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  3. VIRGINIA BEACH — Officials have identified the U.S. Navy sailor who was shot and killed Friday night by a Naval Air Station Oceana base security officer.
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  5. Missed a flight for the first time in my life yesterday. I was lucky enough to get one today at no cost, but now I'm here 3.5 hrs early to avoid yesterday's shenanigans. In San Diego the remainder of the week in a conference all day, so I'm depending on the board to keep me posted. I know y'all won't let me down!
  6. Busy day running sick kid around (long story, but I had to make a stop at clothing store for change of clothes before getting to her doctors) and crappy weather here too. I was hoping they'd have come out while I was preoccupied. Oh well, sometime before April is good with me!
  7. No, I just did the IKE cruise this go around. 74 guys on this go around were great folks. We made it work on a ship that needed love.
  8. Yeap, I applied for 733X as well. I'm at 15 years. I'm at NRD Philadelphia now but i just left HSM-74 last year. You were with VFA-105 i see; Were you on the Truman deployment?
  9. Another message is about to pop in NPC. "75TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE SEABEES". Just so no one gets their hopes up.
  10. Haven't logged in figure this place will let me know when haha.
  12. U.S. President Donald Trump's pick for secretary of the Navy withdrew from consideration on Sunday, the second time a Trump nominee to lead one of the armed services bowed out because of government conflict-of-interest rules.
  13. I'm thinking tomorrow. Last day in Feb, holds true to CWO5 statement, and it is s a Tuesday.
  14. Judging by the lack of activity it would appear that nobody believes today is the day! (it is Monday right?) I know everyone is saying Weds, but I'm holding out a bit of hope for today and tomorrow until told otherwise.
  15. Good Luck to you Brother, hope that this is the year for you
  16. Ok, thought I missed something with them going back to publishing a list. Just got back home from "Deployment", and the last couple months in South Korea and Guam internet access wasn't that great.
  17. Agree, but I'm cool with just knowing early next week. Keeps a little bit of the suspense!
  18. SSP is subjective. Everyone on this forum will give you a slightly different answer. As for acting in the capacity of the Chief, I would recommend you withhold that opinion until you put on anchors. However inept you believe your Chief to be, I have no doubts that he is there in the mess making things happen. Your eyes will open to the responsibility you don't have that you think you do after you are pinned. Have you told your CoC that you feel that way? Have you pulled your Chief aside and thrown him the bone that people view him negatively? Not engaging in dragging him in the dirt isn't admirable if you're in the crowd watching others do it. I'm sure the people saying they want you as a Chief are right, you're probably a good dude and a great OS, but if you're going to be in this mess, I'd learn to help a shipmate out. I hope you make it, but the biggest thing I've learned in this mess, is that if you aren't humble, you will be humiliated. If one Chief looks bad, we all look bad.
  19. I don't even know what to think anymore. Hopefully CWO5 Rivera goes back onto the other place and actually puts out a date. Part of me appreciates the hard schedule, but part of me likes the suspense. I remember a few years ago where this forum would be crashed during the last week of July and first week of August for CPO results. It's still popular, but the advance notice seems to have taken some of that fun away.
  20. Last week
  21. There is a east coast reservist somewhere along these woods....
  22. Like I said, this is hearsay, so I'm hoping for Monday too.
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