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  2. @insanediplomat how many alternates were on the list? I've heard different numbers 15-17 and 22. Was anyone told the amount of alternates that will be selected from this upcoming board ?
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  4. I saw that.. thanks for the heads up
  5. I saw the list, but there's no way of deciphering it.
  6. Talked to the previous board member Master Chiefs regarding the time frame of the record the board will look at. They said the only last 5 years. I read the precept, says the entire record shall be reviewed for those candidates who are being considered for selection to the next higher rank. Which one is which? Or both are true? Please clarify. Thanks. Reason I asked is I have alot of duplicates dating after the 5 years. 1 airman eval was duplicated, and the others are Page 2's and enlistment contracts. Will that matter? Anyways, I am waiting until Tuesday to call the PERS 32 numbers. I can't wait till Tuesday. Can't believe I missed these.
  7. @Humble I did my 2nd interview this past Thursday (May 25th). Thanks for asking. Do you know how many Alternates recieved this 2nd interview? When you were told your position in the alternate list, did you happen to hear/see the whole list? The only info I've received was the 2nd interviews should be completed by June 2nd. I know @aactabreu has gotten more from his recruiter than I have. I'm really getting everything as a step by step approach; guess it keeps me from getting my hopes up lol.
  8. Tron, if you go to the NPC homepage there is indeed an "announcement" that the memberships will now be posted once the board has adjourned vice commenced.
  9. I agree. I should have started this forum weeks ago but didn't. Thanks Drummer. I remember lurking in this column same time last year. Based on previous NAVADMIN release dates, my bet is triad notification on Tuesday. Good luck to all!
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  11. Wow, it took this long to start this conversation? LOL! I am hoping this next week. That is the normal timeframe for the results. Maybe 6th time is a charm. Good luck to all that are eligible!
  12. Regarding the Career Summary Letter, would anyone like to share the format they used or what was included? I've seen a few versions, just looking for opinions.
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  14. Maybe if you list some of the publications you are looking for, someone can shed some light.
  15. A few years ago, you could go to the BiBs website and there were links to the publications for studying. They took those out and it is just a downloadable list. My issue is, I am in the Reserves and do not know how to get some of the publications. I went to the NRTC website and downloaded several, but still I am looking for several others. Any suggestions? I am not good at studying, so this is all new to me. Thanks!
  16. Any word on the releasing of the active duty 8 results ??
  17. Washington (CNN)Two Chinese J-10 fighter jets conducted unsafe maneuvers while intercepting a US surveillance aircraft that was operating in international airspace near the South China Sea, according to the Navy.
  18. I think they gonna wait til after board adjourns. That's my guess...
  19. In the past years, shortly after the Board convenes, the Convening Order, Board Membership, and quotas have posted to the Navy Personnel Command website. Has this process changed?
  20. NORFOLK Lawyers for the “Norfolk Four,” the Navy sailors wrongly convicted in the rape and murder of an 18-year-old woman in 1997, have threatened to sue the city for $68 million or more – a potentially catastrophic threat to the municipal budget. Separate claims sent to the city over the past month say Norfolk police officers, including then-Detective Robert Glenn Ford, coerced false confessions from the men and hid evidence that could have kept them free.
  21. As a reminder, some who create an account are not responding to the automated validation email. This means that somewhere along your network, the email is being blocked. Please remember to whitelist or contact your IT administrator to unblock the email. If you do not validate the email, the account stays pending for about five days and is then automatically deleted.
  22. @Humble I am also an alternate. If you don't mind me asking, what was your position in the alternate list? I am still waiting. My recruiter is gonna get in contact tomorrow.
  23. Smiggs, Did your interview occur because I was told there was a deadline for the second interview? Call your recruiter if this has not taken place yet.
  24. Greetings everyone, So happy I found this group. I have too been selected an alternate this year and have completed my second interview. My recruiter actually told me what # alternate I was and told me in June they are doing another board and I would get a call regarding the board results. I also heard the same thing regarding rolling into a selected spot for next FY. If they believe you have what they are looking for they don't want to take a chance on losing you so select you for next FY quotas. My second interview went very well from what my recruiter told me and I am active duty. I was asked why I did not apply through IPP because I would have been a select for sure. I explain that to my interviewer and he understood. The end of the story I was welcomed into the community already by great mentors who have been helping me submit this package over and over. I have little to no experience as a Healthcare administrator; however, I have certifications in other areas of healthcare. Because of those, I was ranked high on the alternate list for selection. My advice to those that sit around and wait for this next board of results to seek mentorship under an HCA in a military treatment facility if you can. I am stationed in the Great lakes area and I have linked up with the local hospital here to get some experience. This also makes you a strong candidate. Best of luck to all those who are waiting on news from the board that will take place in June. Not all alternates were offered a second interview just a few. If you had a second interview things are looking up for you. Stay the course this will happen for you!
  25. UNCLASSIFIED ROUTINE R 241703Z MAY 17 FM CNO WASHINGTON DC TO NAVADMIN INFO CNO WASHINGTON DC BT UNCLAS PASS TO OFFICE CODES: FM CNO WASHINGTON DC//N1// INFO CNO WASHINGTON DC//N1// NAVADMIN 125/17 MSGID/GENADMIN/CNO WASHINGTON DC/N1/MAY// SUBJ/NAVY UNIFORM UPDATE: PHYSICAL TRAINING UNIFORM AND FEMALE OFFICER AND CHIEF PETTY OFFICER SERVICE DRESS WHITE UNIFORM// REF/A/MSG/CNO WASHINGTON DC/N1/261812ZJAN17// REF/B/MSG/CNO WASHINGTON DC/N1/091445ZOCT15// REF/C/DOC/NAVPERS/14FEB17// NARR/REF A IS NAVADMIN 015/17 NAVY UNIFORM POLICY UPDATE. REF B IS NAVADMIN 236/15 NEW UNIFORM INTRODUCTION/HANDBAG POLICY UPDATE. REF C IS NAVPERS 15665I, UNITED STATES NAVY UNIFORM REGULATIONS.// RMKS/1. This NAVADMIN announces the introduction, manner and occasion of wear, and phased availability of the new Navy Fitness Suit (Fitness Suit) and the availability and manner of wear of the female officer and Chief Petty Officer (CPO) Service Dress White (SDW) Coat. 2. Reference (a) announced the delayed introduction of the Fitness Suit due to unforeseen technical difficulties associated with production. Following the correction of these issues, Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes commenced issuing the Fitness Suit to recruits in April 2017. 3. The new Fitness Suit appropriately reflects Navy colors, completes the Physical Training Uniform (PTU) ensemble and is tailored for a modern fit and appearance. The Fitness Suit is a sea bag requirement for officers and enlisted personnel. In April 2017, eligible enlisted Sailors began receiving an increase in their annual clothing replacement allowance to facilitate procurement of the Fitness Suit by the mandatory possession deadline of 30 September 2021. Availability of the Fitness Suit for purchase will commence in July 2017 at select fleet concentration areas. Fleet-wide availability at all Uniform Centers and the Navy Exchange Uniform Call Center is targeted for no later than October 2017. a. Description. The Fitness Suit consists of a unisex, Navy Blue, water repellent, nylon jacket and pants. The nylon fabric offers moisture management and anti-microbial/odor resistant performance features. The jacket and pants each have gold color heat transfer "NAVY" logos and are trimmed with silver reflective piping. (1) Jacket. The jacket is fully lined with a mesh fabric and has a center-front zipper closure with back and underarm air vents. The sleeves are designed to enhance movement and include partial elastic at the wrist. There are two side pockets with zipper and flap closures located on the lower front and a hidden pocket with a zipper fastener on the right chest interior. An adjustable interior waist draw-cord with barrel locks in the jacket pockets provides for waist adjustment. Non-reflective gold heat transfer NAVY logos are placed on the left front chest area and on the back, centered above the yoke. (2) Pants. The pants are pull-on design with elastic waist and draw- cord for adjustment, are fully lined with mesh fabric, have two side pockets, and have a straight leg cut and bottom leg side zipper fasteners at the leg openings. The design also includes a vertical gold-color, heat-transfer "NAVY" logo on the lower right leg and silver reflective trim on the leg opening, slide fasteners and at the side vent openings at the hip. b. Occasion for Wear. The Fitness Suit is designed primarily for group/unit physical training activities and the semi-annual physical readiness test to facilitate conducting exercises where standing, running and exercise is conducted on non-abrasive surfaces. The occasion for wear of the Fitness Suit is as follows: (1) In-Port. The Fitness Suit may be worn optionally or as prescribed by the commanding officer when performing unit/command physical training. The Fitness Suit may also be worn during individual physical fitness activities and while on liberty (refer to paragraph (3) below). (2) At Sea. The wearing of the Fitness Suit and PTU components will be at the discretion of the commanding officer. (3) After Normal Working Hours and During Liberty. The Fitness Suit may be worn both on and off base for individual fitness-related activities and liberty unless determined otherwise by the regional commander or commanding officer. When worn during personal fitness activities and while on liberty, individual components of the Fitness Suit and PTU may be worn at the discretion of the Sailor. (4) Wear Restrictions and Allowances. The Fitness Suit is not authorized to be worn while in a duty status or when conducting official business on base (e.g. Personnel Support Detachments, medical, dental, legal, etc.), in lieu of the uniform of the day, when working, nor while in a limited or light duty status requiring the wear of a uniform. Pregnant Sailors may wear the Fitness Suit and PTU components unless they become uncomfortable or too tight. In all cases, the Fitness Suit will be worn in such a manner as to reflect credit upon the Navy and the Sailor wearing it. c. Manner of Wear. When required for wear, the jacket and pants will be worn together in the following manner: (1) Jacket. The jacket will be worn over the PTU shirt and zipped at least three quarters up. The sleeve cuffs will extend beyond the wrist but not beyond the lower knuckle of the thumb. (2) Pants. The Fitness Suit pants will be worn fully on the waist and over the PTU shorts. The length of the pants shall extend down between the top and heel of the athletic shoes worn. The pants will not be of such length as to extend beyond the heel and touch the deck. (3) Optional Items. Authorized optional items that may be worn with the Fitness Suit include: Blue Navy or Command Ball Cap, Navy Watch Cap (weather conditions warranting), and thermal undergarments. (4) Sizing. The Fitness Suit utilizes an Alpha sizing system similar to that of the Navy Working Uniform (example medium/long) for both jacket and pants. Fitness Suit components have been generously sized to compensate for expected shrinkage during the first five washings. It is recommended that Sailors review the Fitness Suit sizing chart available on the Uniform Matters website or at Navy Exchange Uniform Centers and try on components before purchasing to ensure sizing needs are adequately met. d. Wear Life and Maintenance. The wear life of the Fitness Suit is 48 months, which is based on current physical readiness training and testing requirements and proper wear and care according to the maintenance instructions printed on each component care label. To ensure longevity of the Fitness Suit, Sailors should always use the low temperature settings on self-service home style washing/drying machines. Laundering in industrial, ship-board or bulk laundry facilities is not recommended and could damage the Fitness Suit. 4. In line with reference (b), the new female officer/CPO SDW choker-style coat commenced introduction in Navy Exchange Uniform and Call Centers in January 2017. Over the next 3 years, the single-breasted SDW Coat with lapels is being phased out of the uniform inventory for the Navy and replaced by the SDW Choker Coat with stand-up collar. The deadline for possession and wear is 31 January 2020. a. Description. The new female SDW Choker Coat is similar in appearance to that of the male SDW Choker Coat, but designed specifically for the female anatomy. The female SDW Choker Coat is a single-breasted design with princess seams to allow for improved fit as well as alteration. It is fully lined and has a standing collar and 6, sewn-on, 35-line U.S. Navy eagle, gilt buttons on the left front. The fabric is certified Navy twill (CNT) polyester. It also features a collar with hook and loop fastener tape with a lined tab against the neck, zippered sword slit over the left hip of the wearer, two internal lower front welt pockets, a hanger loop in back of the neck and loops for officer shoulder boards. The female choker coat does not include front breast pockets, pocket flaps or pocket flap buttons. b. Occasion for Wear. The occasion for wear of the new SDW choker coat will be consistent with the policy wear guidelines of Service, Dinner, and Full Dress Uniform requirements prescribed in reference (c). c. Manner of Wear. Wear squarely on the shoulders, button all buttons and fasten the collar. Officers wear hard shoulder boards. CPOs wear rank insignia on the standing collar. Breast insignia and accoutrements will be worn in the same manner as prescribed in reference (c). Ribbons and medals will be placed and worn in the same relative location and manner as when worn on the Service Dress Blue Uniform (medals and ribbons) and the khaki overblouse (ribbons and name tag). The holding bar of the lowest row of medals and bottom row of ribbons should align approximately with the middle of the second button from the top of the coat. The SDW Choker Coat may be worn with all basic, prescribable and optional components, less dress shirt and neck tie currently authorized for wear with the single- breasted SDW coat with lapels. 5. Navy uniform policies and update announcements are driven by feedback received from the fleet requesting policy change, update or clarification. The official method of communicating uniform policies to the fleet is promulgated by Navy leadership via a NAVADMIN with follow-on publication in the U.S. Navy Uniform Regulations (reference (c)). 6. Direct questions regarding the contents of this NAVADMIN to the Uniform Matters Office via e-mail to Mr. Robert B. Carroll, Head of Navy Uniform Matters, at robert.b.carroll(at), LSCM(AW/EXW/SW) Judith P. Nelson-Williams, Deputy Head, at judith.nelson(at), or PSC(SW/AW) Manuel A. Guiracocha at manuel.guiracocha(at) 7. Direction questions regarding the Fitness Suit and SDW Choker Coat availability and related matters to Mr. Gregory Determan, Navy Exchange Uniform Program Management Office, at gregory.determan(at) 8. This NAVADMIN will remain in effect until reference (c) has been updated to reflect the new policy changes. 9. Released by Vice Admiral R. P. Burke, N1.// BT #0001 NNNN UNCLASSIFIED//
  26. MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (NNS) -- Sailors and Marines will begin receiving new Navy Cash® cards starting summer 2017, as the afloat cashless program transitions to the new partners, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston (FRBB) and PNC Bank. The cards will have a different look, but will still work the same way. Until the new cards are received, Sailors and Marines should continue to use their current cards. Cards will be distributed in phases aboard ship, making the transition as seamless as possible. The only difference Sailors will notice is the new artwork and that the new cards are issued by FRBB and PNC Bank representing Navy's transition to a new treasury agent. Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) provides U.S. Naval forces with quality supplies and services. With headquarters in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania and employing a diverse, worldwide workforce of more than 22,500 military and civilian personnel, NAVSUP oversees logistics programs in the areas of supply operations, conventional ordnance, contracting, resale, fuel, transportation and security assistance. In addition, NAVSUP is responsible for quality-of-life issues for our Naval forces, including food services, postal services, Navy Exchanges and movement of household goods. The new cards will be white, featuring blue "NAVY CASH®" lettering and a fade of ships in the background. They will include the same chip and strip security protections just like the current Navy Cash® cards. The customer service phone numbers, email address, and the website address will remain unchanged to ensure a seamless customer experience. In the next two years all Sailors and Marines will transition to a new card and the old cards will no longer be usable. The Navy's strategic partnership with U.S. Department of Treasury, Bureau of Fiscal Service on the Navy Cash® Stored Value Card (SVC) program has significantly improved the quality of life for Sailors and Marines. For more information look up the Navy Cash® page on the U.S. Department of Treasury, Bureau of Fiscal Service website,
  27. Cycle 100 (Reserve) and Cycle 235 (Active, Full Time Support and Canvasser Recruiter) E4-E6 advancement exam results are now available for download. Candidates can navigate to the advancements section of My Navy Portal to access the Profile Sheet link, or use the link attached to this post. You MUST be on a .mil-domain system and have a CAC to access your profile sheet. Profile sheets provide Final Multiple Score (FMS) cut information, as well as Pass Not Advance status and exam percentiles for each content area. Contact your command Educational Services Officer if you cannot access your Profile Sheet.
  28. UNCLASSIFIED ROUTINE R 241251Z MAY 17 FM CNO WASHINGTON DC TO NAVADMIN INFO CNO WASHINGTON DC BT UNCLAS PASS TO OFFICE CODES: FM CNO WASHINGTON DC//N1// INFO CNO WASHINGTON DC//N1// NAVADMIN 124/17 MSGID/GENADMIN/CNO WASHINGTON DC/N1//MAY// SUBJ/ACADEMIC YEAR 2017-2018 SELECTEES FOR THE NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL ENLISTED CYBER MASTERS DEGREE PROGRAM// REF/A/MSG/CNO WASHINGTON DC/031759ZJAN17// AMPN/REF A IS NAVADMIN 003/17, ENLISTED CYBER MASTERS DEGREE OPPORTUNITY AT NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL.// RMKS/1. Congratulations to the following selectees for the 2017-2018 Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Master of Science in Applied Cyber Operations Program, as announced in reference (a): Name (Last, First MI) Rate Parent Command Christopher, Fidel E IT1(IW/SW) Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command Galloway, Andrea E IT1(IW/EXW/SW) Navy and Marine Corps Center for Spectrum Operations Hasse, Erick D CTN1(IW) Navy Information Operations Command Hawaii Myers, Kurt J CTNC(IW/SW/AW) Navy Information Operations Command Hawaii Pitts, Joshua S CTN1(IW/AW) Navy Information Operations Command Norfolk Turner, Jackie E CTN1(IW/SG) Navy Information Operations Command Hawaii 2. Program dates: There will be two start dates for this academic year. CTNC Myers and IT1 Christopher will report 18 September 2017 with instruction commencing 25 September 2017. IT1 Galloway, CTN1 Hasse, CTN1 Pitts, and CTN1 Turner will report 26 March 2018 with instruction commencing 2 April 2018. 3. General information about NPS can be found on-line at 4. Point of contact is Mr. Curtis Bogetto at (703) 604-6289/DSN 664 or via e-mail at curtis.bogetto(at) 5. This message will remain in effect until superseded or canceled, whichever occurs first. 6. Released by Vice Admiral R. P. Burke, N1.// BT #0001 NNNN UNCLASSIFIED//
  29. Sounds good. Obviously if the document already contains your name and SSN then you don't need to include. The purpose is for admin so the documents don't end up in the wrong package.
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