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  2. I've seen some zingers that members have posted and I hope someone remembers a few of them. They are funny.
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  4. There really needs to be some transparency with the boards. I understand that boards are "sacred" and want to maintain integrity but no one who hasn't sat one knows what goes on. Even the Air Force gets their scores after a board ajorns. I'm about 75% convinced that if a MCPO in the board says "I don't like this guy (or girl), toss his package" it will get tossed. Or, if they want someone in they get selected regardless of how qualified they are. Without any transparency, we'll never know. A board is a club that only a select few get to join and they're above having to give any type of feedback.
  5. Yikes. That's a bad evaluation closing statement.
  6. Have you ever worked for someone you really dont get along with and you say if i was in charge or if i make Chief,etc,i would do this or that?I think we all as leaders can learn from people we think are good leaders and those that are in our opinion not good leaders.i know for myself i take something from each person that has led me in my effort to become a better leader each day and if i get selected for chief or not being a leader is a learning experience each and every day
  7. I was on earlier this morning and we were below 40 pages, come back just not long ago and we are at 44. It is getting busy on here now. Been staying busy at work with AMI prep
  8. What was the one post sometime back? An asset to the Navy when under direct supervision!!
  9. Talking about close out evals... What will your closing statements be once you make Cheif? Haha no more must select to CPO and ready for Chief! -UNLIMITED POTENTIAL TO MAKE IT THROUGH INITIATION (lol)
  10. Been reading the comments all day and I feel sad that one opinion can sour a person's demeanor. I have been in the navy 18 years and have been up for chief multiple times. I always had a "great package" been have not been selected. I seen guys who exemplify what a chief should be on paper and on the deck plate and not be selected. I seen guys who did not even resemble a FCPO make chief. I have learned to not be bitter towards those guys because they had no hand in their selection. But I do get angry and frustrated when I see guys who have no leadership experience get selected. Over the last few years I have seen it a lot. Not just in my rate. My advice is to keep charging and be proud of your career. If you can't then you are not even a chief in your own mind(generally and not pointing fingers at anybody speaking).
  11. I think I know what papasmurf is trying to say. It gets very frustrating to us First Classes that have been a First for a long time and we are getting close to retirement. I am tired of seeing my airman pick up Chief, Senior Chief, LDO, or Warrant. I have been an LPO consistently over my last three tours. I have my B.S. degree, PPME, all kinds of awards, all kinds of quals. All my people that worked for me, I have done my job pushing them on the quals, education, and etc... And I will continue to train my junior personnel to go further in their careers than I have in mine. Training my people and watching them grow is what makes it all worth it. But it is really, really frustrating when you get a Chief that you seem to giving more training to than receiving training from and your Senior and Master Chief come to you for answers or to get things done and not the Chief. I am sure it is made known in the mess and I don't see it happening. But when you have more "checks in the box" and more leadership listed in your evals than the person that made it you have to ask. I have been told over and over. I don't know. the same thing with why I haven't picked up. Every Master Chief and Senior Chief that has looked at my stuff all have said the same thing that they have no idea why I haven't picked up. When I have talked to those that were board members they have stated that they remember seeing my evals on final selections. But do not know why I didn't get selected. When asked what I need to work on to make me more competitive I have gotten the reply keep doing what you have been doing. It is not a matter of if just a matter of when you get picked up.
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  13. Well everyone has expressed their views, freedom is great. BUT if people lack leadership skills, or integrity our sailors will see that and they won't respect them. As much as we all want to be respected, and yes our paygrade affords us enough that they will not likely confront you to your face, behind your back is an all together different situation. One of the greatest units of the greatest generation talked about that. Everyone of those guys would follow Major Winters to hell and back, LT Dyke and CPT Sobel not so much. We earn our respect more then what are rank gets us.
  14. This post resonates with me! Once by my mentor many years ago. Told me to live by the 5R's to success. Right time, Right place, Right uniform, Right attitude, Ready to work! But their are many other factors that contribute to success. Teaching our sailors day in and day out holding to the most highest standards for them to succeed. When those who you lead succeed you will succeed. I'm like those who learn from mistakes and take action when those mistakes happened. A leader is in my aspect is to make those you lead better and more active in leading those who come after all of all of us. Their will always be some body to take our place in the Navy leadership. Wouldn't you want someone better then you? So as we are all awaiting these results take time to reflect on those we have trained and put countless hours in make our leadership count in making the Navy the greatest Navy in the world!!
  15. you use an eval because its your last one as an E-6
  16. Mine wss amazing everyday I get to work hand by hand with sailor from 2nd to seaman proving no matter what the job is we can get it done together. Plus it's shows I won't ask them to do anything I wouldn't do myself. Hard work and a sound mind is all i ask for. Along with showing up on time and in a squared away uniform.
  17. Geesh. Give the rank the respect commensurate with it. Give the person the respect they deserve. Who cares if they have an anchor or bars or chevrons or stripes? To me, it doesn't matter if you're an 8 year Chief, a 6 year LT, a 19 year PO1, or a 6 month SN. I will refer to you by your rank and by the level of responsibility expected of your position. I will look at you as a leader because I think you're a leader.
  18. Just curious, if you get selected, I know you need to do a close out evals. Do you use eval report or fitness report?
  19. Hey Christyl GREAT post! I'm one of those First Classes that just retired two months ago on May 1st (22 years AD/SELRES side of both houses) with my GOLD chevrons, never selected (board eligible 6 times). As you said humility goes a long way and if you were to talk to my sailors in my unit they would let you know who there "go to" was. Good luck to you all those that get the coveted "S" and for those that do not always remain loyal to your subordinates and support your leadership. In all accounts this is what it is all about!
  20. Rapping up AT out here in Coronado, then off to drill this weekend in Tampa, FL.
  21. I think blueshirts in general are just stressed, if it's not the work getting us worked up enough we are dealing with the "what ifs". I just wanna turn the page, If we can roll out a uniform change in regards to a hair bun in a weeks time how hard is it for CNP to get on Facebook live and post an update saying to effect he had the message for such and such group and plans to release all them Thursday. They just need to throw us a bone.
  22. Observation point is all you seem to be taking this personal and you also seem to be downgrading ppls accomplishments like I said before second time up and if I make it I have 10 years in from E1 to now never saw advancement opportunity above 26%. No one is taking away from your service just like you shouldn't take away from someone who did it faster than you. If someone is selected in one way or another they deserved it I saw one year LS sub was at 100% 28 out of 28 guess what all28 didn't make it only 13 these boards do the hard job even if we don't like it
  23. I think I have learned more from junior Sailors than I have from senior ones. Not saying I don't learn from the senior ones... Easiest way to put it is when I was a brand new PO1 I had a PO3 come to me and say hey I need help passing my next PRT I failed the last one. In my head I thought why is this PO3 coming to me there are like 20 CFL's running around that could help. It was at that point I realized this PO3 just assumed I was a PT stud because I was a PO1. I was not. I was a bare minimum kind of guy... Not because I couldn't PT but because I never cared. A lot of things changed for me after that... and its just one little example of many in which I learned something from a junior Sailor... Not just about myself but in general.
  24. Boats it was interesting, since CO is tad I get to park in his spot as SoY. Soooo nice walking ten feet to door.
  25. working 12s with a couple weeks before C2X, id rather be at home with my wife and daughter.
  26. So how was everyone work day today?
  27. I'm not trying to sell you on it, that was not my intentions at all. Just stated my opinion to your opinion.
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