Wa 003 Swanton Joshu 002 Tam Justin 001 AGCM - Master Chief Aerographers Mate Fishbaugh Amy 001 AVCM - Master Chief Avionics Maintenance Technician Kytle Christo 001 AWCM - Master Chief Naval Aircrewmen Martin Steve 001 BMCM - Master Chief Boatswains Mate Delossantos V 002 Morales Nicho 001 CTNCM - Master Chief Cryptologic Technician Networks Rainey Shelto 001 EMCM - Master Chief Electricians Mate Kruse Edwin M 001 Salvatierra J 002 EQCM - Master Chief Equipmentman Wiedeman Jann 001 ETCM - Master Chief Electronic Technician Fraulino Robe 001 Haley Daniel 002 HMCM - Master Chief Hospital Corpsman Borges Gary J 004 Garran John W 001 Hauptmann Jes 002 Nailer Denise 003 HTCM - Master Chief Hull Maintenance Technician Mautino Mark 001 ISCM - Master Chief Intelligence Specialist Antes Quentin 003 Ennis Mark Ob 005 Falco Robert 006 Savoie David 002 Uren Stacie L 004 Zelaya Eric E 001 LNCM - Master Chief Legalman Webster Sally 001 MACM - Master Chief Master At Arms Carrasco John 006 Cox Sean Patr 002 Hunter Traver 004 Mcgillis Matt 005 Miller Timoth 003 Rodriguez Ces 001 MMCM - Master Chief Machinists Mate Rosa Brian Pa 001 MNCM - Master Chief Mineman Hernacki Timo 001 MRCM - Master Chief Machinery Repairman Quattlebaum J 001 OSCM - Master Chief Operations Specialist Hartlerode Ja 001 QMCM - Master Chief Quartermaster Frede Patrice 001 SBCM - Master Chief Special Warfare Boat Operator Symington Ric 001 SOCM - Master Chief Special Warfare Operator Patwell Jason 002 Stephenson Mi 001 STSCM - Master Chief Sonar Technician Submarine Stiffler Jays 001 UCCM - Master Chief Utilitiesman Marshall Robe 002 Noirfalise La 001 YNCM - Master Chief Yeoman Hayes Desiree 001 Johnston Laur 002 Selective Reservist Senior Chief ABFCS - Senior Chief Aviation Boatswains Mate Fuel Handling Garciafuentes 001 ABHCS - Senior Chief Aviation Boatswains Mate Aircraft Handling Aguirre Jessi 001 ADCS - Senior Chief Aviation Machinists Mate Grimes Bruce 002 Hughes Anthon 001 Laws Lonie Ca 003 Vongsouthi Ch 004 AGCS - Senior Chief Aerographers Mate Cutman Casie 001 AMCS - Senior Chief Aviation Structural Mechanic Truelove Nath 001 AOCS - Senior Chief Aviation Ordnanceman Yeater Brian 001 AWFCS - Senior Chief Naval Aircrewmen Mechanical Milton Rodney 001 AWSCS - Senior Chief Naval Aircrewmen Helicopter Denike Brian 001 BMCS - Senior Chief Boatswains Mate Baker Jason E 009 Berglund Brad 001 Bivona Richar 021 Braddy James 006 Fincher Antho 011 Funk Dania Ka 014 Helmer Stephe 005 Hollis Scott 008 Kennedy Charl 012 Llamas Cindy 018 Meade Frankli 022 Miller Ronald 010 Redfern Willi 007 Reilly Barry 004 Reynolds Shaw 002 Rogers Kale E 016 Sarasua Gerar 015 Saucedomoreno 019 Shepke Timoth 003 Sweeney Sean 017 Walter Kristi 020 Whiteside Gre 013 CECS - Senior Chief Construction Electrician Cheskie Jeffr 004 Fink Christop 005 Guraleczka Wi 002 Miller Matthe 003 Mosley James 001 CMCS - Senior Chief Construction Mechanic Murrmann Will 001 Patterson Par 002 Wallin Ronald 003 CSCS - Senior Chief Culinary Specialist Cajigas Heath 002 Walton Donald 001 CTNCS - Senior Chief Cryptologic Technician Networks Ferry Michael 004 Gallegos Dere 005 Gill John Wil 007 Hollingsworth 003 Knight Stephe 006 Parker Lewis 001 Williams Erin 002 CTRCS - Senior Chief Cryptologic Technician Collection Hite Leah Jea 001 Manfredi Marc 002 CUCS - Senior Chief Constructionman Greenwood Chr 003 Hamilton Dani 005 Marino Jason 001 Nieuwenhuis M 004 Shuemaker Jer 006 Wood Barry St 002 EMCS - Senior Chief Electricians Mate Ali Mohsin 005 Brake Brandon 004 Martin Audie 006 Miskin Jonath 001 Powell Richar 007 Robinson Vins 003 Williams Tama 002 ENCS - Senior Chief Engineman Gardner Steve 003 Prust Reed Ja 001 Quinones Walt 002 EOCS - Senior Chief Equipment Operator Burnham Aaron 003 Gruehn Nathan 002 Johnson Brian 001 ETCS - Senior Chief Electronic Technician Britton Eric 005 Coniglio Loui 003 Eli Nicholas 006 Fritz Joshua 001 Grossman Will 004 Lange Jeremy 002 FCCS - Senior Chief Fire Controlman Cochran Clint 001 GMCS - Senior Chief Gunners Mate Bartlett Land 005 Blevins Ronni 003 Duprey Jeremy 006 Fessenden Sco 008 Miles Daniel 001 Neuweiler Jul 004 Shaeffer Aman 007 Tveiten John 002 GSCS - Senior Chief Gas Turbine System Technician Francis Bradl 001 HMCS - Senior Chief Hospital Corpsman Axsom Gerald 015 Bayro Erika 009 Benson Tony D 001 Carr Teresa M 012 Etheridge Kei 003 Gonzalez Luis 007 Hinckley Robe 002 Homerston Lyn 010 Jewett Bradle 014 Page Joseph A 008 Rodriguez Jas 004 Saucedo Gary 005 Sieger Ryan C 006 Smith Scott E 013 Zanotti Meric 011 HTCS - Senior Chief Hull Maintenance Technician Lawson Gregor 001 Prowse Neil R 003 Shopoff Chris 002 ISCS - Senior Chief Intelligence Specialist Bocek Jonatha 008 Cruz Paul Jes 004 Im Charles Gi 005 Kohm Benjamin 002 Lange Dale Ja 006 Peterson Aaro 007 Seale Matthew 003 Voorhees Jay 001 ITCS - Senior Chief Information Systems Technician Cornejo Gabri 004 Gerdel Vernon 002 Jenkins Betsy 001 Lewis Emily J 003 LNCS - Senior Chief Legalman Winters Tegan 001 LSCS - Senior Chief Logistics Specialist Deffler Krist 005 Gendron Lione 001 Gibson Titus 008 Hogan Kevin R 003 Holbrook Crys 009 Landau Brett 006 Mcwright Deni 004 Taylor Fides 007 Weaver Eric R 002 MACS - Senior Chief Master At Arms Cussen David 010 Jost Thomas A 005 Millirons Har 008 Moss James He 009 Palomo Richar 001 Pryor Billy L 006 Rebar Frank J 007 Resendez Rona 003 Stark Chad Wi 004 Zirtzlaff Mar 002 MMCS - Senior Chief Machinists Mate Caverly Donal 001 Pelletier Bra 002 MNCS - Senior Chief Mineman Hindley Sean 002 Mathura Richa 001 Starnes Byron 003 MRCS - Senior Chief Machinery Repairman Arotin Franci 001 NDCS - Senior Chief Navy Diver Mccurley Brya 001 OSCS - Senior Chief Operations Specialist Buckley James 004 Chapin Joseph 005 Gunsel Keith 001 Mcbee Peggy K 003 Wagner Nichol 002 QMCS - Senior Chief Quartermaster Warden David 001 RPCS - Senior Chief Religious Program Specialist Rumsey Kevin 001 SBCS - Senior Chief Special Warfare Boat Operator Everitt Andre 002 Fanara Anthon 001 SOCS - Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator Nobles Michae 001 Pereira Mario 002 Waguespack Ni 003 STGCS - Senior Chief Sonar Technician Surface Rivera Matthe 001 STSCS - Senior Chief Sonar Technician Submarine Bryant Emary 001 UTCS - Senior Chief Utilitiesman Mcqueen Shann 002 Pittam Gerald 001 YNCS - Senior Chief Yeoman Corali Saundr 002 Deschene Pete 003 Oneil Dawn Ma 001 Phillips Nige 004 Full Time Support Master Chief AFCM - Master Chief Aircraft Maintenanceman Mata Jose 001 Smith Michael 002 AOCM - Master Chief Aviation Ordnanceman Montero Angel 001 ASCM - Master Chief Aviation Support Equipment Technician Stewart Jumon 001 AVCM - Master Chief Avionics Maintenance Technician Kountz Shaun 001 Stroman Forre 002 AWCM - Master Chief Naval Aircrewman Mechanical Little Bryan 001 AZCM - Master Chief Aviation Maintenance Administrationman Maldonado She 001 DCCM - Master Chief Damage Controlman Mcgregor Robe 001 HMCM - Master Chief Hospital Corpsman Mussett Micha 001 LSCM - Master Chief Logistics Specialist Mcnair Jeffer 001 Nelsonwilliam 002 NCCM - Master Chief Navy Counselor (Recruiter) Elliott Travi 001 Fulkerson Rob 002 PSCM - Master Chief Personnel Specialist Steer Oneil A 001 YNCM - Master Chief Yeoman Bussell Lonni 001 Fulltime Support Senior Chief ADCS - Senior Chief Aviation Machinists Mate Brillhart Jam 004 Kelley Michea 001 Kulak Joshua 006 Mays Hercules 003 Quedado John 005 Storer Martha 002 AECS - Senior Chief Aviation Electricians Mate Acosta Tracy 002 Dains Ahren E 001 Esteban Juan 003 Furrey Eric W 005 Go Dennis Iba 004 Whyte Kristia 006 AMCS - Senior Chief Aviation Structural Mechanic Carney Bryan 002 Cheatham Char 004 Heavens Chery 003 Price William 001 AOCS - Senior Chief Aviation Ordnanceman Escamilla Jim 001 ASCS - Senior Chief Aviation Support Equipment Technician Broddy David 002 Duplessis Bra 003 Gonzalez Adri 001 ATCS - Senior Chief Aviation Electronics Technician Franklin Glen 001 Lundquist Tro 002 AWFCS - Senior Chief Naval Aircrewmen Mechanical Boubion Micha 001 Brotz Joseph 003 Garcia Franki 007 Mclaughlin Fr 005 Mendoza Jose 006 Tumilty Todd 004 Turnvall Shaw 002 Wills Clifton 008 AZCS - Senior Chief Aviation Maintenance Administrationman Kerby Christo 003 Mcclay Jenita 002 Santos Amy Sh 001 BMCS - Senior Chief Boatswains Mate Obrien Jerid 004 Pagan Richard 003 Purselley Wil 002 Tiffee Daniel 001 DCCS - Senior Chief Damage Controlman Benno Gerald 001 EMCS - Senior Chief Electricians Mate Mcelveen Purn 001 ETCS - Senior Chief Electronic Technician Bailey Brian 001 Smith Terrenc 002 HMCS - Senior Chief Hospital Corpsman Jones Morgan 003 Newman Sean S 004 Pieklo Robert 001 Taylor Blair 005 Williams Tiff 002 ITCS - Senior Chief Information Systems Technician Harrison Char 001 LSCS - Senior Chief Logistics Specialist Abiera Yuvett 004 Archer Tiffan 002 Brantley Galv 003 Campbell Juvo 005 Key Alonzo 001 NCCS - Senior Chief Navy Counselor (Recruiter) Brownfield La 002 Drake Sara Lo 004 James Aisha 003 King Casey Ra 001 PSCS - Senior Chief Personnel Specialist Blair Ernest 004 Escalante Ste 003 Jordan Sara E 001 Mckenzie Kurt 005 Serrano Micha 002 YNCS - Senior Chief Yeoman Axson Dana Ma 003 Bianani Latri 005 Bray Kimberly 006 Moody Carl Jo 001 Quinonesperez 004 Warner Brenda 002 4. Released By Vice Admiral R. P. Burke, N1.// BT #0001 NNNN UNCLASSIFIED//
  16. NORFOLK A Navy officer has been charged with hazing and maltreatment for engaging in a pattern of verbal and emotional abuse and taking reprisal against a sailor who asked to stop being called “Charlie Brown,” according to court records. The lieutenant commander is a reservist assigned to Lakehurst, N.J.-based Navy Cargo Handling Battalion Eight
  17. Four years after a scathing federal report found that a child molester and other convicted criminals gained unfettered access to Navy bases through a popular background vetting service, officials have announced they’re phasing in a new I.D. system.
  18. PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Every submarine in the U.S. fleet was designed with the height, reach and strength of men in mind, from the way valves are placed to how display screens are angled. That’s going to change. With women now serving aboard submarines, defense contractor Electric Boat is designing what will be the first Navy subs built specifically to accommodate female crew members.
  19. Okie doke, can you link to the one you were talking about?
  20. Tony, it was not that one. NPC removed the convening order/membership tab since the board was compromised. It had extra precept discreet requirements In there.
  21. Earlier
  22. that is a great story, it tells of how leaders are forged everyday through the deckplates of the Navy and what a true leader is supposed to be like. I am thankful to all the leaders that I have worked for in the past that have made me the leader that I am today. the good and the bad leaders make you a leader, it is how you take those lessons from them and make it your own. a leader is also defined at how they take care of their junior personnel, for without them no one will succeed. People speak everyday of the leaders that run a company or whatever it maybe, but it truly the workers and junior personnel that make everything run, the leaders are there to inspire and teach them to make them better.
  23. NORFOLK, Va. — The Navy is setting in motion a plan that will transform the enlisted advancement system by allowing more commanders to directly promote thousands of additional sailors who are tapped as top performers.
  24. My TIR is 14 yrs and 13 days. I can apply for CWO if I'm a chief right? where does it say I cant apply for both LDO and CWO. I don't see that in the Navadmin. Thanks
  25. Alright....Question in the room to those that can kindly answer. I was selected for OCS and left for a month. However, I withdrew from the program due to personal hardship/reasons and had to return home. I was at OCS for month. I returned to my previous command without decrease in performance. I received a ranked eval for the first 8 months and received a MP with a summary group average of 4.04 and my individual trait average at 4.00. The first line in my writeup was "Returned to command after PCS due to personal hardship with no decrease in performance while awaiting new PCS orders. Makes positive impact in department and command". I still held the LPO role. The next 6 months I received a XFER eval EP of 4.43 1of 1. Before My transfer to OCS, I exceeded all group summary averages for past evals and had EP's across the board. My xfer eval before I left to OCS clearly explains that I was selected. Does it hurt me having that NOB eval even it is just for a month? Would I have to explain in the LTB that the NOB I received or does the verbage that I explained above is sufficient enough to the board to make sense of the situation of that NOB I received? Does the Group summary average of 4.04 hurt me when I received a 4.00 as a individual trait average?
  26. are there any more AOs in here?
  27. Calling her behavior “outrageously reckless,” a judge on Friday sentenced a young woman to six years in prison for chasing a motorcyclist on two San Diego County freeways and causing the crash that killed him.
  28. I had the same issue last year except it was completely missing altogether. I would recommend reviewing your OMPF to ensure that all NAM (or other service equivalent) and above citations are included in there and in your PSR/NDAWS. If there is something missing, include that citation as an enclosure on your LTB and minimize the redundancies of including the 880 also. That's what I did and it worked out for me.
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